“You and you’re God stuff, for the life of me I don’t know why you believe in him.”


Evening time was approaching when Celeste decided to risk returning to her house in the rain.  After splitting wood in the barn during the inclement weather she longed for a hot bath to soak her aches away.  She turns off the lights and begins to look for the dog, “Let’s go dog so I can close up shop,” she demanded from the black homeless canine.  The dog didn’t move from underneath Henry’s machine when she called out, Celeste shrugged her shoulders and left the door cracked open enough for him to escape.  Celeste walked in baby steps in the pouring rain to her house as her water boots sunk deeper into the moist gooey mud, “Fudge a muck,” she spit out in frustration while she pulled up on each one of her legs to help unstuck her boots.  The sky cracked a loud threatening lightening bolt across the dark heavens when Celeste jumped in surprise and lost her footing.  She had nothing to hold onto when she tumbled forward out of her stuck boots in the mud, and face planted it in the dark wet goo.  “Grrrrr…” she roared out loud pounding her fist in the wet substance and picked her muddy self up with speed.  She high tailed it barefooted and left her boots stuck in the mud as she ran for the safety of the porch.  It took a matter of seconds for Celeste to reach her staircase when she begins to climb the concrete up grade.  She is on her third stair when her heavily muddy feet lost their grip causing the cowgirl to slid down in fast motion scraping her shin against the rock.  Celeste screamed out in agony and couldn’t move her body from the intensity of pain that enveloped her leg.  She slowly knelt on the wet surface and position herself with her palm of hands holding up her body from touching the concrete as the rain poured down off the yawning of the porch and slammed against her back.  She takes a few deep breathes to get her composure.  The cowgirl tries to use her throbbing leg, but when she gives the leg weight she ended up screaming out in pain once again.  She stops and takes a deep breath to suck it up and forge onward holding onto her breath to complete her task.   Celeste had no idea what the hell happened next when the wind was instantly knocked out of her lungs from a heavy blow to the ribs and sent her flying sideways.  With great force her left side of her face hammered onto the wet concrete staircase, and the last thing she remember before passing out was the feel of rain drops splashing upon her face.

It has been over several weeks since he seen the blonde half breed.  Just the mere thought of seeing the cowgirl tonight sent tingling sensations to his sense to come alive with a smile.  After a lengthy private conversation with Peter his adopted brother about Celeste, Westin made the boy pinky swear he would never tell anyone where he was off too.  Peter was full of smiles to hear that Westin was in hot pursuit of the cowgirl affections.  He firmly scolded his older brother to walk with kit gloves with the half breed just because she is someone very special in this world.  Westin gives his brother a confused gaze.  “Westin I mean it she is not to be taken lightly, God told me see will guide me to heaven.”  Peter started to cough, Westin put a stop to their conversation immediately from up setting his brother further and gave the boy a drink of water.  “You and you’re God stuff, for the life of me I don’t know why you believe in him.”  The golden blonde hair blue eye boy sat up in his bed with dark rings around his eyes holding his cup of water.  Westin sees the tears forming ready to burst forth from the little sick man’s eyes, and quietly speaks out, “Don’t do that either, don’t cry because you know I can’t handle your deep thinking and spiritual hocus pocus belief’s.”  “One day Westin you’re going to change your mind and learn that God is great.  Now go and see our cowgirl before Candice comes home,” Peter softly informed his brother in a sad note.  “Our cowgirl?  When did she become our cowgirl?” Westin smiled at his weak brother.  “Since I saw her first and have to share her with you.”  Westin ruffled up his bed head, “Give me some time to feel the girl out to see if she is worthy of my brother’s loyalty.”  Peter immediately mistook his words and hissed out, “Don’t touch her like that Westin, you’re not suppose too.  She has someone watching over her that is strong in force. I know its something else besides the work of God that protects her.  I swear I saw someone else in her eyes when she mounted that horse like a kindred spirit to that mustang.  I believe she will take you for a ride instead of you taking her for a ride.  You can’t treat her like your other girlfriends, she is different than the others brother please I beg you.”   Westin took note how serious his little brother warned him and chuckled out feeling odd.  “Don’t get your shirt tails in a ruffle little man I didn’t mean it that way. You are a wise soul beyond my understanding, but you only saw the girl once at a rodeo.  And who in the hell taught you the birds in the bees?” Westin sternly requested.  “I did,” Peter and Westin’s mother called out.  “What are you two talking about?”  She gives her boys a firm flip of the lip.  It was Westin’s cue to leave the minute his mother walked into Peter’s room.  “Nothing mom, I was jazzing him about kissing a girl.”  Westin gave his brother a wink and kissed his mother, “See ya later mom I’m going back into town maybe to play some pool with the boys.”  “Be careful son and don’t drink and drive please.  You’ve been doing great staying sober would hate to see you blow it.”  Westin hugs his mother dearly and squeezes her more tightly than usual.  “I love you mom you’re the best mother a man can have.”  She thumps him with a few light taps on his shoulder with her finger and kicks him out of Peter’s room for the night.


picture by:  thewebdesignbum.com



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