“I suppose you do need to rinse off since I spilled the beans on ya, so you can let me go and take your clothes off Westin.”


Celeste turned her head away from him on the high pile of pillows Westin laid out for her to be propped up on.  Speechless Celeste tried to understand silently in her mind how Westin had showed up in time to find her.  She began to mumble undetected words with her lips so Westin’s ears hears nothing.   “I’m here if you would like to talk,” Westin sits next to her on the bed giving her a twinkle, Celeste hung a left with her face and winches in pain.  The injured cowgirl stares out the window in peace until Westin cleared his throat.  “How about a drink of water, I am sure you must be thirsty.”  Westin stands up and goes around the king size bed to pour a glass of water from a light blue ceramic pitcher.  Celeste sketches Westin A frame as he finished pouring the water in a blue ceramic cup instantly triggering off the sense to use the bathroom.  She closed her eyes in time so he didn’t view her checking him out.  Westin sits next to her and tips the cup to her lips.  Celeste’s eyes flew open and gives him tight lips.  He pulls back on the cup and states, “What’s the matter I’m trying to help you drink?”  Celeste tried to talk but her throat was indeed to dry to speak.  She begins to move and sit up when her rib denied her the ability to reserve her dignity.  She grunts in silence baring the pain with all her might.  “Jesus woman scream out, you can’t bottle up your agony.  I hate to tell you young lady its going to hurt like hell if you think you’re going to walk to the bathroom by yourself.”  Celeste fights hard to control her plight sitting up and wanting to use the bathroom more than anything.  How in the hell was she even going to complete her task of using the potty room if she couldn’t move.  Westin is smiling and knows actually the battle she fought in asking for help in the most private matter use of the human body; however, staring at her exposed breast when her sheets slipped down was not a good idea.  Celeste pulled her covers off her naked body and scans her leg wrapped up from the scrap she took on the stairs and tries to swing her legs onto the floor.

Vertigo took hold of her head as she inched her body to the edge of the bed.  Every goose bump on her arms warned the cowgirl puking her guts out was right around the corner.  Westin is tired of watching the cowgirl struggle to get up, he instantly puts the cup of water down and walks in front of Celeste to stop further progress.  Celeste spots his perfectly shape bare feet enter her blurry vision, she focuses on his feet to clear her sight before moving onward.  “Not happening girl I have to help you or your going to upchuck.  I can see you’re turning white as a ghost, and…” Westin didn’t finish his tender comment when Celeste lifted her heavy head up and barfed all over his private area.  Westin didn’t hesitate he picked her up and whisked her away to the bathroom shower in time for another round of  flying bile. He jumped into the shower holding the weak cowgirl and turns on the water.  He gives it a second to warm up before exposing her to the warm liquid of life.  “I have to set you down love, do you think you could stand so I can get us situation.  Celeste moves a hair and screams out in misery, Westin held on carefully when the wet from the shower head covered them both.  “I’ll hold you till the end of time cowgirl,” he gingerly spoke to her while relishing the firm body of the naked woman.  Celeste heard nothing but felt drool escape her parted lips.  Precious water touches her skin and drips across her lips, she moves a little to expose the rest of her body to the wonderful substance. Westin lets her do what she wants at her own pace, and in time they stand together with Westin’s arms cradling the cowgirl against his beefy chest.  Westin can’t help feel odd with clothes on in the shower and her nude except for her multiple ace bandages wrapped around her ribs and leg.  Nevertheless, the close encounter of her body in any way was delightful to him even with throw up on him.  He smiles and lifts his face up to be showered by water.  She starts to move away from his tender wet embrace, “I have to pee please,” Celeste laboriously whispered out. “Hold on to this rail and I will step out so you can piss in the head.”  “No nasty can’t do that,” Celeste mustered up a bit of fight to say, but had no choice the minute Westin stepped out of the shower and held her with one arm up.  Celeste lost her urine, and begins to cry in a heart wrenching whimper.  Westin felt her pride disappear down the drain when he senses she never peed in the shower before.  He gives her a little more privacy to herself before returning to help out.  He smells the faint scent of sandalwood and ponders about taking off his wet clothing.  “I suppose you do need to rinse off since I spilled the beans on ya, so you can let me go and take your clothes off Westin.” Celeste murmured out in her husky voice to the dripping wet stud behind the curtain.  Westin’s eyes rose widely in a stupor to hear her answer his question inside his head.  He gives himself an unsure grin in the wall mirror and shrugs his shoulders why not, and begins to disrobe using both his hands.



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