Celeste stretches her arms out in peace calling upon her brilliant steed.


Celeste struggled to keep her self alert in the shower.  There was no way in hell she is about to stick around when Westin joined her in the large cubicle.  “Where you going sugar cube,” Westin purred.  “Must leave feel faint,” she babbled out with her back facing the naked man.  “Let me help,” he offered the injured girl.  “No, I can do it,” she puts up a hand and carefully leaves the square unit.  Westin stays and with speed cleans himself up to quickly service Celeste before she passed out on the floor.  Usually Celeste doesn’t look into the mirror, but this time she had no choice.  Slow in movement the cowgirl inches her way to the small mirror.  Westin speaks out, “This is a great huge shower room, its  perfect for our height.  Most showers aren’t this big to accommodate our size.”  She tunes out the young man when she is about to peek at herself in the mirror, and what she saw wasn’t pretty.  The whole left side of her face was swollen barely showing her golden eye.  A two inch cut above the eyebrow showed perfect stitches were administered to seal up the gash. Her medical knowledge told the cowgirl she had a head concussion while viewing her evidence of shame. “Sorry I had to sew you up,” Westin watched the girl check herself out in the tiny mirror.  “Thank you, good job,” was all she could reply before moving away from the two way plate. Dizziness consumed Celeste in a matter of seconds, she held onto the counter top to let the shit pass. “Let me take those wet bandages off before you go back to bed.”  Celeste hadn’t heard a word the boy said, it is taking every ounce of her energy not to crumble to the floor dripping wet.  She feels a towel surround her body and is moved to sit on a bench before she falls.  Her head feels heavy and hard to lift up when she senses Westin drying her off.  “I’m going to take the bandage off you’re leg first then we can focus on your ribs.”  Celeste couldn’t utter a word, her level of energy is dying fast especially when its too hard for her to take a breath.  She leans her back against the wall and that’s all she wrote.  Celeste slips into unconsciousness once again.

Dead to the world, the cowgirl is sitting on her knees and basking in a field of dense Black-eyed Susan’s. She’s nude in the middle of a meadow watching the bugs float in the air with butterflies fluttering all around her.  The sunlight warms her golden half breed skin to glistening sparkles of ray beams.  A movement in the forest catches the child of light’s eyes.  A little twelve year old, blonde hair, pencil stick boy who is clothed in simple garb approaches Celeste out of the woods fearless.  She waits for him to near before inviting him to join her, “Come sit with me my earth brother.”  The little boy obeys his elder’s and marvels at witnessing butterflies drifting in between the couple.  They both sit quietly in each other’s company for a little while before Celeste breaks the ice and gives the boy a glance with her two color wise eyes.  “We are kindred spirits young buck, you are not alone in this world.”  The blue eyed boy gives the cowgirl a serious gaze, “I know, I’ve been waiting to meet you.”  They sit in silence once more absorbing the beauty of the meadow without a care in the world.  “Would you like to ride a horse brother?”  Happy glee spread across the little chap’s lips, he nodded yes with his head. Celeste stretches her arms out in peace calling upon her brilliant steed.  A ghost figure appeared prancing and tossing his head ready to service the pair of humans.  Celeste in one single leap in the air saddles herself on the white stallion’ s bare back, she bends down giving the little boy a pony up hand to sit in front of her.  For hours the two giggle joy to the world as they rode with lightening speed across lush green fields of grass and clover upon Ghost her horse.  They are walking back to the spot the little boy came out of the woods.  She brings her friend to a stop and slides off her mount, “Come buckaroo time for you to go home,” Celeste reaches up to help the little boy off her horse.  “Can we do this again,” he asked softly.  Celeste nods yes with her head at the beautiful brave man and ruffles up his soft blonde curly mop.  “Goodbye sir, until we meet again,” she replied in Cherokee language and payed heed upon the retreating back of the innocent child of life.  It is breaking dawn when Celeste blinks open her orbs.  Inside her mouth felt like a land strip dry as all hell from any moisture.  She turns to her right side and views the chair empty of Westin’s presence, and drifts off to sleep once again.


picture by: weheartit.com





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