“Hot diggity dog I’m going to meet a real live cowgirl like God told me I would.”


Westin walked through his quiet dark house straight to the kitchen to down a glass of milk with a smile upon his lips.  He finishes his drink and heads to his bedroom in silence.  “Westin is that you?” a small voice whispered out.  Westin stopped in his tracks before passing by his little brother’s room.  He hated walking into the twelve year old’s room knowing the little man who he adored more than life was dying of Tuberculosis. “How you doing tonight little buddy?”  The tiny blonde hair blue eye boy smiled at Westin when his big brother walked into his room.  In a weak voice the little boy asked his question to his big brother.  “Did you catch him brother?”  Westin nodded no with a happy grin upon his lips, and sat down beside the sick boy, “Nope I was too late.  Seems a girl got our trout before us.”  Peter’s eyes widen in surprise an asked the question in a soft tone, “No way do you mean to tell me your girlfriend caught our slimy bugger.  I thought she didn’t like fishing.” Westin lit up with love and nodded his head no.  Peter gave his brother a thoughtful gaze.  “You’re in love Westin, tell me about her,” the sick boy inquired urgently. For the rest of the night Westin filled Peter into the story about the girl he met. “You remember the pretty girl who we saw at the rodeo one year come out of the bleachers of people to ride that wild mustang?”  Peter immediately said yes, “Well buddy I do believe you might get you’re wish to meet the cowgirl!”  Peter was tickled pink, and sat up to hear about the girl he thought was brave and crazy for taking on a wild equine in front of the crowd.  Many lonely evenings Peter laid in his bed dreaming about meeting the girl who stole his heart at the local rodeo with her wild and dangerous life as a cowgirl.  In fact the little boy fantasized about riding on a horse with the magnificent beauty one day, but knew it was wishful thinking because of his sickness.   Westin’s heart melts to hear his adopt brother brighten up with the news.  “See I told you I am going to meet her one day.  God wouldn’t lie to me Westin!”  Westin ruffles his brother’s blonde hair up and said, “You were right Peter, she is a half breed.  Wait till you hear her dialect its really strange and sexy.  She has a twang of the South mixed in with a hint of Scottish, and to make things more interesting about the girl; she carries a soft sound of Native American language when she pronounces some of her words.  Really quite fascinating to hear her unusual husky tone standing next to her.  Check this out dude, she also has one eye that is gold like the sunshine of the sun, and the other is emerald in color.  The only flaw I witnessed in the girl is she’s a hermit in life and extremely shy around people.  Yet she can be unpredictable like a pistol ready to blow and do serious damage to a person who threatens her.  And if that don’t beat all, you should see what she can do with a slingshot.”   Peter began to cough out loud,  he covered his mouth with this weak hand and instantly laid back down on his pillow.  “Keep talking please I want to hear more.  Does she have a family?”  Peter choked out.   Westin poured his brother a glass of water beside his bed side and helped his buddy to drink.

“Peter don’t get worked up, it’s not good for you.  We can finish this conversation in the afternoon when I return home from work,” Westin tenderly stated to his brother.  “Yes time for bed Peter,” their father joined his boy’s in Peter’s bedroom as the early morning light presented itself through Peter’s window.  “Dad, Westin met her,” Peter announced with excitement.  “Met who son?” the father requested from Westin.  “The cowgirl remember,” Peter blurted out answering for Westin. Westin beams with joy to see his brother get excited about the cowgirl.  “Awe dad I can’t sleep I’m too excited to know more about the girl,” the little boy begged.  “No son it’s time to rest, and Westin you must get ready for work.”  Westin stood up off Peter’s bed and bent down to kiss his brother’s forehead.  “Sleep buddy I’ll see ya later today.”  Peter couldn’t be anymore happier to hear he would finally get to met the cowgirl of his dreams.  He blurted out in glee, “Hot diggity dog I’m going to meet a real live cowgirl like God told me I would.”  Westin and his father gawked at each other for a second speechless.  Westin cast his loving orbs onto his brother and marveled to hear the little boy woo about the cowgirl with hope.  It broke Westin’s heart staring at the brave little man, he gave his brother a wink with his eye and left the room to prepare for duty.

In the mean time Celeste sat on her porch watching the morning rays cast its glory upon her skin. She rocked in her chair while eating home-made brownies and coffee for breakfast wrapped up in a quilt for warmth her grandmother made long ago before her passing on this earth.  “Good morning father sun, I thank you for yet another day upon this earth to bask into your warm rays.”  After dropping off Westin, the cowgirl struggled to go to bed; so she decided to spend the rest of her night rocking herself away thinking about her life until the sun shone its brilliance.  She feels beautiful for the second time in her life having met the wild buck Westin when the rays lighten up her dark world with joy.  The day is windless with a bite of cold in the air.  She leans her head back upon the head rest of her chair and speaks out softly, “Mother Earth is this why I am to stay here on the farm to met this man?”  She feels no change in the air when asking her question to her spiritual mother.  She waits a while longer before lifting her body off the chair to attack her grandfather’s bedroom to clear most of his belongings away to make way for a library.  She feels odd when walking into her cozy farm house and turns her attention on the woods before closing the door to begin her sad task.  “Soon you will trust me dog,” she spoke out to herself while staring at the huge large black dog who was trying to keep him self hidden from the cowgirl’s eagle eyes.  She bats her eyes away from her target, and returns to begin her busy day of cleaning up her deceased grandfather’s bedroom.





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