“Oh goodnight is that a dog I see in the clouds,”


For several days the cowgirl stripped her grandfather’s bedroom  from dust and misuse.  She stood quietly viewing the clean room without her papa and said a silent prayer of missing him dearly.  Afterwards she closed the door and went to the kitchen to make her self dinner.  She hears the thunder rolling in when the electrical system blinked out of the house.  Darkness filled the large farm house as the cowgirl lit her candles to shed light in her home.  Since there was no electric she opts to make a Chicken salad sandwich and heads out to her porch to relax after her full day of cleaning to watch the skies change for the evening.  “Oh goodnight is that a dog I see in the clouds,” she spoke out to no one but her self as she sat in her chair gazing over the unforeseen event in the sky.  In a matter of second the sky blacken and thundered out a beastly boom.  Celeste felt the earth shake from its quake.  She gazes out into the woods and worries about the scaredy cat dog. “Come boy,” she bellowed out.  To her amazement the animal presented himself on the outer edge of the woods shivering from fear.  Her eyes opened wide to see the massive beast show himself.  “Shit he’s huge,” Celeste whispered out.  She watches the debate the dog was displaying trying to decide if he wanted to come near the cowgirl or not.  “Make a decision buddy its all up to you,” Celeste offered the fearful dog.

Another loud crack of sound thundered throughout the skies when the dog jumped forward and ran towards Celeste’s porch.  The cowgirl sits in astonishment watching the beast decide to run for cover or join Celeste on her porch.  “You’re more than welcome to sit beside me without restriction if ya want,” she offered the nervous dog. It didn’t take long for the dog to take her up on her offer when a down pour of rain began to drench the shivering mutt.  She takes note the black dog is part Labrador and possible great Dane mixture when he leaped onto the porch and cowered behind her chair.  Celeste smiles and stays still in her chair hearing his whimper of cries behind her.  “Ya poor little bugger you’re too big to be a puss.”  She sits her other half of sandwich down on the wooden floor for the beast to eat, but the dog didn’t touch the food.  Celeste doesn’t move from her spot an allows the mutt to get somewhat comfortable behind her chair.  She begins to chat about anything and everything to the dog; however, the dog never spoke back and stayed in his safe shelter behind the cowgirl.  An hour passed them by when Celeste thought of Westin.  It had been a few days since the last she heard from the handsome man.  To her it didn’t matter if he showed up or not.  She was use to having people come and go in her life, so in order not to think about the playful hunk she kept herself busy throughout her days of loneliness.

She yawns and feels ready to go to bed, she cast her orbs on the uneaten sandwich and lifts herself off the chair to go into the house to sleep the evening away.  “Come boy let’s go into the house where you can feel safe from the storm.”  She doesn’t wait for an answer while she opens the door.  Right on clue the thunder boomed out again causing the dog to zip pass Celeste and almost knocking the girl off her feet trying to get inside her house for safety.  “Jesus boy ya lucky ya didn’t take me out.”  The dog ran in fear and found safety under the kitchen’s round table.  She closed her door with a smile on her lips thinking the dog has come into her life for a reason, and headed to her room with the scaredy cat dog resting under her table till the early morning light.



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