“You want more huh,” Westin whispered out.


Westin’s mom Jean drives home in the light pouring rain pondering about the simple young lady who stole her son’s heart.  Everything in the large farm home wreaked of the olden days of life between tribal and white man.  Mrs. Duran had a nagging sense there was more to the earth girl than meets the eye; especially, when Celeste didn’t kiss and tell her story of life when asked several questions about her family.  Jean mulls over how long the girl survived living by her self when she pulls into her driveway with a heavy heart for Celeste’s family life.  She is about to get out of the car when she repines Celeste’s barren bedroom.  Jean shakes her thoughts out of her head and leaves the auto to take care of her sickly son Peter.

“Stop evading my questions Celeste,” Westin begged with concern. Celeste doesn’t know why he is drilling her now about her home life without a family. “I will not tell you Westin it is my story and mine alone.” Westin sits on the bed next to Celeste and doesn’t say a word as he decides what to do.  Celeste is nervous under the watchful hazel eyes of Westin.  “Stop staring at me you’re not getting a peep out of me, besides I feel sleepy and want to be left alone.” Celeste foreign tiredness to the young lad.  Westin leans down close to her face, and touches his tip of nose upon her’s. Celeste wants to turn away but can’t.  The emotion she is experiencing as the handsome boy merely touches her nose and the scent of his breath made her shy away in neurotic.  Westin would not let the simple connection break.  With care he touches her chin so she couldn’t separate their noses with a flick of her head.  He gives her a smile and said in a teasing tone, “I’m going to kiss you girl.” Celeste widen her one eye in distress of his gutsy announcement.  “Don’t do it Westin, please.” The shrinking cowgirl dared to whisper out.

Westin didn’t listen nor obeys the cowgirl’s wishes. Instead of touching her lips he gives her a gentle lick with his tongue.  Celeste felt the heat of the light touch of his wet warm tongue.  The simple seductive move sent Celeste’s body to hum with greed to explore more of the erotic touch of the boy.  “You want more huh,” Westin whispered out.  Celeste couldn’t utter a word as she stared into Westin’s orbs.  Before she could phantom what to say she is saved by the black dog who decides to jump on top of  her bed and gives Westin a growl of warning to stay away.  Westin breaks their tender touch and barks out in fun to the beast.  “Not happening dog, she is mine to toy with!” Celeste instantly realizes it was going to be a very long night having Westin next to her.


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