“Why does a person need to believe when they have interest in someone that they are ours like a possession? Is this what ya call jealousy?”



“Goodbye cowgirl, thank you for giving me the time to heal and staying with you. I will never forget the few days I spent with you.  Mom and dad is going to be happy when I get home.”  Celeste melts in love with the little tyke and hands Westin’s several medicine brews with instructions for Peter to drink.  “Peter I want you to rest when you get home, promise me.”  Peter nods yes with his curly blonde hair.  The huntress is pleased to see a normal color return on the boy’s angelic face, but knows its only temporary. Peter gives Celeste a huge bear hug with all his might.  She hears him whisper, “You’re magical cowgirl, I hope to see you soon.”  Celeste keeps a lifeless face as she feels loneliness seep into her bones.  Westin touches his brother’s shoulder, “Okay sport we better get home the first flakes are falling.”  Peter releases Celeste and jumps into the truck with a happy smile on his beautiful face.  Westin tucks his brother into the passenger seat of his father’s truck and clicks the seat belt for security.  Westin shuts the door and gives Celeste a stare down.  “I will return to finish our unity.”  Celeste gives him a grin and said a white lie, “No don’t for I plan to go out hunting tonight.”  Westin loses his smile immediately and is about to say something to her when she turns her back on her guest. Peter rolls down his window and calls out, “Call my mom Celeste and let her know we’re on our way home.” Celeste nods yes without words to her patient and gives a quick glance to Westin who is now behind the driver’s seat. Her heart skips a beat staring at the handsome brother and is about to turn around to go to the barn when she hears Peter talk to his brother while rolling up his window.  “She’s so much better than Sandra.”  Celeste turns around in a daze and plows her moccasin feet through the deep snow towards her barn.  How funny she contemplates one minute a heart can soar in the heavens with happiness, and then the next crushed to mush.  She hears their horn beep and doesn’t pay attention when she opens her barn door and screams out, “Fudge freaking icicles! ”  The tired cowgirl takes off her wet moccasins in anger to set them by the fire stove to dry.  She slips into her furry rabbit slippers and walks to the kitchen in sadness.  It is four o’clock in the late afternoon when she pulls out a quart of vanilla ice cream in the small freezer to consume in greed.

She passes by the telephone and decides to call Peter’s mother.  “Hello,” Celeste hears a young woman’s voice and puffs out, “My I speak to you’re mother or father this is Celeste.”  “One moment please,” the girl replied and in no time flat Westin’s mother answered.  After fifteen minutes on the phone instructing Jean on care with Peter, she hung up and grabbed her defrosting Ice cream to eat in front of the stove.   She takes a big dip and quietly inside her head thinks about Westin having another girl on the line.  The vanilla Ice cream drips a drop on her jumper suit as she brings her attention to put the spoon into her mouth before the rest melts.  In a slow trance she speaks out to give herself a pep up talk, “I don’t own him why do I feel jealous?”  She takes another spoon full of vanilla and says; “I wonder if he is committed to the girl?”  She waits a few moments to ponder out her idea of having a relationship as she licked her spoon clean.  “Why does a person need to believe when they have interest in someone that they are ours like a possession? Is this what ya call jealousy?”  Celeste is serious about understanding this strange emotion she has never experience.  It takes her until the last bite of ice cream to come to a conclusion about jealousy and its destruction to a relationship and one’s self worth.  “Correct me if I’m wrong but I think jealousy isn’t something we have much control over. In truth, it is a natural, instinctive emotion that I believe everyone experiences at one point or another in their lives.”  She gives her self a few moments and continues onward, “Awe perhaps the problem with jealousy is that it masks other feelings and attitudes that are even more hurtful to us and those closest to us. Could this ugly emotion intensify as a shield of deep-seated feelings of possessiveness, insecurity or possible shame?  Maybe what lies at the heart of jealousy could very often be a threat itself, but a drive we have within us to torment ourselves and berate ourselves with self-critical thoughts.  Damn this nasty emotion needs further investigation, but for now my energy level is spent and I don’t want to think anymore.  One thing for sure I ain’t going to be jealous again; because I am comfortable inside my skin.”   She stands up and feels her legs are rubbery after her hot steamy sweat lodge, she takes a deep breath and begins her evening feeding of the farm animals before heading to the house to sleep her night away by the fireplace after having no sleep for twenty four hours.


“Here kitty kitty.” Celeste gives Westin a giggle and returns her attention on her wild animals.



