“Hello sleeping beauty good to have you back in the living.”


Turmoil brews inside Celeste’s unconscious mind.  The girl tossed and turned on her grandfather’s bed mumbling out her life story while she fought the ghost of the past.  Westin hadn’t left her side for two days as he sponge bathe the girl to coolness from fever. There wasn’t anything else Westin could do for the girl until she woke up from her passed out stage.  He had done his best to rap up her torso with ace bandages to help limit her movement until her bruised rib cage healed; but, the left side of her face was another story.  It had turned an angry black and blue from the fall on the concrete.  The young boy was beside himself trying to decide to take the girl to the hospital or keep her safe and warm at home.  He would have taken her earlier to a specialist, but his training as an Emergency tech saved grace.  Not to mention the extensive library on healing herbs, and remedies that Celeste collected  helped to service the girl in comfort.  Westin took the time to walk around her home to learn more about what made the cowgirl tick to pass the time away until she woke up from her accident.  Everything in the large home spoke about hunting, animals, Indian artifacts, and living a simple life without the amenities of going into town for supplies.  Now he understood why no one knew the girl or her ware about.  She was completely self reliant in life to hunt and grow all her food source and herbs.  He marveled at the extensive collection of old guns, bow and arrows, knives, and tools displayed throughout the home, and thought about where her family had disappeared.

The only time Westin left Celeste’s side was to feed her mass amount of farm animals.  Nothing prepared him when he stepped into the huge clean barn as his jaw hit the floor in god-smack to lay claim the magnificent boy toys, and her statue of a horseshoe horse laying dormant in the building.  The big dog he had seen before he pulled into Celeste’s driveway hung around her bedroom window whining away.  Many times Westin tried to coast the colossal animal inside, but the canine refused, and ran away into the woods fearing Westin.  Just the few days he had spent at her house made him realize Peter was absolutely right about how incredible of a person she is in all aspect of earth and life forces.  What mystified him more is witnessing multiple wild animals approach her farm without fear, but the minute Westin stepped out of her house they split like cockroaches when light was shed upon them.  As for food, he was completely dumbfounded when he went out to her two car garage attached to the house looking for a freezer, and found the large unit full of home grown vegetables, fruit, deer, elk, foul meat ready to eat.  In reality Celeste was different than most women especially the need of owning materialistic objects, and this pleased Westin to no end to finally meet a humble girl of society.  It is two o’clock in the morning when Westin started to drift off to sleep beside her bed in a plush leather chair reading Celeste’s book on the human anatomy.

“Wake up, wake up Hialeah Elena,” the voice inside Celeste’s mind yelled out.  “Don’t want too, leave me alone,” she spoke out privately to the voice.  It took all her energy to blink her lids open from the pesky voice encouraging her to wake, and when she did she was staring at a white ceiling experiencing groggy and wiped out emotions.  Her eyes capture a horse painting on the wall and knew she must be in her grandfather’s room.  Inch by inch she viewed the walls and felt the blue velvet cover on the bed with her finger tips.  She tries to sit up when a pain so great racked her body to shake.  She grunts and finds her mere breathing caused her to exploded in agony.  Her hands went to the source of injury and felt the bindings around her torso. She whispers to her self what the hell happen and how she got in her father’s bed in the first place.  Celeste is about to turn her head in fear when she hears a light snore next to her.  She turns her head to the right and spots Westin sleeping with a book open on his lap.  “Hum,” she mumbles out and waits for the spinning in her head to stop before gathering herself once more.  Her hand slowly goes up to her face and feels the swelling of her left side.  All of a sudden the memories of what happened in the rain flooded her mind.  She takes the time to look under the covers and finds herself naked as a Jay bird, “Son of Bitch,” she murmured.  “Hello sleeping beauty good to have you back in the living,” Westin commented in a loving note.




3 thoughts on ““Hello sleeping beauty good to have you back in the living.”

  1. Yep Weston’s the one who will light Celeste’s fire. Slingshot I’m pleased to follow on your journey creating this daily story on Celeste. Keep going what a great story this is turning out to be.

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