“I will wait Celeste until you ache for me as much as I crave to feel your touch.”


The jet black half Great Dane and Labrador dog mixture whined and crawled his way towards Celeste on the bed after Westin’s sly comment. Celeste gives the beast a pat on his massive big head to settle and assure all is well.  The cowgirl turns her attention back to the brown hair dream boat, and notes his playful hazel eyes are ready for round two without interruptions.  They both stare at each other quietly with grins upon their faces for a few moments when Westin moved his kisser to end the silence.  “Would you like a glass of water?” Celeste nodded yes and watched Westin stand to pour her a glass of liquid out of the nearby water pitcher.  His muscular young body is enough to send wicked thoughts between her legs as she scanned his backside.  She feels her throbbing female member ready to dance to a tune of romance with the wild Westin, but when he turned around, his one length shoulder hair do was almost her undoing to grab the boy and kiss the shit out of him.  She watches him move his silky hair with a soft touch of a hand away from his face, and instantly wishes it was her hand fondling through the shiny brown hair with hints of blonde highlights.

“Here ya go gorgeous,” Westin spoke out in his light southern twang and stopped in his tracks with a diabolical smirk when he recognized lust in her green orbs.  “I know what you’re thinking,” Westin snickered out in a husky teasing voice.  Celeste blushed like a bunch of ripe red tomatoes and lowered her eye lid with speed to gaze upon the dog instead of the boy’s bulge in his pants.   He roared out with laughter, and then became serious the minute he hands over her water and sits beside her once again. “Have you been with a man before Celeste?”  Celeste knew the question would arise one day and takes a few breaths in silence to her self to answer him.  Westin is patient and waits.

Celeste decides to be straight forward, “I’ve never had the time for boys Westin.  I was too busy handling my dysfunctional family and being teased by people to worry about the birds and the bees of life.  Don’t misunderstand Westin, I do know about the mating rituals of man and woman for I live in the woods and watch nature take its course in the circle of life.  I believe I was born to be alone Westin.  It has been my path in life to walk this earth by myself, and I will endure many more years to come in solitude.  I like to live off the land Mother Earth has blessed me with, and strive to live a humble existence away from man-kinds hurt and mind games of loving one another.  A book to me Westin has been my only lover and best friend.”  Celeste’s response wiped the grin off Westin’s face.  After speaking Celeste hoped he got the picture to steer clear of her, but when Westin smiled his juicy kisser and leaned in closer to Celeste, she knew Westin wasn’t going anywhere.

“You know my darlin’ I think we should kiss to see if we even belong together.  For all I know you might be a horrible sloppy kisser who will devour my tongue.” Celeste giggled at silly Westin’s statement and winced in pain.  Her hand came up to her left face to cradle the agony of her injury. Westin scooted closer and took her glass of water out of her hand.  Celeste sobers up and takes a nervous breath when Westin sits her cup down and slowly cups her chin ready to plant a live one on the cowgirl.  She raises her hand up to stop the playboy, “Don’t start something you can’t finish wild thing.”  Westin doesn’t move further and drops his hand from her chin.  “I will wait Celeste until you ache for me, as much as I crave to feel your touch.”  The sleeping dog next to Celeste whimpers and began to kick out is long legs as if running on a surface with speed, she places her palm on his head and settles the beast down from his nightmares.  Westin stands up to vacate her room quietly leaving  Celeste to make a decision to take a risk or not.  She whispers out in a light tone, “I won’t survive the hurt Westin, for you too will leave me in the end.” She closed her eyes to let her mind wonder of the magnificent experience of falling in love until she fantasized no more and fell fast asleep.


12 thoughts on ““I will wait Celeste until you ache for me as much as I crave to feel your touch.”

          1. Oh Coco…this one is too darling! No I have not heard of her, but I SO love her and plan to listen to more of her beautiful voice. Yes sensuous is a perfect word for her voice. Kiss Kiss

          2. And she’s soooo cute ! 😛

            So i’ve got something special for you on “Un pavé…” 😉

            Do you know “Adele” by any chance ?

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