“Please you must stop humans from killing my children. I’ve heard they display my dead babies to the public for sale.”


Celeste is happy to lounge in her dreams of life and beauty gifted by Mother Earth.  “It is time Hialeah Elena to return,” the soft spoken voice called out to the lazy daisy girl.  “No mother I love it here, may I stay for all eternity with you?  This world I am in is not complicated and I find it very peaceful.” Celeste carelessly bubbled a reply while sitting on the ocean floor cross legged examining a group of docile seahorses in the ocean.  Without a breathing device she listens once again to the a beautiful purple color male Seahorse who decides to tell her his plight of love.  “Please you must stop humans from killing my children.  I’ve heard they display my dead babies to the public for sale.”  Celeste bubbled out to the worried papa, “I promise I will find out who they are and put a stop to your disruption of growth.  You are so important to our reef’s survival.”  The male species of seahorses puffed up his chest with pride, and blew a bubble kiss to the scuba diver.  Celeste is giggling with joy hearing the underwater creature whinny like a horse when the magical voice interrupted her schooling.  “You’re path in life is not completed Hialeah, there is much that requires your attention upon my land daughter.”  Celeste places her little friends to hide in the beauty of the reef grass and marvels her pleasure of wonder under the sea to her new found horse friends.  She lifts her head up to see the golden circle of light, the cowgirl blinks in agreement to the soft spoken voice.  She pushes upwards and floats up to the surface of the ocean. Bright light demands for adjustment as she takes her first breath of air, she cast her salty orbs on the sandy white beaches of earth.   The vibrant colors of earth’s life sparkle out  invitation to her upon the land lover paradise.   Without voice the half breed gives thanks to the voice for allowing her time spent without worries, and turns her back away from her paradise and swims to the living.

The scent of chicken filled the hungry half breed to waken.  Celeste’s mouth is extremely dry as she smacks her lips together and stick’s out her tongue to try to give moisture to her kisser.  She feels a soft touch of a wet cloth moistening her lips, her tongue reacts with greed and instantly sucks the water out of the wet cloth.  “Easy child take your time.”  Celeste scrunches up her brow to hear a female’s sweet tone and moans in exhaustion as she tries to open her heavy eyelids.  She swipes her hand in the air to ward off  her caregiver’s loving touch.  Her hand touches her forehead and carefully lets her hand slide down to her scratchy throat.  She flutters her eyelids demanding them to open today, it takes the girl a few moments to stop and gather energy just to catch a glimpse of her present world.  Celeste hears a woman’s voice encouraging her to wake up along with peaceful classical music softly playing. The earth girl smells an over powering scent of food filling her nostrils.  With all her might she barely opens her green eye.  Light hits her retina as she slowly comes alive.  Blurry vision consumed the cowgirl when she begins to mumble out unintelligent words in Cherokee language to the woman who is sitting next to her. Celeste stopped talking since it hurt to utter words, and tastes a warm substance dripping through the crack of her dry lips.  She closes her eye again and opens her mouth waiting for more of the delicious drops of liquid.  “That a girl…” the stranger commented while adding eye drops of chicken broth into her mouth.  “Mother,” Celeste whispered out and tried to add in question, “alive?”  Jean widens her eyes afraid to reply to the half breed.  Celeste struggles to open her eyes when she hadn’t heard a peep. Through her crack of light she focuses on the blurry figure until she makes out the body’s identity.  “Not you,” Celeste whispers out in English in disappointment turning her head away from the stranger.  “No I am not child I’m sorry.”  Jean waited for Celeste to absorb her surroundings.

Jean softens her face and gives the injured girl a loving warm welcome.  “I am Westin’s mother, my name is Jean.”  Celeste let a tear escape and feels her left side of her face is covered with a moist bandage.  Her green vision starts to clear as she gazes out of her grandfather’s bedroom window .  Silence filled the dim lit room, Celeste hears rain water hit the roof and wonders why she is tired.  It takes the cowgirl time to figure out what lead her to be bedridden.  She wiggles her rear and feels the need to tinkle.  “Don’t move please you can urinate freely, I put a Catheter inside you.  The half breed sheds her silent tears, she licks her lips as the drops wet her lips.  “Please may I see you,” Jean asked with care.  Celeste sees the evening is upon them staring out the window as  the rain splattered against the clear glass.  She gingerly turns her head to the right and captures warmth, love, and understanding wreaking from the woman’s pores.  Jean breaks the ice, and tries to drip a few more drops of broth to her cracked lips.  “You’re very weak little one if you keep drinking I’m sure you will be strong enough to get back on you’re feet in no time.”  Celeste didn’t speak she opens her mouth an allows the woman to care for her.  She feels the warm liquid nourish her body to come alive.  The cowgirl’s heart is breaking in two with the disappointment of not having her mother sitting next to her.  She blinks her emerald green optic at Westin’s kind mother and searches inside the lady’s soul for fault.  Jean has no clue when Celeste invades her body spiritually.  Instantly, Celeste is confused how easy she mastered her thought on the spot, the cowgirl jerks her head away from Jean in discuss breaking the unauthorized invasion. Celeste speaks to her self inside her mind, “How is that possible?  Did I really enter someone’s spirit without permission?”  Jean acts like a visitant touched her body, she turns her head to view a three sixty degree around her person. Since she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary she turns her attention back to Celeste who gives the woman her undivided attention unconditionally.


picture by: kimhopfphotography.com

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