Several times Celeste had to shake her head out of the seductive scene of her and Westin in the barn while driving home on icy roads.  “Well he dared me what else could I do but ride the pony.”  She smiles at the irony of turning the tables on the advancement of the young buck, and knows she is under his skin.  “Time will tell if we get down or not, because I ain’t going to let that boy slip through my fingers when it is he who is integrating his manly behaviors upon me.”  She spoke out loud inside the warm truck heading home.  The cowgirl pulls into her driveway ready to spend a rewarding steamy hot day in her sweat lodge with Peter.  Westin comes out of her home dressed in his winter coat, he grabs the big draft horse and helps Celeste out by putting the animal back into his stall.  “Is Peter sleeping Westin?”  “Yes peacefully with a smile on his lips.” Celeste follows Westin into the barn and empties her arms with horse harnesses and ropes onto Chief’s horse buggy.  Westin puts away the equine and throws a flake of hay, “Thanks Chief you’re the best.”  Celeste grins at Westin and heads to her kitchen in the barn to make a batch of coffee.  After making the brew she strips off her furry winter wear and stands in the kitchen in her lacy ice blue panties and matching bra ready to slither into her bib overalls.  Westin walks in and stops at the corner to gawk at the girl with a smile on his lips.  “Want to finish what you started this morning?”  Celeste stood tall without feeling the need to cover her body.  “I did not start anything, you were the one who entered my domain with a purpose; besides you were the one who dared me to kiss you so I did.”  Westin laughs, she scrunches up her brow in dislike of his teasing.

Celeste decides to play his game once again and cast her black pin strip overalls aside to pour her self a cup of coffee in her underwear.  Westin takes a chance and drifts closer to Celeste as she sips on her java.  “How did you know my favorite color is light blue? Did you make your own under garments cowgirl; because I have never seen racy lingerie like your’s.”  He touches her nipple on the lacy bra and strips her body with hunger.  Celeste answers in surety, “Yes I did Westin and trust me I didn’t wear them just for you.”  Westin picks up her long braided hair and tugs a little on the rope of enticement.  She brushes lightly away his hand on her tail and gives him a meddlesome gaze quietly while sitting her coffee mug down on the counter.  Westin doesn’t stop he continues onward to take his finger to touch her belly. Celeste tried not to move or show the boy is sending tingles throughout her body.  “Celeste are you home?  Holy macaroni this place is so cool,” Peter belts out in awe.  Damn dog shoots into the kitchen with Westin and Celeste. The canine pushes Westin away from Celeste and licks her belly button with his tongue.  Celeste giggles out and pats the dog’s big head and moves away from the beast’s wet tongue.  Westin gives the shameless cowgirl a hungry look and leaves her time to dress before Peter catches the provocative farm girl in her glory.  “Westin could you please put a  few logs in the fire burner I think we’ll be here for a while.” Westin brushes his hair with his hand and whispers out, “As you wish,” before disappearing around the corner.  Celeste loved his simple gesture of moving his wild one length hair from his face, she reaches in the cabinet for whiskey and pours a little into her cup to ward off her sexual appetite for the young buck.

It is hard for Westin not to stare at the girl in her tight fitting jumper suit when she presented her self to the men.  The long zipper proved it was the only access into the material and showed off her breast to perfection when the cowgirl strutted her stuff into the barn.  The caged animals began their chatter to Celeste to feed them before walking away.  She obeyed and took the time to feed each animal with Peter’s help.  “What’s in the cage that is covered cowgirl in the corner?” Peter asked with curiosity.  Celeste lifts the blanket slowly and shows the little boy who is in the cage.  “Wow you got a bobcat here, what happened cowgirl to his leg?”  “Trappers who hide their traps.”  The cat hissed out and growled when the cowgirl gave the animal a piece of raw deer meat.  Peter kept his distance from the cat and decided to feed the bird life instead, while Westin under his breath meowed out, “Here kitty kitty.”  Celeste gives Westin and giggle and returns her attention on her wild animals.


picture by: fineartamerica.com





“Yippee,” Celeste yelps out to the draft horse the minute she jumps into her ski’s to slide behind the big plow horse with excitement.



“Ya can’t go with me Westin, someone must stay with Peter, besides you don’t know how to work a horse and would only be in my way,” Celeste barked out dressed in her winter Eskimo gear.  “She’s right Westin leave her alone and let her get dad’s truck out so you can go home.”  Celeste ruffled up Peter’s bed head sitting at the breakfast table drinking his special tea she made him.  “Give me your keys.”  Westin is furious and wants to go but knows she is right.  In his last defense he spits out, “Who the hell is going to bring Chief home?”  Celeste gives Westin a hard gaze, “Chief follows me so that won’t be a problem.”  Westin stomps his foot and brushes his hand through his one length hair do.  Celeste didn’t miss the yummy move of her boy toy and smile wickedly at him.  Westin blushes under her naughty look and gives up his key unwillingly.  Celeste kisses Peter’s forehead and states with concern, “If I ain’t back in two hours call the coast guard.” Peter laughed and said, “Cowgirl there ain’t nothing you can’t do, I will await your return.”  Celeste adored the positive energy Peter lovingly exposed to all. “When I return my darlin’ I would like you and I to go into my sweat lodge to ward off evil spirits.”  Peter’s eyes lifted interest, “What’s a sweat lodge?”  Celeste smiles, “I will explain later but I must leave before snow begins to fall again and you both must return home before we are hit with another blast of white.” Westin turns his back on his brother and Celeste with a cup of coffee in hand and walks into the living room to sit beside the warm fire.  Peter quickly gets up to glance out the window to see the horse ready to rock and roll the white surface.  “Be safe cowgirl,” he called out to Celeste before she closed the door.  “Kiss Kiss Peter,” and gives the little admirer a wink with her green eye.

