“Vanilla is boring try Sorbet’s if ya want to live dangerously.”


By the time Celeste returned home in the mid afternoon, she was madder than a hornet.  She was pissed off someone took her turkey she shot with her slingshot, and to make matters worse she started her monthly cycle in her hand-made buckskin pants from deer hide.  She throws her hunting gear on the large round table and goes straight to the bathroom to take care of her girly shit.  “Son of Bitch,” she bellows out in frustration finding one tampon left.  “Now I have to go into town, damn it Celeste why don’t you buy a year supply of the freaking crap!”  She turns on the shower and quickly cleans herself up, and gets ready to head to the grocery store.  Celeste drives down the country road in her grandfather’s red Dodge truck listening to Classic rock and roll on the radio, an arrives in no time at all to buy her junk.  She hated going into town just because of feeling out of sorts and dealing with the public; nevertheless she realized long ago this is one product a lady can’t do without and must be purchased from a store.  She slides her long legs out of the truck, whips her long curly hair out of her face and puts her cowboy hat on, and then shuts the truck’s door.  Dressed in a pair of tight Levis blue jeans with black cowboy boots upon her feet, she fixes her grandfather’s red flannel over sized baggy shirt, and ventures toward the opening of the store.  Her boots sounded off her anger each time her heels hit the surface of concrete pavement.  She could careless who watched her truck inside the grocery store, her concern was getting the heck out of town as fast as possible just so she could return to the woods, and track who took her turkey she killed with her slingshot.

Celeste changes her mind the minute she passes the ice cream section, and plans to stop back around to pick up her favorite dessert while she in haste high tails it to the feminine hygiene area.  This part she hated trying to determine what brand to buy, she scrunched up her brows and grab a box of tampons and pads and gives the labels on the product her attention.  Satisfied with her choices she quickly leaves the isle in a hurry only to slam into a person around the corner.  Celeste flew backwards hard as she takes quick steps back to correct her blunder of knocking into a person with great force while dropping her girly stuff on the floor.  Instantly her eyes widen underneath the brim of her hat.  She witnesses for a split second a hand out of no where touches her forearm and saves the cowgirl the embarrassment of crashing into the stores selves with a loud bang.  Fast as lightening Celeste recoups and tries to pick up her girly shit without giving her savior a glance.  Her face reddens being caught off guard and guilty of not watching where she was going.  In her husky soft southern drawl voice she apologizes while bending down to gather her stuff, and left the scene without giving the man her attention with eye to eye contact.  Celeste en route towards the ice cream section took a deep breath when she arrived in front of the French Vanilla flavor.  She scanned down the isle in both directions to make sure no one was around, and sees a young man coming around the corner towards her.  Immediately she looked down without giving him a glimpse in the face and grabbed a pint of ice cream.  Celeste is about to bolt when she heard his deep sexy voice speak out, “Vanilla is boring try Sorbet’s if ya want to live dangerously.” She hears  his footsteps coming closer to her down the isle while every part of her body screamed out to move, but her feet would not obey her command to inch forward.  Instead, she stood still keeping her head down and then spots her bleeding material in her arms.

Celeste knows she has to give the man a flash since he stopped in front of her view in his brown penny loafers.  Inch by inch the cowgirl raises her head up and peeks side ways to give the six foot two man a glance with her green eye.  “Awe so you do have a face,” the young tall man spoke to Celeste. Every inch of Celeste’s body froze rock hard as she gave the man her green eyed side view attention.  Standing right in front of the cowgirl was a gorgeous ripped out A line body of an all American man in his early twenties.  Her eyes lock onto his fabulous smile that could melt the hardest chocolate squares into dreamy creamy pudding.  Celeste is dumbfounded gawking at the brown hair, green hazel eyed man.  Celeste takes a few more moments to take observation of the charming darling.  The sexy young man had mousy brown hair done in a pony tail fashion with natural sun kiss highlights of blonde streaking from root to the end showing off his handsome facial attributes.  Celeste had to shake her head thinking  to control the need to feel his shiny mane with lusty movements.  His lustrous lips invited the cowgirl to try his scrumptious lick able  kisser with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  And if that wasn’t enough the young lad’s sparkling eyes spoke out the desire to live an untamed life with risk.  She instantly regrets giving him her attention, and cast her different color eyes away from his sunshine of life.

