“Do I see a smile break across those beautiful pink lips of yours?”


“Hey Cowgirl in the ice cream department, I didn’t get your name?”  Standing with both eyes enlarged of guilt Celeste takes note a little girl who sat in a grocery cart in front of her spoke to her mother while pointing her tiny finger at Celeste. “Mommy is that the girl they are talking about?”  Celeste turned around to face in the other direction and quickly jumped back in surprise.  She almost dropped her stuff again as the young handsome man stood in front of her blocking her escape.  “I didn’t get your name, cowgirl?”  In a whisper an under her breath without looking at the stranger she gave up her name.  The young chunk of solid material was not going to be denied this time to take a peek of Celeste’s face.  He is about to take his finger to lift her head when the cashier cleared her throat for next in line.  Celeste turned instantly around and took her turn at paying for her supplies.  The mid age cashier is merry and gives a hello to the cowgirl.  Celeste lifts her head up to see if the man was standing behind her.  Happy he was gone, she pulls her money out of her back pocket with a sigh of relief and gives greeting to the older lady.  “Watch out he’s a heart breaker, but a good boy,” the cashier added with a smile.  Celeste didn’t add to the conversation and paid for her things.  She scuttled out the entrance an pulled her keys out of her back pocket with her right hand.

Celeste’s hand stopped in motion when she felt someone grabbed her keys.  She spun around with her left fist ready to plow into who ever dared to take her belongings and stops just in time before she hit the person.  She tips her head back with a scowl on her lips.  “Whoa, sorry…” the young man spoke out urgently and takes a step away from a possible strike from her fist.  “You’re becoming a pest,” she hissed out, and turns on her heels to head for her transportation home.  “I’m sorry it seems I’m smitten with you and would like to know if you would go out on estate with me…I mean on a date.”  The young buck replied following the cowgirl.   When Celeste reached her truck she turned her attention on the nagging fly.  “Listen I don’t date,” she unlocked her door with speed and jumped into her truck.  “Jesus smokes I’m even tongue tied around you,” the G.Q. dude struggled to proclaim.  Celeste had to smile at his Jesus smokes statement sitting at attention behind the wheel.  “Do I see a smile break across those beautiful pink lips of yours?”  Celeste shuts the door and rolls her window down, the juicy young man is a dare devil and approaches her driver side with a shit eating grin upon his full an inviting kisser.  “Are you seeing someone right now?” Celeste finally gives full eye contact to the adorable young cocky man.  And what she saw made her heart skip a beat in fear, it takes her a few moments to blink out of her mistake of staring at the gutsy stranger to long.  “No I am not with anyone and prefer to be alone, have a good night sir.”  She started the engine and rolled her window up.  The hunky hunk walked away disappointed she rejected him in a blink of an eye.  Celeste didn’t pay no mind to the man, she put her truck into gear and left homeward bound never giving a second glance back to see the retreating boy who enter the grocery store.

Westin at the age of twenty two was beside himself how he fudge up a chance to take the girl out.  His body surged with electricity unknown just being near the shy cowgirl.  Her strange yet attractive orbs were like magnets bonding strongly together for the first time when he got his chance to see her gold and green shaded eyes.  “Celeste,” he whispers her name to himself and walks through the door of his place of employment bound and determined to find out where the girl lived or who knew about the mysterious cowgirl who rode into town. In the mean time Celeste smiled about the irony of causing a tongue tied moment to a hot babe as she drove home.  Her body was on fire and alive from being wooed over by a dude; however, when reliving the moment she takes note her emotions to protect herself might have cost her dearly.  She pulls into her driveway after thinking about the boy wonder the whole way home, and enters her lonely house.  The minute her hand touches the door knob, she decides never to bat her eyes about the young man again.



3 thoughts on ““Do I see a smile break across those beautiful pink lips of yours?”

  1. Ah !!! Now I see, said the blind man ! Raspberry sauce ! Delicious with vanilla ice cream ! Raspberries are my favorite in “natural” yogurt too. 😀

    Promised-sworn-spat i didn’t take your turkey ! 😯

    Westin ‘s in for a wild time ?

    A horse statue made out of horseshoes surely brings a lot of luck. I say. 😉

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