“Come on baby wake up!”


Westin was flying high on cloud nine driving to Celeste’s home.  Several times he had gotten lost to find the farm home nestled in the woods and off the beaten path of drivers.  Westin almost gave up finding her place when he thought he passed the house by in the pouring rain.  He came to a screeching halt on the wet road and flipped his head back to see the large barn he remembered. He is about to put his auto in reverse when a large black animal blocked his path of travel. “What the hell is that a small horse?” he barks out and squints his eyes to get a better view through the pouring rain.  He turns his wipers on faster to move the rain off his windshield when he sees a dog shivering with fear in the middle of the roadway. Westin puts his car in park and opens his door.  The dog immediately ran back to Celeste’s home.  Westin got into his auto and turned the American made muscle car around.  He spots the large animal run for the safety of the barn when he pulls into the water logged driveway.  “Shit how the heck am I going to get,” Westin stopped in mid sentence when he finally sees a body beside the porch in the mud.  “Celeste,” he yells out.  The young man bolts out of his car and runs through the ankle deep water and drops to his knees besides the drenched body. “What the hell woman happened here?” He turns her over and sees the angry bruise on her left side of the face from hitting the porch’s steps.  “Celeste, Celeste wake up!” Westin yelped out. Without waiting for a responds Westin stands up and opens the front door, he picks the soaking wet girl up like a rag doll in his strong arms.  In a matter of seconds Westin races with the cowgirl in his arms to the living room and gently places Celeste on the brown leather sofa.

Without hesitation the young buck stripped off her wet coat to see if any other damage could be seen.  Celeste is as wet as a noodle lying on the couch comatose to the world with wet muddy hair plastered everywhere, he takes his time to peel away her hair to get a closer view of her face. The next step he had to take is disrobing the girl out of  her clothing.  He takes a few precious moments to take inventory of her man cave.  Westin leaves her side and opens a door adjacent to the living room.  The lush blue room feels like royalty to Westin when he turns on the light by the king size bed.  He pulls down the blue velvet covering with it’s crisp white sheets and returns to Celeste.  “Whatever you do don’t wake up because I sure in the hell don’t want to be charged with rape,” Westin whispered out as he slowly starts to undress the cowgirl. Celeste mumbles words in Cherokee while Westin begins to unbutton her dirty top.  He can’t make out her language nor does he try when he opens her shirt to expose a pair of firm large breast without a bra.  “Oh Christ, I am not the one who should be doing this,” he softly speaks out staring at her sexy chest.  His eyes begin to wonder and sees a broken rib on her right side, “Son of Bitch what the hell happen to you?”  Westin leaves her side to find the bathroom to get a few towels and wash cloth.  During this time Celeste battled with the demon’s in her head.  She is reliving a horrible dream that plagued the girl since childhood.  She yells out her plight when she is tipped upside down dangling at the top of a spiral staircase by her mother’s hand while massive angry wolves leaped in the air to bite off her head.  Celeste’s hand automatically rises and swings through the air with knife in hand to kill the mean ass boogers before they consumed her. “Be gone you foul creatures,” Celeste demanded to the pack of wolves.  Westin hears her war cries and runs into the living room with medical supplies in his arms to witness the cowgirl animation.  He drops everything on the floor and runs to her side, “Come on baby wake up!”  Only she did not, she thrashed her hand in the air above her head screaming out foul words in battlement.  Westin’s eyes widen in fear hearing her replicate a wolf sound.  “God in heaven what the hell is happening inside the girl’s brain?”  It takes a few moments for the heat to die down inside her mind when the cowgirl whimpers out for her mother to stop dangling her and save her sorry ass; he realizes the girl is reliving something that was evil she had endured in the past.  The only thing he could think of doing is to speak to her in a sweet cooing tone.  It takes the boy over an hour to rock her back to reality and quiets the cowgirl down so he could polish the girl up before putting her into a clean bed.  The next step he takes is to peel her wet jeans off from her lower half.  If the cowgirl was awake and fully aware of what Westin was about to do too her, she too wouldn’t fight the man off; but would relish in the art of a man taking off her pants for the first time in her life.


5 thoughts on ““Come on baby wake up!”

  1. Great post Slingshot now lets see if the boy will stick it out with Celeste because they’re perfect for each other.

  2. Well… Céleste doesn’t deal in half measures ! Even in her falls !!! 😯

    “Relish in the art a of man…” Holy cow !!! She probably have a broken leg ! Not sure she’d prefer to be conscious !!!

    …Not now anyway ! 😉

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