“Dear God I ain’t never seen such a poltroon in all my life; especially one as whooping in mammoth size crawl on the floor.”


The powerful storm wreaked it’s avenges upon the earth in full force all night long and into the next morning when Celeste woke up to a whiner under the table, and the house was black as night.  It took the girl a few moments to get out of bed to begin her day cooped up in her farm house with a mysterious animal under the table.  “Well I see ya made it through the night boy.  Are ya willing to go outside to take a leak, cause I sure in the hell don’t want ya pee peeing on my floor,” Celeste bent down to view the shivering mutt under her kitchen round table.  The monstrous critter is black except for his yellow eyes and a white patch on his chest.  She whistles out loud in amazement to see the beast’s long legs and big head that was bigger than her own.  “Where in the hell did you come from boy?” the cowgirl requested.  The dog replied with a whine and peeked at the girl with his shy fearful eyes.  She carefully stretches out a hand for him to smell.  The dog shied away instantly.   “Okay, let me make some coffee and then we will go out to feed my critters if ya like.”  She places a bowl of water under the table for him to lap up while she drank her cup of warm brew, and walked around the kitchen cleaning the large room up for the day.   Celeste puts on her rain gear and boots to head outside into the storm to do her chores for the morning.  She opens the door and begins to coast the dog out from under the table, “Let’s go boy.”  The dog whines out his dislike of leaving his safe haven, “Dude ya got to go and do your business.”  The pair stare at each other for a few moments, she started to encourage the dog in a sweet relaxing tone only he would not listen to the human.  After precious minutes ticked by she opts to leave him under the table, and begins to leave her home out the front door.  The minute she is about to walk out, the dog rushed passed her like a speeding bullet while smashing her body against the door with a loud bang. “Son of Bitch mutt calm your bad self down,” she ripped out to the fleeing dog who instantly disappeared in the down pour of rain.

It took all of Celeste’s might to master the muddy earth without slipping in the mess to get to the barn.  She stays in the humongous shelter for over an hour grooming the faithful paint draft horse Chief until he gleamed with loving care.  “Well Chief I do believe we will be having an addition to our odd family.”  Celeste after speaking out her thoughts to her horse scanned the barn for any signs of the black dog.  The dog hadn’t showed up until later on in the afternoon when the cowgirl sat down on her grandfather’s bench to watch the down pour of rain, and to drink a cup of hot coffee she made out in the barn’s cozy kitchenette.  She views the shy animal with his tail between his legs enter the barn and quickly sped under one of her papa’s machines.  “Hello sir fancy meeting ya again,” she softly spits out with a smile on her lips.  She gives the colossal giant a mull over and speaks out gently, “Glad ya here bud I took out a big elk bone for ya.”  Celeste lifts her body up from her seat and heads to the kitchen in the barn to retrieve the meat she set aside out of the freezer for the animal.  Celeste placed the enormous bone down on the concrete floor next to her seat and waits for the animal to surface.  It takes the yellow belly a while before showing his face.  Celeste busted up with laughter watching the chicken liver crawl towards her on his belly.  “Dear God I ain’t never seen such a poltroon in all my life; especially one as whooping in mammoth size crawl on the floor.”  Her eagle orbs cast a perusal stare at the beast while the black mutt got closer to her.  He gives the cowgirl his attention before snatching the bone away and ponders what to do moving his big head from side to side in examination.  “Go ahead take it, and run ya know ya will.”  The beast licks his chops and stretches his long tongue out to taste the morsel without moving a muscle.  Celeste busted out in light laughter not wanting to scare the dog further. She decides to leave him alone and continues to stare out the barn to watch the rain come down like cats and dogs.  In a matter of minutes she hears the dog chewing away with gusto on the bone, and is satisfied he mastered eating beside her without retreating to his hiding place.  She begins to smile with happiness and sips on her brew while wondering what happen to her G.Q man.

“Westin, I need everything perfect for next years graduation from college.  Do you think these little party makers would be fun?”  Westin didn’t pay attention to his needy girlfriend’s comment after being dragged to a party store; in fact, after meeting the cowgirl he lost his interest in the wealthy’s Cover girl’s beauty.  Every time she opened her mouth to speak, her high pitch voice irritated him to no end, and made him long to hear the mysterious, husky tone of Celeste once again. Sadly, after returning home several days ago his girlfriend was right by his side every waking moment.  He wondered if his nosy sister told on him about kissing another woman to cause the girl a hint of jealousy; because lately Sandra would not leave him alone.  “Westin, where the hell is your head at?”  Sandra spits out her anger at her man.  Westin blinks out of his lusty thoughts of Celeste and gives his girl the attention she is asking for.  “Hum I think they’re fine,” he offered quickly looking at the sparkling pin wheels.  Sandra gave him a nasty glance and blurted out, “You ass, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  These wheels are for kids not my party.”  She thumps her foot several times on the floor while giving an evil eye at Westin.  Westin recovers and scowls at his long brown hair maiden with her pretty painted face, “Jesus God girl your damn party is next year not around the fucking corner.”  Sandra didn’t have time to respond when Westin turned his back on her and barked out, “Let’s go, I have things to do.”   Flabbergasted Sandra followed behind her man and began to poke at him to encourage yet another fight between the lovers.  Westin opened the door to leave the store and failed to keep the door open for Sandra while he proceeded to stomp his way through the rain to his 1968 yellow Fire-bird with Sandra yelling out for all to hear her woes.  He gets into his car and starts the mighty engine up bound and determined to drop the heifer off at her home so he could visit the beautiful Celeste.





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