“I warned you dude, don’t touch me!”


Celeste wiggled in her saddle with uneasy feelings while Westin held on to her waist the whole way home.  Westin marveled at the cowgirl’s firm body while he sat behind the wild thing after singing his song with happiness.  He could have sworn he heard a giggle come out of the girl from the silly song he sang out loud for all to hear.  He quietly took a deep breath to remember her intoxicating earth scent, and felt his man member rise to the occasion.  He shakes his wicked thoughts out of his head and begins to caress her rocking hips with his thumbs.  He wants to bust out with laughter when Celeste once again straighten her back from his touch.  “Cowgirl how old are you?”  Celeste finally spoke to the boy behind her, “I’m eighteen and you?” she replied with cracks in her nervous voice.  “I’m twenty-two,” Westin included.  Westin is about to venture onward with his investigation of the young lady when she stopped her horse and blew a shush to the noisy man.  Westin comes alert when Celeste slid off the horse and quickly grabbed her slingshot.  “Wow,” he barks out.  “Shush…your mouth loud boy,” she instantly demanded from the man.  Westin’s eyes widen in wonder as he catches a glimpse of her two different color orbs ready to hunt with her slingshot. Celeste is gathering the scent of foul hiding from the couple and when she spots a small head pop up and down from it’s hiding place, she is about to let the marble fly with speed from the slingshot when the damn boy spoke up.  “What the hell ya doing girl?”  Celeste spun around and gave the boy a nasty glance and hears the bird escaping.  Fast as lightening the huntress spins around, and lets her object fly out of the protective fold of her slingshot with intense speed that dropped Westin’s jaw in awe.  He watches a pheasant fly in the air a few hundred yards from where they stood, and drops down instantaneously from his flight to escape the cowgirl’s slingshot.  “Holy crap your ferocious with that weapon!” Celeste doesn’t give the city slicker a chance to see her smile behind her back and heads toward her kill.

The earth girl walks away from the chitter chatter of the man’s excitement without responding, and when close to her prey she spots a pair of gold eyes hiding in the shadows of the woods.  The scared animal quickly flees the stare of the huntress when she takes a step closer to the pheasant.  She picks up the pheasant and snaps his head with a twist of her hand. Westin widens his all seeing eyes at the sight of how beastly the girl presented her self, and watches her inviting hips swing to her step while carrying the dead foul towards the horse and passenger.  “Sweet mother of Mary girl you’re one not to toy with that weapon.”  Celeste doesn’t give the boy her attention and whistles to Chief to follow her home while Westin slid off the rump of the horse to join the walking cowgirl.  “Do you always hunt like this woman?”  Celeste nods yes silently to the height of the six feet two stud and continues to walk while taking short scans of the dark woods.  “Do you see another?”  Celeste stops and gives the young man her attention, “You talk too much city slicker.”  Westin doesn’t know what he’s in for when he places his hand on her shoulder to stop the girl to give her a gaze.  Celeste bends down with speed and pulls her grandfather’s knife out of her boot and dares the man to touch her again. “I warned you dude, don’t touch me!”  Westin’s eyes once again widen but in fear she would cut his pecker off if he instigated her further. “Holy crap girl your a walking weapon store!” Westin bellowed out with astonishment.   Westin followed the quiet girl through the woods until they arrived at her farm home.  He sees the beauty of the land and large home she lives in and makes another comment.  “Where’s you’re family?”  Celeste dropped the bird by the fire pit and begins to make a fire.  Afterwards she heads toward the barn with the man following behind her.  Westin tries again to ask the question but before he could say a word the cowgirl answers, “I have no family.”  Westin knows he hit a sore spot with the half breed and tries to make amends, “I can pluck that bird if ya want me too?”  Celeste gives the man a glance and melts like hot butter on toast when she sees the hot pepper of a stud lean against the fence.  It takes all her energy to turn her orbs away from the cowboy’s sexy equipment while acting nonchalant and gives him a reply, “That would be great thank you while I put Chief in the barn and feed my other critters.”  Westin smiles at the lonely maiden as she instantly left him to do her chores for the evening.  His body is tingling with hope and desire for this woman as he chuckled and whistled a tune upon his juicy lips.




4 thoughts on ““I warned you dude, don’t touch me!”

    1. Haha….Well Curt sounds like you might have to return to Celeste’s adventure to find out why she is a pistol with other’s. Besides, she did warn him not to touch her…*wink*

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