“What the hell ya staring at slick? Haven’t ya ever seen a nude person before.”


The day was simply gorgeous after the storm blew in and out whilst Celeste and Chief rode to a the cowgirl’s special place to fish.  Many times they had stopped to build several a piles of dead wood to be picked up later on when time permeated.  It has been a long time since the cowgirl played in the sun after her papa passed away, so today she planned to catch that fish her grandfather so desperately fished for but never caught.  She let Chief roam the woods by himself as she fished her day away in the last days of fall.  For an hour she basked in the warm sun waiting for her line to give a tug, she closed her eyes to rest and ponder on her life besides the stream in the woods.  “I am ready Mother Earth to leave this place and travel the world,” she spoke out to the earth.  Immediately a picture enters her thoughts about the boy in the store who eyes spoke of risk and freedom.  “Why in the hell am I thinking of the devil now?”  She shakes her head out of her quiet thoughts and reels her line in to be cast out once again.  She stands up and begins to pace back and forth when her fishing pole dipped down low.  “I gotcha dude, you are so mine!” She screams out in glee and grabbed her pole to fight with the slippery demon of the water.  The side of the streams banks were mushy and muddy from the rain, she slipped and fell in the mud while trying to capture the fish.  “Son of Bitch,” she bellows up and picks her self up and reels the line in thankful she wasn’t wearing her boots.  The cowgirl could careless that she is muddy as she watches the large long fish surface close to the embankment. “Yahoo Buckaroo!  I so gotcha!” She is glowing with joy and excitement when she pulls the fish out of the water.  “Holy crud you’re big!  Papa look what I got,” she held up her prize to the heavens and rips out a yodel.  She feels a light breeze caress her skin and knows her grandfather witness her catch of a life time.

When all was said and done gutting the wet object, she hung her fish on a branch and then stripped off her clothing to wash her muddy pants in the stream.  She draped her wet jeans to dry over a rock and plunged into the cool waters to rinse off. The cowgirl leisurely laid down her nude body on a boulder to bask in the late afternoon heat of the sun to dry off, and giggled out to the heavens her happiness of finally catching the large brown trout. Time ticked by in the peaceful woods when the cowgirl closed her eyes to soak up the last rays of sun before returning home.  Westin entered the mystical scene an hour later with his fishing pole to find a sleeping nude beauty laying across a big boulder absorbing the last rays of the sun.  His eyes flew open wide and lets a smile streak across his lips.  Parts of him doesn’t want to disturb the girl, but his growing man member was telling him a different story.  He inches closer to the subject on the rock and realizes it’s the cowgirl he spotted in the grocery store who stole his heart.  He marvels at her curvy tan body as he steps up on a rock quietly to get a better view of the girl’s figure.  Westin couldn’t believe his luck to find the girl once again and so close to his home.  He had asked everyone in the store about her, but none knew about the cowgirl.  For many days after seeing frumpy Celeste in her over size baggy shirt and jeans, Westin reminisced about being with the shy girl, or if he would ever find the spitfire who stole his heart at first glance.  Westin rubber necked on his rock to get a closer peek of her glorious cherry nipples sunbathing on a boulder.  “Awe sweet Jesus she’s hot!” he states to himself without voice.  He begins to stand tip toe in his cowboy boots trying to get a closer view of her sexy golden body without tan lines when he instantaneously plummets to his doom into the water.  “SLASH,” the loud sound was heard by the sleeping cowgirl.  On a dime Celeste gathers herself to crouch in a kneeling position on the boulder looking down at the water and the handsome intruder who surfaced from the stream.  “Shit shit and shit,” Westin barked out when he came up for air.  Celeste’s orbs widen in surprise to see the G.Q. boy in wet western gear.  Westin looks up and spots the naked earth diva staring at him.

“You…what the hell,” Celeste bellowed out to the wet boy.  She watches Westin pull himself out of the deep waters with boots and clothes on, and giggles lightly to her self how corny the man looked.  “Ya better go and get your hat cowboy before it floats away.”  Westin gives Celeste a playful smile and plunges in to retrieve his hat.  His handsome boyish smile is infectious to the earth girl, she shows him her pearly whites when he gives her a breathless gaze.  “You’re smile is magnificent to look upon. Glad I am the one to lay claim I saw the crack of sun smiling in more ways than one today.”  Westin diligently trudged through the water and stood on the muddy embankment casting Celeste a devilish eye here and there while he takes his water logged boots off to pour out the water.  She scrunches up her brow and stands up upon her boulder with both hands on her hips glaring confusion at the boy’s meaning of words.  Westin couldn’t believe the audacity the wild girl presented herself without fear of being nude in front of a stranger.  He broadens his flirtatious grin upon the golden beauty and gives her a wink with his slinky hazel orbs.  Boy could he feel the dangerous heat from the spitfire as she stood staring at him with some ungodly force.  He leans against a tree to watch every move the cowgirl would make in a split second. “What the hell ya staring at slick?  Haven’t ya ever seen a nude person before.” Celeste hissed out and took a leap off the boulder to retrieve her damp clothing.

Westin couldn’t believe his luck to watch the wonder girl slip into her clothing with ease without wearing under garments, and be on her way gathering her belongings in haste.  Celeste whistles out loud to the woods and in no time at all Chief trots over to the cowgirl and nickers a greeting.  She doesn’t say a word to the boy as she heads towards her hanging long fish in the tree.  Westin drops his jaw stunned to see Celeste had possibility caught his fish, he warmly states in a joking manner, “Hey that’s my fish Fred. You freaking caught my fish woman!”   Celeste puts her boot into the stirrups on the saddle, and hikes herself up throwing her leg over.  She gives the wet dude a spot and said, “Not anymore I’m eating him, so too bad so sad.”  Westin stood with his mouth open, “Shut ya mouth you’re going to catch mosquitoes,”  she continued with her comments.  Westin is dumbfounded at the sight Celeste is casting sitting on her brown and white painted draft horse with her tight yellow t-shirt.  She turns her mount around to begin her return home through the woods when Westin took a few steps forward and said, “Does your horse ride double; because there is no way in hell I’m letting you walk away with my fish to eat without me.”  Celeste turned her head around to look over her shoulder at the hunky man dripping wet.  Her body begins to melt with desire staring at his hard nipples while everyone of her nerves screamed to leave.  She nodded no with her head and kicked the horse forward.  Chief refuse to listen to the command of the cowgirl.  “Oh hell no, not you too!” Celeste gives the shit eating grin of a man a glance and steps off her horse in frustration.  Westin was not going to be denied the chance to get close to the half breed girl, he takes a few long strides with his legs, and before Celeste knew it he was standing next to her as she quaked in her cowgirl boots being so close to his manly scent.


picture by:  http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=women+sun+bathing+nude+on+rock&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=FuGBZRdP2sNbCM&tbnid=JGR9D8_T-g1ttM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gettyimages.com%2Fdetail%2Fphoto%2Fnude-woman-sunbathing-royalty-free-image%2F78028846&ei=aTjNU4KuMI21yAS2p4JQ&bvm=bv.71198958,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNHuRYAcu5ugitEI3XpzYIcq9o6IGg&ust=1406044423173238



6 thoughts on ““What the hell ya staring at slick? Haven’t ya ever seen a nude person before.”

  1. Hmmm… The day i’ll stand listless to a wonderful lady’s naked body is probably because i’m dead ! o_O

    Even Chief agrees !!! 😛

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