“Don’t come any closer Celeste, or I might not be able to control the urge to caress you.”


Celeste woke up staring at the exposed crotch of a black male dog.  Celeste chuckled out softly to see the damn dog take ownership of her grandfather’s bed while she slept.  She wiggled her bare rear in need to use the restroom.  With care she pulled the covers down and sits up to take her time.  She grimaces with the need to pee and is afraid she is going to wet the bed if she didn’t get a move on it and fast to get off the bed.  Celeste spins her body to let her feet drop off the side with care and touches a warm body.  In snail pace she takes a peak on the floor and finds the sleeping buck blocking her escape.  The resting dog didn’t move a muscle as Celeste inched her way off the foot of the bed.  She stands and holds on to the four poster bed her grandfather made and let the wave of dizziness pass.  Without a peep she heads towards the bathroom and softly shuts the door.  It takes her a while to do a little grooming and feels refresh as she takes baby steps out of the restroom.  Westin is standing still blocking her return to the bed.  “Let’s walk around, it will do ya good lazy bones, but ya have to button up your shirt first.” Westin lightly spoke.  Celeste dipped her head down and saw her mistake.  She blushes three shades of red in a matter of seconds, and fumbles miserably with her wobbly fingers to close the gaps.  “Here it will be my pleasure to help,” Westin didn’t wait for a reply he took a step close to the girl and began the task of saving grace with his skilled hands.  Celeste could smell his soft luxurious hair and his man scent in a heart beat when he touched her button on her long night shirt.  She could feel her nipples rise when he brushed his hand over her breast.  Celeste moans out a dreamy light sound, Westin gives her a snicker with his juicy lips. “I could have help taken you’re  bandages off, ya didn’t need to do it alone.”  Celeste couldn’t utter a word all she wanted to do is lean closer into him and smell his soft hair.  “Thank you Westin appreciate the help,” Celeste whispered out in a husky voice an added, “Where’s the dog?”  “I let him outside it’s only you and I now,” Westin muttered out.

She tingles with sensations of unknown coursing throughout her body when Westin slowly begins to button up her top.  Celeste lifts up her head to give Westin a glance and leans in closer to smell the hunk’s hair.  “Don’t come any closer Celeste, or I might not be able to control the urge to caress you.”  He is on the third button on the bottom close to her belly button and grazes her soft exposed skin with a finger.  Celeste opens her eyes in lust the minute he touches her.  “Check out my injuries Westin before you close the gap to see how I am fairing,” she secret messaged the boy with her lips.  Westin takes a step back from the closeness to the cowgirl, and splits apart the cotton material to give his examination.  She shuts her eyes to relish in the sensual feelings she is experiencing.  Westin is totally dumbfounded how the girl healed so quickly in less than a week, “How the hell is this possible, you only have a little bruising around your rib cage that I can see.”  Celeste’s skin crawls with electric static energy, she senses her body reacting to the intimate moment between man and woman.  Her hand lifts up in turtle speed to touch the boy’s five o’clock shadow, and fondles the young buck’s cheek while staring into his misty hazel orbs daring him to give it a go.  Westin is trying his best to keep his pecker in check with the advances of the cowgirl; however, his one eye snake had a mind of its own, and came alive on a dime with the bold movements of Celeste. He groans with delight and moves in closer to play the game of romance with Celeste. She instantly slides her hands down to his firm rump and brings his body closer to hers until her exposed nipples nudge against his t-shirt.  “Celeste do you know what you are doing?”  Celeste takes a deep breath of the man and whispers out, “Yes Westin I think I do.”  She takes a few seconds to thank Mother Earth for healing her injuries inside her mind silently.   Westin shakes his mane of brown hair and loses all senses in the heat of the moment.  He carefully moves her backwards and plasters her body against the wall.  Her eyes are alight with hope to learn the art of magic between two people.  Westin makes physical contact with his lips across the cowgirl’s kisser with steamy compassion.  Every part of his body longed for the stoical girl’s touch, and when she gave herself freely and openly with her innocent advances, he is lost in the dangerous folds of the earth girl’s adoring lips.


6 thoughts on ““Don’t come any closer Celeste, or I might not be able to control the urge to caress you.”

    1. Awe I thank ya kindly Fey Kegs for stopping by and reading my story I’m creating daily about my Character Celeste. Yes I do have a published book called Slingshot. This story is when my girl went to Haiti, it’s my first novel and it is a romance fun short story of her adventures into another world the half breed experiences. Celeste also has a yummy encounter with a sexy UN Officer. Here is a link to my website that will direct you too Amazon.: http://slingshotbaby69.wix.com/slingshot#!books/cnec

      I am bless to have your interest Fey Kegs. On my blog there is three different stories. I’m not computer savoy so look for the tags and it will take you to three different stories. Slingshot is the unwritten words that were not published. Wounded Soldier is her past after Haiti and is in the process of being edited and will take the name Spirit Talker. I created this story on my blog. Then there is the story you stumbled upon named Poco Celeste her early years of growing up. Hope I didn’t overload you….teehee. If you buy Slingshot a review would be greatly appreciated bad or good!~ 🙂 Kiss Kiss

      1. Thanks very much,sorry it took me long to reply. I am trying to keep up with wordpress lol. I will definitely check out your amazon page. When ur on wordpress we can connect yhxxx thanks very much

        1. Have no fear darlin’ I too have that problem trying to spread myself thin with love and respect to all and write at the same time. Take your time and enjoy Slingshot….Kiss Kiss

    1. HAHA…”One eye snake” has been a round since I was a little girl at least in the states here. I remember my brother using that once. Of course I roared hysterically and did ask if it bites. My bro ended up busting up with laughter…. Too cute Coco.

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