“I love you mom,” Westin smothers his mom with admiration.


For many days Westin handled Celeste’s farm load while she was incompetent to do the chores for her self. In reality he loved spending the time away from home; especially, in Celeste’s house where she had everything a person needed without going into town; however, he worried to no end about his ill brother.  He is about to enter Celeste’s beautiful man cave when a car he recognizes pulls into the driveway, he smiles with happiness to see his adopted mother.  “You’re a life saver mom thanks for coming over.  I’m going to fair warn you this girl might not like you being here, but I’m at my end rope of worry for her, and hope I made the right choices.  Since you are a nurse I would like you to give me your best examination, I think something else is wrong mom besides a head concussion and a bruise rib; because she’s been out cold for three days until last night.”  Westin’s mom hugged her son and followed him into Celeste’s home.  “Do you work today?” She inquired from Westin.  “Yes and I appreciate you staying here until I get back.  How’s Peter been doing?”  Westin asked his mom.  “He woke up chipper than a squirrel today and blabbered all morning long about riding a horse with a naked girl in green pastures with lots of butterflies.”  Westin grins and replies, “Boy does he have an imagination lately.”  She gives her handsome son a wink and said, “Just like a boy I use to know who is all grown up now.”  Westin grabs his mom and gives her a mighty bear hug.  “I love you mom,” Westin smothers his mom with admiration.

Jean separates her five feet seven tall body from her son and asked him a serious question, “Where’s the girl’s family?”  Westin shrugged his shoulders and stated, “I haven’t gotten that far with her mom to know all about her.  Let’s just say I think she has raised herself for a while now alone, except for tons of animals that seem to pop up here and there.  I think the critters are her family!”  Jean scrunches up her brow and giggles at the irony of someone living with only animals as their family, “Westin come on quit your joking…animals really?”  Jean takes the time to survey the earthy kitchen with its dried herbs hanging down and all her kitchen’s equipment gleamed of clean. She marvels at the beautiful large round table and its incredible wood work.   “Is she Amish?”  Westin informed his mother in a whisper, “No mom she is a half breed Indian.”  Jean nods her head and realizes this is a man’s home not a woman’s.  “Mom this home is loaded to the max with anything your hearts desires, and the only thing that connects you to the real world is her land line telephone, an extensive library.”  Jean heeds her son’s knowledge and watches Westin take off a pot of boiling chicken.  “I’m making broth for her when she wakes up can you finish it for me?”  Jean smiles at here son how caring of a gentleman he turned out to be, and nods yes.  “I hope you return to college to get your degree in medical son, you shouldn’t let your life stop because of Peter.”  Westin doesn’t make a comment back.  “As for Sandra does she know where you are?”  Westin turns around to speak to his mom, “No and I don’t need her pestering me since I’m losing my cool with her.”  Jean knew actually what Westin meant about the jealous and needy girl who is also her daughter Candice’s friend.  She was up to her ears with question’s from Candice regarding his ware about of late.  “Let me take you where she is; because I have to get out of here in fifteen minutes.”  Jean follows slowly behind Westin while taking note the historic artifacts and weaponry that littered the rustic brick home.  “Does she hunt?”  Westin stops and grins wide, “Mom she is amazing and I have seen it myself what she can do to a pheasant in hiding with a slingshot.  I don’t know about guns, but I’m a betting she is thumping dynamite with a bow and arrow and probably every weapon in this place.  She has a freezer in the garage full of different kinds of wild game, fruits and vegetables too.”  Jean is overwhelmed by her son’s beaming with love for the girl he is taking care of.  She gives him an inquisitive gawk for a few second, and proceeds further into her examination of the woods woman’s domain.

Jean observes the lush living room with home made leather furniture and taxidermy heads of elk, deer, fox, fish adoring the huge room walls.  Jean notices no childhood pictures of the resident’s were to be seen, yet smiles to her self viewing  many balls of yarns and needles in use filling a large basket to the rim by a rocking chair.  She drops her jaw when she spots the soft tan deerskin outfit Celeste is sewing together.  Westin grabs her arm and knocks her out of her observation of Celeste’s craft, “You have time for that later come on mom.”  Jean obeys and worries about the woman behind the door Westin is about to open.  She enters the gorgeous blue room with it’s lush royal color furnishings, immediately her eyes laid upon the rough breathing of the blonde hair Indian in the king size bed.  Instinct took over she pushed Westin out of her way in haste and took her pulse.  “Go get my medical bag baby in the car,” Jean spoke out quietly and continued on with her evaluation.  The mother hen pulled down the velvet covering slowly to check the half breeds injuries.  She’s satisfied with the dressing Westin administered, and spots the dressing upon her long muscular legs.  Jean waits for Westin to return and gives the young lady her scrutiny.  “Poor thing you’re face will feel better when I make a poultice for the swelling,” she whispered to her self.  “Here mom I have to go, do you think she’ll be alright?”  Westin asked his mother in a soft caring tone. Jean nods yes silently at her boy, “I’m proud of you my son, now leave and let me finish off.”  He kissed his gentle loving mother goodbye and flew out of sight.


10 thoughts on ““I love you mom,” Westin smothers his mom with admiration.

      1. Why am I suddenly thinking that you’re always full of surprises ? I should know better than guess what’s coming.

        … Finally. I should shut up and and enjoy reading !!!

        …I’m also a “loud mouthed schnook” LOL

        Kiss Kiss

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