“Yippee,” Celeste yelps out to the draft horse the minute she jumps into her ski’s to slide behind the big plow horse with excitement.  She gives Peter a wave with her furry hand and drives the draft through the thick snow slipping and sliding behind him. Peter waits for her to get out of sight when he joins his brother with his tea by the fire.  Westin is deep in thought and boinks out when Peter sits down.  “I don’t want to go home Westin, yet I miss mama and papa.”  Westin nods in agreement to his brother and continues on, “I haven’t seen you this perky in a long time, she has been a good healer for you bro.”   Peter smiled and replied, “Amazing what the power of love can heal.”  Westin grins at the little blonde hair man who has seemed normal since his arrival and stay with Celeste.  Hopefully the herbal concoctions will heal the Tuberculosis illness that plagues his brother.   He is grateful for all that Celeste has done for his family, and returns his gaze into the fire to think about what happened in the barn between the two, while Peter drifts off to sleep in the large leather chair with a smile upon his angelic face. After a grueling time of pulling out the truck with Chief in the freezing temps, she hops into the cold truck to start its engine to warm it up.  She steps out and quickly unharness the draft horse from his confinements and swats his rump firmly, “Home Chief.”  The horse leaps forward to her command and frolic’s through the snow with glee.   Celeste giggles at the playful gelding, and returns to the truck to throw the horse pulling equipment in the back of the truck, and begins her track home on the icy roads in Ohio following Chief at a low slippery speed.


picture by: http://www.buzzhunt.co.uk


“Hum, I do believe I creamed my jeans tis yummy enough feeling for now.”



Oh dear heavens Celeste is too much for Westin when he gives her the right-a-way to use his delectable body.  It’s taking all his reserve energy not to strip the girl of her clothing and do her on the hay stack.  He knows she is under the influence and tries to control the heated moment before she regrets her choice.  “Celeste, baby easy…I’m not going anywhere, but I must stop you before we take the step into no return and can’t turn back time,” Westin secret messages his spitfire when he had to pull their lips apart after she slammed him with all her strength against the wall of the barn.  Celeste’s orbs are swirling with lust and might as Westin tries to control the situation.  He confirms her deep-seated breath against his ear smelling his manly essences before devouring her prey.  No longer is her eyes two color but a mixture of gold and green, turning them into hazel with lechery spilling over when she cast her steamy vision into his eyes.  “Today Westin not tomorrow I shall live in the moment before I am denied once again.  You opened the can of worms my spanking delicious man, is it you who is the chicken?” Celeste hisses out and begins to kiss his lips smoothly rocking Westin’s world with the mere intensity of her salaciousness to experience love making.  Westin had to get a grip and fast before he exploded his seed in his pants.  He quickly grabs her face to get  her attention and controls her fast advancements while speaking a gentle word, “Your first time Celeste should not be done in this barn.”  She takes a step backwards giving a few inches of space between them.  Westin gawks at her perky bra less globes through her white shirt, Celeste smiles and throws her cowboy hat in the hay to begin to seductively disrobe her long sleeve t-shirt over her head showing off her bare less wonders.  She closes the gap she created and in a husky voice states, “Want a piece of this?” Westin shakes his head from attacking the girl to and fro.  Celeste ceases the moment and leans into his pecks to rub her soft golden skin next to his.  Westin rolls his eyes backwards and takes deep breaths to control the intensity of the advancements of the cowgirl.  He feels her touching his nipples with her hard nuggets while simultaneously licking his neck in gentle play with her tongue to infuse a deeper connection of coupling with soft sounds of purrs escaping her lips. The scent of spice and everything nice fills his nostril’s into abyss of want and need; unable to take control any longer his burning desire he bends to the flame of passion, and begins to submit to his wildcat’s aggressive manners.  Celeste is about to unbutton his pants when she stops her play and stares into Westin’s lovey dovey eyes.  Westin is lost, hopelessly, and utterly lost in cupidity.

She strips him of all his energy when she stops her playful act to bore her magical optical into his.  In a split second, she blinks and steps away slowly to put her shirt back on; leaving Westin against the wall in what the fuck wonder.  “Goodnight Westin thank you for appeasing me.”  Celeste wiggles her body to straighten her clothing from the wrinkles and purrs out to Westin, ” Hum, I do believe I creamed my jeans, tis yummy enough feeling for now.”  Westin rakes his fingers through his messy sexy hair and feels the sense of being cast-away by the half breed. He is still leaning against the wall when Celeste picks up her coat with a smile on her lips, and leaves Westin in the barn to go check on Peter and dog before taking a shower to ward off the heat that coursed throughout her body.  When Westin descry’s her click of boots on the pavement and hears the door close softly he peels his body off the wall and is in complete disarray.  He picks up his shirt Celeste ripped off his torso and begins to giggle at the wild thang that busted out of her cage.  “Awe shit what have I unleashed,” he barked out while driving his fingers through his messy hair with ease.


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“Take me my little wildcat for I’m yours to toy with till you are sedated.”



