“Remember Hialeah time has no reason or rhyme in all matters of life, now return to the land of the living where a young man awaits your love patiently.”


Westin had to leave the room and quick; because all he wanted to do is hold and kiss Celeste.  Even though she is injured, Westin decided to take his time with the lonely girl.  Many nights he heard her whisper out her sad life story in sleep, but he would never tell the girl what she said. From what he learnt of her ramblings while sleeping she lived a solitude life without friends, or love ones except a man who was called Henry.  He assumed Henry was a male figure in her life that saved the girl countless times from the hard knock lesson’s of life, but when the girl spoke to a higher power in her mind and mumbled out crazy bizarre stories in Cherokee and English language, it confused him to no end.  Westin paced back and forth with frustration in his soul how to melt the icy heart of the cowgirl.  He brews a pot of coffee in her earth kitchen of dried herbs and sits down at the round table.  Westin cradles his head in his hands thinking of ways how to win the virgin girl over when his girlfriend Sandra pops into the picture.  After meeting Celeste he lost the desire to be with his sister’s best friend.  Sandra was so boring compared to the half breed Celeste who represented in life everything Westin was searching for in a mate.  In fact, he has never felt a protective bonding surge through his body towards a girl ever before in his reckless life, until Celeste bumped into him at the grocery store.   Westin stands and gets a cup of coffee only to return to his seat of ponder at the kitchen table.  The young man takes a few seconds of thought when he thinks about visiting her bedroom.  He leaves his cup of java at the table and begins to walk softly down the hallway to the room at the end of the house.  His hand stops at turning her knob and experiences a sudden urge to leave things alone and not snoop into one’s life closet.  Unable to help himself he enters the dark room of the half breed.

Celeste is dreaming of being in a forest basking under the sunlight by a stream of water watching the insects walk the earth in their path of life.  Several wild animals of the woods join the cowgirl’s sanctuary of peace, “Ahoy my friends,” Celeste greeted her homies with loving care.  A silver color ferret with two black circles of color around his eyes bounced his way towards the cowgirl chattering his language of play.  She giggles at the silly willy rodent and tickles the critter’s tiny nose with her finger.  “Ahoy granddaughter,” a misty white female figurine lisped out invading Celeste’s space.  The young huntress of the woods places her playful critter on the ground and stands up.  “Grandmother what do I owe the honor of you’re presence today,” Celeste conversed with respect.  “Sit my daughter we must speak together,” the honorable spirit requested.  The cowgirl obeys as she sits on a rock with joy in her heart to begin a life lesson with her elder.  Celeste feels the magical power cover her body with undying bright light, “You dear child are special to our tribe.  The great Mother Earth has chosen you to protect her earth creatures in years to come.  She has rewarded your good deeds my child with the gift of a mighty huntress, and much more as you will learn in the future.” Celeste wiggles her toes in laughter at the pesky chipmunks who appeared out of nowhere and commences to lick her bare feet.  She senses the spirit leave her side and views the ethereal being present her self as an Indian elder floating above the water stream.  Celeste stands up from her rock and bows down to her beautiful spiritual aura with grace.  “My Cherokee daughter you must learn to love and not fear someone will leave you all the time.  It is the dance of life Hialeah that must be completed by man and woman. Mother Earth has blessed humans and creatures child of the light to procreate and live as a family to endure loneliness.  People will come and go in you’re life my daughter, and these experiences are lessons that will teach you how to process building a strong relationship with the opposite sex, and the same gender.”

Respectfully Celeste gives her two cents out to her elder, “Love hurts mother, I’ve had enough of life experiences to teach me that much is so!  I do long to feel a man’s arms around me mother, but I am afraid to let my heart bleed once more with pain from when they leave me.”  The misty poltergeist floated towards the child of light and cast her wise eyes of life into Celeste’s orbs.  “You have the spirit of a wondering lone wolf inside you daughter beating to a different drum in loyalty and trust.  He will win if you feed him; however, the wolf seeks out his mate for all eternity, and this is what he has found in you!”  Celeste scrunched up her brow in thought, but the incorporeal being doesn’t allow her the time to think.  “Listen to my story Hialeah of the circle of life,” the surreal power permeated her wisdom to flow through the cowgirl’s mind without words.  The half breed lays witness to many generations of history in love, relationships, death and life.  She begins to understand the circle of life when the story ends with loving her grandfather Henry unconditionally.  Celeste kneels before the spirit and thanks her kindly, “I will become versed mother in all there is to imbibe in life lessons.  I promise you I will open my heart to explore the wonders of life existence even if I get hurt.”  The holy spirit of the Cherokee world hovers her fog like form over the essence of Celeste’s spirit.  Celeste felt the rush of love heal her broken heart, and so in reference she lets her tears of sadness ebb away to be replaced with hope and desire.  “It is an honor to be loved daughter than never have known love before.  Remember Hialeah time has no reason or rhyme in all matters of life, now return to the land of the living where a young man awaits your love patiently.”  The esoteric figure dissipated into thin air leaving Celeste alone with a smile upon her lips ready to dig her heals into the art called love.



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