“Kiss Kiss hot stuff,”


Celeste is beside herself with nervous energy while feeding her animals for the evening meal.  Over an over again she filtered the possibility of having someone enter her wild world of loneliness.  “I’m unsure to have someone in my life Chief, I’m no good an others do not understand me. I was such a jerk to that boy, do I dare to try to let someone care for me or take a chance to find out what it feels like to love another?”  She made a soft comment to her equine friend an added, “He’s hot my boy, I wonder if he is a good kisser?”  Chief didn’t response as he happily ate his fill of hay.  She gives him a pat on the neck and left the horse to find out if Westin high tailed it off her property just because of her bad attitude.  She left an opening to her barn encase the animal who hid in the woods would return for his dinner she laid out for him, and returned to the fire pit to see if the man left.   The minute she rounded the corner of the barn she spots Westin finishing the deed of plucking the pheasant.  “Nice job city boy, I guess there is hope for ya.”  Westin lifts his handsome features up to the cowgirl, and gives her a breathtaking grin.  “Yeah, I do have some skills that are useful.”  Celeste smiles at the stud muffin and sits down on the log to help him out if need be.  She focuses on his strong hands as he plucked off the last of the feathers.  “I’m sorry for being a bitch to you sir.  I’m not use to being around people, so will you forgive me?”  Westin set the bird down on a log and stood up to face the cowgirl.  “How about you and I start all over again.  Hello my name is Westin, and yours my lady?”  Celeste giggled and blushed deeply red, she stood up an extended her hand out in greeting without looking at Westin.  “Nice to meet you Westin my name is Celeste.”  Their hands touch for a split second, Celeste jumped a little bit to feel his sexual energy course through her body like a fire rocket zooming up in the skies.  She shakes her head out of her confusion when Westin spoke out, “Yea, I felt it too.”

For the first time the cowgirl takes off her hat and lets the stranger see all of her.  Westin’s lips spread with delight to see the earthy girl for the first time.  He watches her take a nervous hand to brush her hair away from her face to expose her two different eye color.  They stand together quietly checking each other out.  “Your beautiful more than I can express.  Are you a Native American Indian?” he spoke out in a soft tone.  Celeste almost flinched but stayed firm footed as Westin takes a step closer when asking his question.  “I’m a half breed as y’all call us, I’m half Cherokee and Scottish.”  Westin scrunches up his brow in quick thought and speaks out with a excitement.  “You’re the girl who rode that bucking bronco at the rodeo a few years back.”  Celeste nodded her head yes an instantly remembers the passing of her grandfather after the rodeo.  Her eyes dip down to the ground in sadness.  Westin felt the change and tries to recover his mistake before he lost her once again.  “I didn’t mean to upset you, but I think we can talk more about each other while this bird cooks and the fish I long to taste.”  She gives the boy a smile and nods yes.

The pair made a smashing good meal over the camp fire.  Celeste marvels how cool the boy turned out to be.  Their conversation was filled with joy, laughter and excitement learning about each other until the wee hours of the morning.  However, Celeste didn’t tell him everything about her, she was just happy to talk to another an experience a stimulating union of two very different people coming together.  And before each of them knew it the time flew pass quickly when Westin rises and states, “I better start heading home if I am to arrive in the morning. I have to go to work.”  Celeste stood up, “I’ll take ya home since ya rode on my horse here.”  Westin smiles and nods in agreement. Celeste enters her farm home without Westin and grabs her truck keys.  She is full of happiness when she is about to slide into the Dodge truck and Westin opens her truck door for her.  She starts the engine and watches the young man open the passenger door.  They smile at each other and begin their track homeward bound to Westin’s home.  “We haven’t spoke about your family Westin, do you have one?”  Westin tells all about him being adopted into a great family, “I have one adopted bother and a sister who is their natural born daughter.”  Celeste listens to the young man’s story about misbehaving and the turmoil he caused in his younger years, and before she knew it she was pulling into his long dirt driveway.  “Thank you Westin for a great evening, I hope me keeping you up most of the night won’t hinder you from doing your job properly.”  Westin wants to kiss the girl but is afraid his nosy sister Candice would capture the cozy love scene.  Celeste can feel him deliberate in his mind what to do, instead she stretched out her hand and gives him a shake.  “Goodbye City boy, thanks for a great night.”  Westin slides out of the passenger side of the truck and walks around the front of her truck.  Celeste rolled down her window and smiled at the hunk.  Westin reacted on a dime and decided to give up trying to fight to plant a kiss upon the girl.  He carefully moves his large hand towards Celeste’s back of her furry mop and moves her head close to his dipping head to tenderly kiss her lips.  And when they separated Westin commented, “Thanks cowgirl, hope to see ya around again.”  Celeste nodded yes with her head and is totally humming with exuberant wonder from his dynamite kiss.  He touches her nose with a finger and turns around to head into his dark family’s home.  Celeste watches him enter his home and states to herself out loud, “Kiss Kiss hot stuff,” and turns the truck around to head back to her lonely headquarters with a glee in her heart.




7 thoughts on ““Kiss Kiss hot stuff,”

      1. Yep… I enjoy… But… I kind of had paternal fellings towards Céleste… Once a father…

        Then seeing her as a full grown sexy and desirable lady kind of flabbergast me, a bit.

        Let’s say that the “old pervert crumb” sticks … errrhhhh… amplifies… errhhh…

        Arrgghh ! Forget it ! ROFL

        Kiss Kiss

        1. Yes!~ The paternal side of us wants to give a helping hand and guide her. However, Celeste is smart enough to keep an open unconditional heart when dealing with life lessons. And is very fortunate that she is not harboring ill feelings from the lack of having parents and the lonely road she is traveling upon.

          As a sexy gal she still has lots to learn and has no clue how yummy and delicious she can be while keeping an open mind about coupling with a man, but she has a special gift that makes men desire her more than she realizes. Awe…kiss kiss my “Old Pervert Crumb”, tis telling me my writing is making things rise to the occasion. HAHAHA….

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