Westin isn’t willing to give up so easy when the mere touch of her hand drove him crazy for need to experience her physical contact.  He gets up from his seat on the hay and follows the girl into the horse stall.  Celeste tries to pay the boy no mind, and takes her brush to Chief’s furry winter coat and gently swipes to and fro.  Westin goes around to the other side of the gentle giant and stares at the girl.  She doesn’t take her eyes off the equine’s fur until Westin covers his hand over hers. She scrunches up her brow and slides her hand away from his with speed.  “I want to try again Celeste since I think I have a better understanding about you.”  She stops her brushing of the horse and simply states, “No, I chose to be left alone from the drama of having a relationship with the opposite sex. Plus Westin I think you have issues that need tended too before you jump into coupling with a woman.”  Celeste stood her ground and didn’t bat an eye when telling Westin what she felt. She views his face change into a smile and begins to feel the effect of alcohol when Westin replies, “Well I think you too have hidden issues that need answers.”  Westin  takes his winter coat off to throw on a bale of hay,  and  brushes his wild mop away from his face.   Celeste didn’t miss the famous move of her suitor.  The nerve of Westin standing in front of her to say she too had issues.  Damn right she had problems but only a handful of people would understand her gifts in life, and he surely was not one of the them.  She turned the table on the hunk and seductively replied in a drunken tone, “Why don’t ya go plug another to control your dick before you come over to see me. Stop thinking with your baloney pony and think with your other head dude.”  Westin wasn’t ready for her instant barb, especially when it rang true.  She returns to her brushing with robust avenges on her horse’s back, Chief bows his long neck towards Celeste and bit his groomer in the butt. “Ouch, damn ya,” Celeste yelled out in shock rubbing her rear end.  Westin roared in laughter, she gave him a dirty look and turned around to walk out of the stall with brush in hand, Westin’s follows.  She throws her brush in a horse water bucket and reaches for her flask in her boot.  She doesn’t care how much hot liquid she swallows just as long as it numbs her body into abyss. She opens her throat and slugs the whiskey down.  She has almost empty the contents in the metal container when Westin knocks it out of her hand and sends the holding device flying through the air.

Furious Celeste wipes her mouth and spits out, “What the hell is the matter with you and how dare,” her words were cut short when Westin attacks and wraps his arms around the cowgirl. “Yes Celeste I dare you to kiss me,” Westin hissed out with a mischievous grin that took her breath away.  “Release me or I can’t guarantee that no harm will come to you.”  She quickly wiggles  her body to be free when Westin grinds her body deeper into his.   “I’ll take my chances girl since I know you will not hurt me.”   Celeste can clearly feel his man member growing, she squirms more in his strong arms.  Westin drives her deeper into his body, “Now cowgirl put out or shut up!  I think your all talk and no action.”  Celeste’s chest is smashed against the rock hard abs of Westin and to make matter worse he had a full blown hard on.  She feels his hand grip her rear and pushes her closer to demand his authority.  Every part of her lower half wanted to buckle and give in, especially when she is fighting her drunken demon who seems to have instant control of her body.  How stupid she was to drink like a lush without the repercussion’s of the wild spirit.  Westin sees her mind reeling with burning desire, he takes the plunge and tries to brush his lips against hers.  She bows backwards and tries to pull away. “Chicken shit,” he proclaims to the cowgirl, and squeezes her harder against his body.   “Celeste my darlin’ let me teach,” his words are cut off when Celeste jumps his bones with greedy desire.  She sends her hands through his delicious soft brown hair and brings his lips deeper into her crevice of moisture.  Westin is shocked but not to dumbness, he takes on the girl’s heated body with all his might, and experiences a rush of a life time through her kiss alone.  Celeste can’t seem to stop after a split second of thinking a kiss would not lead no place between them if she just did it and got it over with.  And by God the girl did it with great fury and voracity.  In the heat of the moment she finds she can’t get enough of his kiss to quench her thirst of burning desire between her legs and rips off his shirt from his body in two seconds flat.  Westin gives the girl all she wants and doesn’t deny the half breed to use and abuse his body for her urgent propensity. “I, I can’t stop Westin,” she lisps out through breaths of frenzy submission.  “Take me my little wildcat for I’m yours to toy with till you are sedated.”  With that last word said Celeste lost her mind and gave into the calling of pure rapture of devouring the man’s body.

“Oh what do I know but Jack Shit in the department of love making, so I can’t honestly answer your question.”



The sound of steel and hammer together are heard in the barn late in the early morning as Celeste is making special horse shoes for Chief her horse to pull Westin’s truck out of the snowy ditch.  It is a good time for the cowgirl to find peace of mind to herself while Westin and Peter slept the blizzard night away.  She hammers metal studs into the horse shoes for the horse to grip the white powder ground with ease, when Westin takes a peek inside the barn to see what the girl is up to at four in the morning. It took all his nerve to venture out into the barn while Peter snored happily in his sleep with Damn dog laying next to him.  He puffed up his chest and takes a risk to talk with Celeste privately before Peter wakes up.   He spots her lifting up a hammer to hit her steel and watches the sparks fly from her strong force.  The barn is warm and inviting with the fireplace burning bright to ward off the winter cold.  He smells coffee and marvels how she could easily disappear into her creative barn to kill time without sleep.  He silently seats down by the wood working area to gaze upon the back side of the cowgirl in her cowboy hat, tight fitting jeans, and cowboy boots with brown leather chaps to protect her legs.  He watches the sweat drip from her face as she stops to drink her brew and wipes her forehead with her arm.  Celeste continues onward to complete  her task without knowing she had a visitor in the barn. Westin skin crawls with goose bumps in good will being close to the cowgirl without her recognizing he invaded her space of solitude.  Many days had passed into months when Westin finally gets his chance to make a mends with the cowgirl of his desires.  Even though the storm brought him here in a drunken state, he realized that he ached for her admiration and closeness more than ever when she floated into the sun room in her gown for the evening.

