“I love the way you smell of soft sandalwood it’s driving me crazy. Perhaps one day I will have you’re hair attach itself to my body while we sleep together.”


Jean is more than happy to help Celeste groom her self from her long sleep; in fact, she was very interested in learning all about the life of the lonely half breed girl.  “Don’t you have a bigger mirror in the house Celeste?”  Jean asked with confusion while Celeste was bathing.  “No mam, what ya see is what ya get,” the cowgirl replied.  Jean wonders why, but thinks nothing of it when Celeste finishes her rub a dub dub in the shower and steps out from behind the shower curtain.  “I think I can handle my grooming Mrs. from here if you would like to check on your son.”  The elder lady nodded her head in agreement and left the restroom to give the cowgirl privacy.  Celeste wraps herself into a towel and brushes her teeth that seems to have a million particles attaching themselves to her pearly whites.  Tired from cleaning her teeth she sits on the bathroom bench and takes inventory on her body.  Her right side rib showed the hard hit she took from the dog with black and blue color and is thankful she didn’t bust a bone.  She stretches out her right leg with care and winches in pain from the expose skin layer of scraping it on the concrete stairs.  She beams with joy thinking how Westin pulled up his shirt sleeves to take care of her along with his mother.  The cowgirl stands and views her self in the mirror.  The poultice Jean made to cool down the swelling worked wonders on her face.  She can barely see her golden eye through the bruising when she turns away from the mirror and leaves the bathroom taking baby steps, and wearing her grandfather’s over sized shirt.

Westin is waiting for her the minute she steps out of the bathroom.  “I like you better with nothing on,” Westin dared to say in all kidding.  She gives him a little grin with her lips and blows out a puff of air.  “Westin have you no shame give the girl some space.”  Westin blushes, Celeste giggles a little.  “Oh so we got a laugh out of ya,”  Westin crackled out and whistled a tune with his lips.  The large dog responded to the whistle and pops his big head up for all to see.  They all laughed at the silliness of the shy dog.  “When did you get him?  I don’t remember you having a dog around the last time I was here.”  Celeste slowly walked to the bed and sat down huffing and puffing from exhaustion and didn’t answer Westin’s question. “Westin get me her brush in the bathroom so I can comb out her hair.”  Westin obeys while Celeste checks him out once again in his pair of tight jeans.  “Mom you need to leave or Peter is going to flip his lid with Candace taking care of him.” Celeste is confused, she takes a few moments to understand that they had given up everything to take care of her.  “Both of you can leave, I can take care of myself from here on out.” Celeste softly spoke to the pair.  “NO…” they both bellowed out in unison.  Jean pushes Westin away from approaching Celeste with the brush, “Go make her some scramble eggs Westin while I brush out her long hair.”   Westin gives a come back to his mother, “How about you make the eggs and I brush her mop.”  Celeste had to smile at the nerve of the boy to defy his mother’s request.  She watches the two quietly as they decide who will do what, an in the end Jean lost the battle and left the pair alone.

Westin helps Celeste get situated in a chair to commence the pulling of her knotted hair.  It takes all her energy to sit still while Westin stroked her golden curly hair with care.  Having the boy near her sent chills to her body, she can smell his pleasant light scent of man, and the minute the devil brushes her hair into a pony tail, she feels his closeness as he bends down and whispers in her ear, “I love the way you smell of soft sandalwood it’s driving me crazy.  Perhaps one day I will have you’re hair attach itself to my body while we sleep together.”  Celeste straightens her torso to his statement in stupefaction, Westin roars out with laughter and begins to braid her hair into one long tail.  She speaks to herself with a smile on her lips, “When hell freezes over buddy!”

2 thoughts on ““I love the way you smell of soft sandalwood it’s driving me crazy. Perhaps one day I will have you’re hair attach itself to my body while we sleep together.”

  1. Naaaaaah ! Don’t count on it. I won’t utter a single word.

    Arrggghhh ! Can’t help myself ! I love to brush long and silky hair ! 😛

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