“Okay wild thang let her rip.”

Westin tried his best not to show his nervous energy just being close to the beauty, but he was not going to be damned if he didn’t get a chance to see where she lived or be around the shy girl for a while.  “Stop standing so close to me dude you’re making feel uncomfortable.” Celeste ordered out to the young stud and took a step away from the hunk. Every inch of her body was glittering with sparks of arousal to kiss the boy.  She shakes her head out of her silly thoughts and decided to walk instead of riding the horse.  Chief nickered a soft response to his friend, while Celeste gives the horse a mean scowl and grabs his reins to make him follow her.  The painted big horse refused to move until she got on top of his back with Westin.  “Looks like he doesn’t want to leave girl,” Westin added a comment with a smile.  Celeste knew the damn horse was playing around but for him to go against her commands were unusual.  She blasted out to the horse and man, “You stinking men always stick together.” Westin roared out with laughter causing the cowgirl to give them both an evil eye.

The young buck took a risk and moved closer to the tall woods girl.  “Here I’ll give ya a boost up for good measures, and then I will get on his back behind you and saddle.” Celeste isn’t sure it was a good idea.  Having never rode double on a horse before she feels unsure and foreign to the deed.  Westin reaches a hand to her face to move her hair away from her eyes. Celeste steps back from the man and gives him a warning with her green eye to stay away from her.  “I’m sorry I won’t try anything fishy, all I want is to see both your eyes not one or you’re side view.” He tries again to touch her soft long hair except Celeste pushes his hand away and states, “Keep you’re hands to yourself, here I will give ya the fish so you can leave me alone.” Celeste was going to untie the fish from her saddle horn when Westin touches her hand with care. “I don’t mean to make ya pissed off, its just I keep making blunders with ya.  It would help if you stop being a stick in the mud.” Chief the horse took it upon himself to nudge the cowgirl with his big head.  The little bump he gave his friend moved her closer to Westin torso.  Westin smiled with hope as he circled his strong arms around the cowgirl automatically.

Celeste blushed beet red as her hands stopped her movement on his wet muscular pecks from slamming into the boy. “I like your horse, he’s got the right idea.” Celeste tried to move but couldn’t budge her feet to take a step away, and having Westin’s strong arms around her caused the cowgirl to feel things she had never felt before with a man.  Celeste had to get her shit together and fast before the situation escalated into throwing the man on the ground and kissing the crap out of him.  She wiggles out of his arms and barks out to both men, “Fine, lets go then.” She moves with speed and goes around the other side of the horse to pop onto his back without the help of the young man.  Westin is glowing with delight and follows suit.  The minute Westin sits behind her body, he takes his hands to hold her waist.  “Okay wild thang let her rip.” Celeste smiles to herself, but when Westin got closer she felt him blowing in her ear and hid her grin. “Stop that or I will drop your ass in the dirt and you can walk.”  Westin chuckles his wonderful deep sound of laughter in her ear and wraps his arms around the girl.  Celeste straightens immediately in her saddle seat of uneasy emotions.  Westin doesn’t give her a moment to ponder on his touch, he can feel she has never been with a man before.  Instead he gives the draft horse a light touch in the tummy with his boot for the horse to move forward.  And begins to sing a song in his rich sexy voice Celeste had never heard before as the group wondered back to Celeste’s farm house riding double.


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