Something inside Westin’s mind dares him to approach the cowgirl just to spin her around to kiss the living daylight out of her plump lips.  He tries to get a hold of his naughty boy thoughts out of his mind when all is quiet in the barn.  He views the cowgirl withdrawing her Bowie knife out of her boot and manipulates the sharp device like a gun slinger twirling his weapon with his finger in the trigger hole.  Westin’s eyes rose in wonder watching her skill with a blade, and winches when she flicks her hand hard and drives the knife into a log next to a ax embedded into the wood.  She picks up the hammer ready to strike the horse shoe when she senses she is no longer alone.  She had a few more hits with the hammer to complete the horse shoes when she lets the hammer fall without letting Westin know he is found out. Celeste takes her time to view her work, and when satisfied she puts her tools away in lazy mode.  Westin stands and rubs his sweaty hands down his thighs and clears his throat, Celeste gives him her undivided attention.  They stand silently staring at each other when Westin recovers and walks up to her.   “Can I help ya out since I can’t sleep with a house of snorers.”  Celeste smiles at Westin and nods no.  “Can I get you to take a break cowgirl, and share a cup of java with you?”  “Yes, that would be nice.  I have a fresh batch in the kitchen if you don’t mind serving yourself.  Here is my cup, and I probably need a clean mug if you care to be the server.”  Westin grins and approaches the half breed to take her cup.  On purpose he touches her fingers with his and feels the power of missing the cowgirl.  She gives him an inquisitive gawk and turns around to clean up her area without giving Westin the knowledge every part of her body hummed with tingles from his soft touch.

Celeste is sitting on a bale of hay catching her breath when Westin joins her.  He hands over her mug steaming with dark liquid, and watches her pull out her flask to pour whiskey into the mix.  “Want some?” She offers the man, Westin turns her down wanting to be sober to have the chance to make amends with his head screwed on right, and notes she placed the metal container in her boot.  She is about to speak when Westin started first, “Why aren’t you mad at me for leaving you high and dry?”  Celeste bores her eyes into Westin’s and replies, “How can I be upset when you didn’t harm me, it was I who harmed you and asked you to leave,” she whispers out and takes a sip of her brew.  “What happened cowgirl between us,” Westin dared to ask.   Celeste takes off her cowboy hat to give her long braid a toss in the back, and sets her hat down on the hay.  She wipes her brow with her back hand and begins in a soft tone.  “I don’t know, to me I thought it was suppose to happen like that when a man you desire more than life touches his partner with the same need.”  Westin lays quiet and watches the girl shake her head in confusion an adds,  “Oh what do I know but Jack Shit in the department of love making, so I can’t honestly answer your question.”   She takes several long drinks of her coffee and adds more whiskey to the warm liquid refusing to enlighten the boy it was someone else’s fault who mucked up the system.  “Since when did you start drinking girl?”  Celeste gives him a scowl and states, “Are you my keeper?”  Westin nods no in shame and takes a long drink of java.  It doesn’t take long for his nervous energy plows him over to make a move on the girl to see if the same spark flowed between them when he touched her. Celeste stands up and finishes her drink, “If that is all you have to say, I must return to my chores.  You should go back into the house Westin where you are safe from the likes of me.  Just be ready in the morning if it’s not snowing to get your truck out of the ditch.”  She stands up and puts her hat back on her head.  She gives him a last lonesome fish eye, and takes off her chaps to throw on the hay before she grooms Chief for no apparent reason but to take up her time away from Westin.


“She rocks bro don’t you know?”



The cowgirl finishes her piece of Scottish music and blushes beet red when she watches the surprise face of her date.  “Cowgirl I’m speechless,” Peter remarks to Celeste with amazing grace.  Peter holds her hand and said, “You play outstanding, I only wish I could, and your voice was excellent!”  Celeste squeezes his little hand and calmly request, “I should thank my grandfather who begged me to learn my Scottish lineage, plus I’ve had endless hours alone to practice.  Are you ready for some tea my love?”  Peter smiles and nods his head as they both slid off the piano bench to go into the living room.  Before they leave Celeste stops and gives Westin a smile, “Come city boy,” and turns her back on the handsome brother.  Westin feels like a third wheel when they walk out of the sun room holding hands; nevertheless, he joins the couple around the toasty fireplace.  The cowgirl is missing when Westin smiles to his brother sitting like a big man in Celeste’s grandfather’s huge chair.  “Wow sport I say you’ve put me to shame in the dating scene.  I do believe I am jealous.”  Peter smiles with glee and giggles out, “She rocks bro don’t you know?”  Westin cracked up with joy for his brother, “I never knew you were quite the ladies man.”  Peter rubbed his hands together and said, “Gosh she makes my hands sweaty and my heart skip a beat.”  Peter suddenly became serious to ask Westin a question, “I feel alive, free to fly the skies when I am around her brother. Does she make you feel the same way when you had you’re chance?”  Westin winched at the barb his brother threw out, and whispered out a reply, “Yes, and much more than I could ever understand.  I would like to know who taught you the art of dating?”  The little boy gives a soft cough out before answering his brother.  “Mom did when I asked her about sex.  She said if you treat and respect a woman like she was the most important person in your life for all time then the skies are the limit, and she’s right Westin.”  Westin drifts away gazing into the fire standing next to his brother when Celeste entered with a tray of tea and coffee.

