“Let’s do it boy, time to catch a fish that has lived his long life under the sea waiting for me.”


At four in the morning Celeste tired to the bone completed her welding masterpiece statue.  She steps back and stretches her achy neck side to side, and notes the serious rain storm had ceased.  She pulls off her welding face shield and takes a seat upon a horse pulled carriage.  Chief, her draft painted horse nickered a soft sound to his riding companion.  Celeste smiles at her friend, “Ya like it big boy, I do believe I did a bitchen job?”  Chief nodded his head yes Celeste beamed joy at her animal buddy while she leaned back in the seat to give review to her artwork.  Silent minutes ticked by when she heard a soft whimper.   She slides her eyes into the direction of the sliding barn door, and begins to stare out the crack of the opening.  “I know you’re in here, ya can come on out darlin’ I won’t bite ya,” she whispered out.  Celeste stayed put for a few more moments in her solitude life sitting in her horse buggy.  When nothing arose she pulled her self up and began her barefooted track to the house to rest a few hours before she and Chief ventured out to pick up dead fallen trees in the forest, and put them into a pile for later to pick up.  She walks past the frighten creature without letting the animal know she smelt his wet scent, and left the door open just in case the animal needed a safe haven.  Celeste never turned around but felt the critter’s orbs upon her backside checking her out as she gingerly plugged through the mud without falling down this time.

Celeste laid her tired body down in the living room sofa.  Her body screams out sleep an exhaustion when she put her feet up on the davenport.  She nods in and out of restless sleep for over three hours, and when she could stand no more she picked herself off the cushions and made a pot of coffee to start her long day.  “Ya know what, I think I am just going to do nothing all day!  Hum, maybe I’ll go fishing before winter kicks in besides I could use a little bit of freedom from the normal.” Celeste announced out to no one but herself, and proceeds to make a batch of home-made brownies.  Celeste quickly cleaned up her mess and went into the attach two car garage and got her fishing pole and tack.  When she went out to the barn to feed her animals in her rubber boots, she took precautions not to scare the animal who might still be in her barn; so she whistles a Scottish tune her grandfather always whistled out when in a happy mood.  Before she steps into the barn to do her chores, she identifies the animal print leaving the barn. “Oh my God, he’s huge maybe he is a wolf, or a she in gender,” Celeste lightly spoke out while searching around her farm for any sight of the animal’s ware a bouts.  She gives a shrug with her shoulder and begins her chores.  Celeste feels excited to start the lazy day off by thinking  it would be a fabulous day if she caught her grandfather’s fish he could never catch.  With speed she completes her chores and pulls the big draft horse out of his cozy stall.  “Let’s do it boy, time to catch a fish that has lived his long life under the sea waiting for me.”  She saddles up the gentle giant an slips out of her rubber boots and puts a pair of brown cowboy boots on, and mounts her gelding once they both are outdoors.   She left the barn door open and broke several fresh eggs into a container by the door if the beast decided to return for shelter and food.

Picture: Bing Search


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