“You can pull out a button down shirt in the closet, my papa was a big man so it should be long enough to cover my ass.”


Celeste’s body is growing in strength from sipping Chicken broth out of a cup.  She is propped up on countless of pillows when she tries to muster up the energy to attack the situation with grace.  “How many days have I laid here?”  Jean is sitting next to the cowgirl in the labyrinth bedside chair her grandfather made with his own two hands.  “Its been almost a week I think,” Jean gently soft out.  Celeste scowls in thought, how she could let this happen.  “Would you like more broth?” the mother hen asked.  Celeste nods yes and watches the lovely woman walk out of her father’s room.   She turns her head towards the window and takes note the black dog is peaking through the window whining at Celeste.  “Hello trouble maker, nice to know you stuck around,” the cowgirl whispered out to the wet mutt.  The dog plasters his nose against the glass and whines out louder.  Thunder rattled the glass when she sees the dog disappear in fright.  “Shit, freaking damn dog,” she hissed out and pulled the covers off her nude body to let the dog into the house.  She gives her self a few seconds to survey her injuries and pulls out the tube that is inserted in her urethra.  Celeste grimaces from the deed and notes the full bag of pee clipped to the side of her bed.  She takes a couple of deep breaths and begins to twist her body to move off the bed.  ” Oh my God NO!”  Celeste hears a yell in the kitchen from Jean.  All kinds of commotion is set forth in Celeste’s kitchen when the girl pivots her body to stand to investigate the situation.

The pain isn’t as bad as Celeste recalls sitting on the edge of the bed, she takes quick breaths ready to pick her body off the bed when shit hit the fan in her kitchen.  “Oh hell no you come back here,” she hears Westin bark out.  Curiosity of what is happening  in her house made the cowgirl react faster to standing.  She is about to take the plunge of standing when a large black blob sped into her dim lit room and scatted around the large room to find a hiding place.   He shakes off the rain from his coat spraying rain everywhere when the sexy Westin in his G.Q. clothing came barreling in after the dog.  Westin stops and smiles at Celeste who is trying to phantom the situation in the buff.   “Hello darling, nice to see ya.”  Celeste dips her head down low to stare at the floor, Westin blinks into action and tries to capture the dog.  “Leave him, he fears storms Westin,” she cracks out to the young man.  The dog immediately laid his wet body on the floor next to Celeste’s other side of the king size bed.  Jean enters the bedroom and blushes to find the cowgirl naked and ready to stand in front of her son with no shame.  “Westin get out of here and stop staring at the girl with a huge shit eating grin on your baby doll face.”  Westin chuckled out loud in laughter, “Mom I’ve seen it all and then some.”  Jean didn’t take to kindly how Westin nonchalantly invaded Celeste’s space so smoothly.  “I don’t care young man, get out of here and let me find her some clothing then you can come back and smile all you want too.”  Westin obeyed his mother, Celeste hears his footsteps coming closer to her as she kept her eyes on the floor.  “See you in a few moments,” he gives Celeste a promise and walks out the door.  Celeste is amused by the tone Jean takes with her son, and lifts her head to view his firm rump that looked fabulous in his black slacks leave her domain.

Jean pulls out several drawers in Celeste’s grandfathers room, and shuts them with speed.  “Are these your clothes,” Jean questioned Celeste.  “No, they are my grand-papa’s, this is not my room.”  Jean wanted to ask where the man was when Celeste offered an answer, “He died a few years back.  I just haven’t had the nerve to be nosy an invade his space without consent.”  Jean ruffled up her brow in thought.  She smiles to herself and finds the half breed humble in her belief’s not to snoop around into other peoples drawers.  “You can pull out  a button down shirt in the closet, my papa was a big man so it should be long enough to cover my ass.”  Jean spun around and gives the cowgirl a surprise gawk.  She views the back of the messy bed head girl for a few seconds.  “I want a shower can I take these bandages off madame?”  Celeste inquired.  Jean had a hard time understanding the different sounds of dialect Celeste produced when speaking to her.  She quickly pulls a blue button down shirt off its hanger and throws it on the bed to hurry to help Celeste take off the bandages.  It is the first time Celeste had any help from a woman as she walked with kit gloves to take a long needed shower.




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