“I have made you a resting tea to bring you sweet dreams, tis a strong remedy and you will need to sleep after you drink.”  Peter and Westin watch Celeste in her dress serve her guest with elegance, and set the tray down on a nearby table.  She gives her head a scratch with irritation, and said “I hope you two don’t mind but I have to take down my hair before I itch myself to death.”   Westin is silent and sits next to his brother in Celeste’s rocking chair with a cup of coffee in hand. Peter responds, “It’s okay with me.”  The gentlemen watch with interest the slow moving Celeste as she kneels in front of the fireplace to sit on the bear rug to release her hair from confinement.  The fire light dances across her bare shoulders when Celeste’s back is facing the young men.  The little boy takes a sip of his herbal tea and sits the cup down on the table with a little shake of hand and wide eyed.  One by one Celeste releases the pins in her bun and sits them on her lap to retrieve when finished.  Peter is over flowing with joviality watching the innocent scene unfold.  Peter gives his brother a glance who sat with lust in his loins staring at the girl’s crimeless action.  To Peter this moment was worth any pot of gold in the world to watch Celeste let her hair down and witness her blonde curly hair cascade down to her rump. Westin is star struck watching the innocent scene unfold, he had to put a stop to the play before Peter popped a willy, and he couldn’t control the urge to devour the flower blooming before his very eyes on the bear rug.  Peter is about to reach for her hair when Westin had to quickly stand up and sits his cup of cold coffee down hard on a table.  “That’s enough Peter time for bed,”  Westin gives his brother an evil eye, Peter is blushing several shades of red and agrees with his brother.

Celeste turns her head over her shoulder to Westin’s disturbing tone and wonders what the heck happened to cause him to bark out at his brother.  “I love you cowgirl thank you for all that you have given me.”  Celeste stands up with pins in hand and enfolds the twelve year old close to her heart and said, “Westin and dog will sleep with you tonight by fire unless you guys want to sleep together in my father’s room?”  “Westin can sleep in your dads room, I would like you here with me.”  Celeste felt it was time to be firm, “No Peter, I have to go to the barn and do a few things. I have animals who need my attention.  Goodnight and sleep well, see you both in the morning.”  She leaves the cozy big room with confusion and heads straight to her bedroom to change into warmer gear so she could sleep outside in the barn away from Westin’s presences.

“You look enchanting cowgirl thank you for playing the part.”


Damn Dog howls out in laughter making the odd situation seem hilarious.  He gives Peter a lick on the face and lays down beside Westin to give him a puppy dog glance with his golden orbs.  “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph y’all are ganging up on me!” Celeste had to giggle along with Peter.  Westin lightens up when he hears her beautiful laughter, and in the end they came together as a family without reservations enjoying their winter evening by the fire.  After a delicious dinner, Westin has gained his strength enough to get dress and sit in the sun room waiting for Celeste to dress up as promised to play her part of having a hot date with his little brother playing her piano.  Peter hits the ivory keys aimlessly when Celeste steps into the room blushing and feeling uncomfortable dressed up in the gown Mr. Spencer had bought for her special night out.  Peter spots his lady immediately and rises off the piano bench to escort the lovely girl to the music box in a gentleman’s fashion.  Westin lifts his head up and is dumbfounded how statuesque the cowgirl cleans up.  Even though she isn’t wearing make-up her beauty is earthy, pure and everlasting.  Her hair is done up in a loose fitting bun with wisps of long curly hair escaping the bun of pins.  Celeste glows golden with Peter’s admiration, and doesn’t give her attention to Westin who is now standing with his mouth open wide.   Westin smells her sandalwood scent drift under his nose and sits back down in slow motion refusing to take his eyes off the pretty Celeste who looks divine in her white dragonfly gown sitting down next to his little brother on the piano bench.

