I think my optical will survive to see another day.


While Celeste ate and Westin talked with excitement to Celeste, Jean took the time to find Celeste’s bedroom.  Curiosity is peaking Jean’s interest to know who the lonely girl was and where she came from.  She opens a door at the end of the one level farm home and enters the humble tidy room of Celeste.  The half breed’s bedroom isn’t as lush as her grandfather, but simple without materialistic objects littering her room like most girls.  She tip toes in her room and touches the lovely hand made quilt on the four poster queen size bed.  Jean is in awe at the craftsmanship on the gorgeous red and yellow elongated Diamond pattern upon the bed cover. She survey’s the room and notes a tall bookshelf loaded with all kinds of books capable of sustaining a book worm’s desire to read for many years.  Jean slowly opens her closet to find the tiny room barely filled and drops her jaw in stun reality at the meager clothing Celeste actually owned.  The mother hen closes the door and heads to Celeste’s beautiful crafted Cherry Oak dresser.  She picks up the Slingshot Celeste’s papa made her, when her eyes spotted the newspaper with a girl riding a bucking bronco.  Jean instantly grabs the paper to give it a gawk when she hears Westin calling out for her.  She puts the belongings back and rushes out of the room before she is busted.

The scramble eggs were absolutely delicious to the hungry Celeste.  She didn’t realize how starved of nutrition she lack until she smelt the eggs with butter toast.  Westin sat in the chair next to her bed as she ate her eggs with gusto while the handsome man chattered his lips about his busy day at the store.  Celeste is loving the sparky attention Westin bestowed upon her when his mother stepped into the room looking guilty as all hell. Celeste gives his mother an inquisitive glance with her emerald green orb, and feels something amiss with the Mrs.  Celeste on a dime changes and decides they both must go. In her husky odd dialect she quickly made a comment to each one.  “Thank you very much Westin’s mother, it’s appreciated with open arms how kind of you to help me out.  I can pay you for your,” Celeste didn’t finish her sentence when mother and son said in unison, “No!” Celeste is ready for the fight and quickly stated in a firm note. “I can take care of myself.  I don’t mean to be ungrateful; but you both have a life and I expect you to go and do your thang; especially you Westin, you have been here too long and should drive you’re mother home in this rain.” Westin was not going to let his chance to be alone with her one more night pass him by, “I will stay until tomorrow since my mom can drive in any kind of weather and drove her own auto.” Jean smiles at the unusual pair and finds they both liked each other more than they were willing to admit.  She feels the twinkle of love blooming between the pair as they stared at each other unwilling to budge.  Westin diffidently display his admiration in front of his mother; however, it was hard to read Celeste’s body language.  In all the years she has been Westin’s mother, she has never seen Westin go gaga over a girl like Celeste, not even his girlfriend Sandra who was drop dead gorgeous, extremely rich and very needy.

Jean puts an end to the lovey dovey tension and said with care to Celeste, “Before I leave, how about I take a closer look at you’re beautiful green eyes now that the bandage is off.” Celeste turns her attention away from Jean’s son and said in a weary tone, “No thank you mam I think my optical will survive to see another day. It only needs another day or two to open after the swelling, so all is good.” Jean nods her head and speaks out to her son, “Walk me out to the car son, Celeste I hope to see you another time when you’re in good health.” Celeste breathes a sigh of relief when Westin is cut short of telling his mother she didn’t have greens eyes.  His mother grabbed his hand slowly for him to stand up.  Celeste thanks Westin’s mother once again.  Westin is full of mischievousness when he snaps his attention on the cowgirl.  He gives her a devilish grin melting Celeste’s heart and follows his mother out of the bedroom.  The room is quiet as Celeste scans the clean room.  A black blob whines and shows his furry muzzle slowly over the edge of bed.  Celeste ponders who the dog belongs too while stretching her hand out for the dog to smell in snail pace, and smiles with hope when the beast licks her fingers without being shy.




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