The young man is sure of himself and carefully states, “I think the sorbets are good if your interested in a tangy taste, orange is my favorite.”  Celeste sees her girly shit in her arms, and replies in a soft tone while her face burned red with embarrassment, ” Thank you sir for your recommendations, but I will stick with Vanilla. ”  She turns to leave and as she walks down the isle out of the young man’s life and she whispered out enough for him to hear, “Thank ya for you’re help.”   Celeste stands in line stunned with clumsiness.  She runs into items on the last minute rack and bends down to clean up her blunder.  It takes her a few moments waiting in line to meet up with the cashier to recover from her shameful moment with a hot dude in a grocery store with dignity.  Her eyes open wide once again when the same sexy voice she heard moments ago projected out a bold statement to Celeste through the stores intercom for all to hear.


picture by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=sexy%20men%20eating%20ice%20cream&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=ypL9gXjfyJOGXM&tbnid=1hh76-oUIe5nCM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sodahead.com%2Ffun%2Fwhat-satisfies-your-sweet-tooth%2Fquestion-2403011%2F%3Fpage%3D8&ei=cCPHU4fGApCbyASi5YCABg&bvm=bv.71198958,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNGrBQWhFSvz2ytkW_5-jvJMrN7waw&ust=1405644303075778


18 thoughts on ““Vanilla is boring try Sorbet’s if ya want to live dangerously.”

          1. Ahhhh !!!! Great Spirit ! In my arms !!! Here and now !!!

            Yeeeessss !!! This is the best chocolate !!! Will always be.

            Errhhh… Quite good with Champagne too ! ROFL

            Luv U ❤

          2. Oops… I’m not quite sure to understand “lush”.. Fertile ? Lavish ? Fresh ? Youthful ?

            Boozer ???!!! Nahhh !

            Champagne is my favourite “wine”. That’s a winner for merry time and fun… Though to get drunk with it is a sure winner for wall to wall hangover.

            Anyway, how can someone be in a bad mood by drinking Champagne ? Impossible.

            “Do things you shouldn’t, but for a good reason” … Beats me… A good reason being … ???

          3. A lush means someone who drinks too much and doesn’t share. And so the hangover is worthy for a lush. HAHAHA Tis my favorite too for holidays or celebrating and I’ve never been in a bad mood afterwards in fact I think I feel like Wonder Woman ready to do wonderful things. LOLOL

          4. But !!!! Sharing is the idea !!! I can surely drink a beer by myself but i’ll never drink Champagne “alone”.

            In the true spirit of “pleasure” Champagne cannot be a solitary pleasure.

            If you’re relating to the “speed” by which you can go through a bottle of Champagne then hold your hat firmly ’cause i’m quite good at “siffler” (french word meaning “whistling” but when refering to booze, it speaks ofbeing fast at downing a “flute” of) le Champagne…And getting drunk and doing things i shouldn’t either ! 😛

          5. Yep ya got it right my saucy man I so agree…Champagne is made to share, but I’ve had my alone time with the liquid and thank god I stayed home drinking it by myself. *wink* Boy was I screwed up and lived to tell about it. HAHAHA

          6. You’re despicable ! I like that soooo much !!! 😂

            Speaking about bringing a smile i’m laughing out loud, just can’t stop. I drink your words as a fine Champagne !!!

            Nighty night my bubbly friend, ❤

            Errhhh … Didn't slept last night 😦 but will surely slumber with a smile)

            Thanks to U ! Luv U 💓

          7. Oops ! 😳

            Dear friend, i suddenly realize that « despicable » can be very rude. Please forgive me. I « thought » it in a Daffy Duckesque way but my words failed to « translate » its « comic » intent.

            So let me try it once more in my stupid duck (OMG ! You wouldn’t believe what the auto-correct feature did suggest instead of « duck » ! 😯 Hmmm… I guess that should fit the bill anyway) … mind.

            You’re a fine Lady. Far from my mind to cause you any sorrow.

            Your despicable Coco, humbly kneeling at your feet… Did anybody told you you have nice feet ? 😛

          8. HAHA….Have no fear darlin’ I understand our language barrier. Actually the word is fitting for me at times when I get mischievous. HAHAHA So darlin’ I got you’re backside. As for the feet department yes they have, I’m blessed to have pretty feet, sadly don’t know why, I’ve had horse step on them and crush me toes….teeheee

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