“You look enchanting cowgirl thank you for playing the part.”  Celeste gives her man a breathtaking smile and gazes into her dates baby blue eyes without dark rings, and nods her dreamy head down to look upon the ivory keys.  Westin watches his brother in envy when he touches her hand and speaks out like a grown up, “What shall you play,” Peter whispers out.  “Tell me how you feel and I will play what comes to mind so we can live in the moment together,” she replied in a soft tone.  Westin melts in love with Celeste’s charm, kindness and patience as she allows his brother’s night of happiness to live in his memory forever.  It takes her a few moments to listen to Peter dream out memories, growth, life lessons, death and birth of life in words.  She lets her fingers make love to the piano and plays a tune to perfection of once long ago. Westin is lost in the moment of the magical classical song and finds himself reminiscing of old times of freedom and living in this world without doubt and cost of choices in life.  He lets a tear fall in pure joy to see his tiny brother’s dream come true sitting next to his cowgirl bonding their love together forever.  Celeste brings her music to reality on each cord she strikes with tender taps, and finds the perfect moment to dive into the music with lust and hope for the future.  Westin stands tall to take a look out the window at the snow blowing in all directions with the wind, and instantly remembers his and Celeste’s evening together of touchy intentions.   He doesn’t even know she stopped playing when Peter claps his hands in applause and wakes him out of his steamy thoughts. “That was magnificent cowgirl,” the little boy proclaimed out with joy.  “One more than we will have tea, now its you’re turn to choose,” Peter announces out full of happiness.  Celeste complies and let the gentlemen ponder of all things when she sensually begins her solo of  her sorrows in tribute to the child sitting next to her.  Peter loves the tender tune, and slowly places his tiny skinny arm around her waist and leans his head against her arm to let his tears of sadness stream down is face.  Celeste doesn’t miss a chord while glancing at the crown of the blonde hair boy and lets herself absorb his expression into her finger tips. Westin can see the sweet enduring moment between the children of light through the window; as the couple sit together at the piano with a candle burning bright.  Quietly he thanks his mother for her helping advice to make him understand the differences of recognizing special people.  And after standing in the same room witnessing for himself the incredible peaceful night between his brother and the half breed; he knew his mother gave him valid and true information.  He sheds a tear silently for his brother’s gentle heart when the day would soon come for the little boy to pass away, and wipes away his tears when Celeste ends the recital with a sweet whimsical Gaelic folk song.  She sings her Scottish tune in a Native American sound with a dash of twang to give life to her Scottish heritage.  Westin spins around and is caught up in the magical moment of hearing the angelic yet haunting pipes of Celeste Two Trees.  Once again she quick fates him into believing is there nothing the dazzling girl can’t do?

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“It’s time Westin to love the cowgirl unconditionally. Stop being a pussy of society and grow a pair of man lips.”



Celeste enters her warm home after doing her evening chores, and hears her guest chatting lightly in the living room.  She allows them to have time to themselves while she makes a pot of coffee, and tidies up the kitchen from the day of baking.  With grace the cowgirl carries a tray full of cookies with hot brew for the men into the living room.  “Well I’m glad to hear Westin you will live to see another day,” she kneels with her tray in front of her boy’s, but doesn’t cast her eyes upon Westin.  Westin sits up and gladly accepts the coffee to clear his yucky taste in his mouth.  He watches the shy cowgirl hand his brother a cup of something different and wrinkles up his nose in distaste when he gets a whiff of the concoction.  Celeste and Peter smile at each other and begin to giggle.  Westin wonders what the hell they were laughing at, he too smiles and continues to watch Celeste.  She refuses to look at Westin as he watches every movement she makes to clear the stones and water pouch from underneath his covers.  She lightly grazes over his naked hip with a soft touch to retrieve the last heated rock. Westin looks away in fear he can’t control his hard on and is thankful the covers hid his growing dip stick. Damn Dog interrupts the reunion and plants himself next to Peter.  “Thanks boy you saved my sorry ass,” Westin ruffled up the dog’s big head with his hand.  Celeste lifts herself off the floor to add another log in the fireplace and returns to the kitchen to keep hidden from Westin’s piercing glances.

“She hates me Peter, I shouldn’t have come.”  Peter smiles at his brother and softly whispers out for only him to hear.  “No she doesn’t.  You’re making her feel uncomfortable brother with your puppy love advances.”  Westin cracked up with laughter at his little brother.  “I didn’t know you were here.  Mom told me you went away to a healing retreat or something like that to get better.  You look great bro and this is the perfect place for you to be right now.  You’ve got a healthy glow about ya.”  Peter takes a bite of his gingerbread cookie and breaks a piece off for his canine friend who happily gobbled up the treat.  Peter fills his brother in with news about all the things he and the cowgirl has accomplished since his arrival, and tells his brother he has ruined his hot date with the cowgirl tonight. Westin roars with laughter and hugs his brother.  “I will leave once I get my energy up so you two can be alone.”  “No you will not Westin,” Celeste puffs out with care carrying a pot of elk stew to cook in the fireplace.  She hangs the cast iron pot on a metal hook and turns her attention upon Westin.  “You were a fool traveling on the roads without winter clothing.  Where is you’re car?”  Westin watches the flames in the fireplace and answers, “I hit a deer with dad’s truck going to the store and ended up in the ditch.  You were closer than home so I left the truck in the ditch and started walking.”  Celeste’s eyes rose in surprise to hear it was Westin who hit the doe.  She understands and offers, “I will take Chief out tomorrow to pull you out if weather permits; but for now you will stay. Peter can you please call your parents up to let them know we’ve abducted your brother.”  Westin gives his little brother a smirk, Peter winks with a giggle and obeys Celeste request.

Time stood still between the odd couple, when Celeste tries to busy herself with her hands and adds another log to the fire.  Westin watches every move she makes and finds the courage to ask a question after she sits across him in her rocking chair knitting a blanket, “Did you disrobe me cowgirl?”  Celeste became drunk listening to his husky tone and feels heat rising between her legs.  She nods yes silently and continues on making mistakes with connecting her yarn together.  “Why are you being shy girl, you’ve seen my pecker before.”  She doesn’t know why she glances at the handsome man, but risks the peek.  Westin’s hazel dreamy orbs captures the huntress and makes her stare at him.  Unable to make a sound Celeste examines Westin with an all seeing power.  She is not as he remembers as he views her earthy beauty by the fire light.  He senses her essences stripping him of all sexual thoughts when she scrunches up her brows in deep scrutiny.  “You’ve become a train wreck Westin to you’re family, tis sad to see you’ve learned nothing but destruction to yourself for things in life you don’t understand.”  She hit a sore spot to Westin’s heart and knew it drove the knife deeper into this reckless soul.  He shy’s away from the cowgirl’s comment in time for Peter’s return. “Mom and dad said we both better mind our manners and listen to Celeste.  We can stay until the storm lets up.”  Peter feels a strange tension between the two and comments without thinking, “It’s time Westin to love the cowgirl unconditionally. Stop being a pussy of society, and grow a pair of man lips.”  Celeste dropped her jaw in shock, Westin smiles and blushes out his embarrassment from his little brother’s out spoken assessment.


“Oh man he soiled the air, do you think he crapped the bed.” Peter cracks up and holds his nose shut, the cowgirl roars out and gets her hand fan moving.



Celeste tenderly applies healing salve to the doe’s swollen chest while the wild animal eats the hay she graciously had given to the starving pack.  Celeste giggles out when a fawn nibbles on her long curly hair to catch her attention while working on his injured mother.  Celeste turns her head around and is rewarded looking into the little fawn’s brown eyes.  The fawn takes a whiff of the human and flips his top lip up in greeting.  Celeste smiles at the brave boy calf and returns to his mother injury to finish her doctoring.   The huntress has eight deer’s in her barn eating their fill of the hay supply comfortably when Celeste puts away her medical supplies and feels something is amiss. Unable to fathom the strange warning she feeds her other animals when she hears Damn Dog barking his return.  One by one the deer split the scene leaving the hay scattered in the barns breezeway uneaten when Damn Dog bolts into the barn and leaps toward Celeste.  “What’s the matter my ill manner child,” she questioned the dog.  She views the tall worry canine run to the opening of the sliding doors, and looked around the corner as he shivers from the cold.  Celeste scrunches up her brow and decides to investigate.

Westin can’t move anymore from the brutal cold as he sits on Celeste’s porch with blue lips waiting for the dog to return.  He is delirious in thought if he should knock on her door for help, but is afraid of rejection so he sits on the icy steps freezing and mumbling out unintelligible words to the wind.  “Come sir I will help you,” he hears a smooth voice coasting him to rise.  He feels he is lifted with ease by his arm to stand, “Westin is this you?”  Her warm furry mittens of rabbit hair touches his icy face, he tries to speak as his teeth chatter uncontrollable.  His eyelids feel heavy barely able to open to see his beauty through the icicles forming on his lashes. “You fool what were you thinking coming out here in a damn blizzard not dress properly.”  Celeste doesn’t question the young man anymore and helps him into her warm house.  “Peter, I need you,” Celeste yelled out.  Westin’s ears are ringing and can’t identify her words when he feels sick to his stomach.  He pushes the cowgirl away and drops to the kitchen floor to puke his guts out.

“Is he going to live cowgirl?”  Celeste nods yes silently to Peter by the fireplace in the living room on the bear rug.  Westin is sleeping peacefully covered up with multiple blankets when Celeste places a hot water pouch under his covers to warm his nude body.  She can smell alcohol seeping through his skin and when she dips down to smell his foul breath confirmation barrels her over.  “He stinks cowgirl,” Celeste smiles at Westin’s younger brother an adds several warm stones underneath the covers.  “Wake up Westin,” Peter calls out to his brother with concern.  “Hush…soon he will wake to tell his tale, but for now lets leave him rest.” Celeste whispered out.  “I have to return outside to close the barn up, take care of him while I am away.”  Peter nods yes and dips a cloth into warm water to lay across his brothers forehead.  Westin pays his brother’s kindness back when he breaks wind under the sheets.  Peter and Celeste bust up with laughter.  They both could not hide their merriment to the sound of Westin’s manly fart.  “Oh man he soiled the air, do you think he crapped the bed.” Peter cracks up and holds his nose shut, the cowgirl roars out and gets her hand fan moving.  “Well I ain’t checkin’,” Celeste busted out.  The two couldn’t control their laughter as they filled the warm living room with har-de-har, until the air no longer stunk.  She smiles at the sick boy taking care of his brother so lovingly, and leaves the room to finish her chores outside with a smile on her face.