“How’s your love muscle Sir Westin? Has he risen from the dark to move his opening in words to the art of romance?”


Westin and Celeste is having a early morning dinner of steak and fried potatoes while the snowy day darken the skies threatening humans existence to stay indoors.  Celeste woofed down her plate of food an in no time at all went back for seconds.  “Jesus woman you just polished off a huge piece of red meat,” Westin joked with the famish girl who is grilling up another steak.  “I’ve been out of touch with the real world Westin, so I’m hungry like a wolf  starving to eat a whole side of beef right now.”  Celeste growled perfectly like a wolf in a soft tone.  The young man laughed at Celeste to see the earth girl back in the swing with life.  “Gosh darn if your sound of a wolf was right on the money.  Can you do other animal sounds?”  Celeste tips her head back to Westin with a mischievous grin and states with surety, “If I do then you must tell me what animal I whistle, roar, or growl out.  If you miss more than three ya have to kiss me for everyone you can’t answer. And if you miss more than six then you must talk to me how you romance a man.  Do we have a deal Westin?”  Westin cracked up with laughter and stood up from his chair at the kitchen table to stand behind the half nude Indian girl cooking her meat.  On purpose Westin moves her long hair away from his desirable spot on the cowgirl, and nestles his unshaven face against her soft neck and takes a deep breath.  “Deal cowgirl.  Do you know I love the way you smell of life Celeste, I could get drunk all day snuggling into you’re scent.”  Celeste’s palms starts to sweat cooking her meat.  She tries to focus on heating her meat when she feels the heat of Westin’s touch.  She turns off the stove and puts her red meat on her plate.  Westin steps away pours himself and Celeste another cup of Joe.  “Are we ready,” Celeste speaks out with happiness ready to play her game.  She begins her mimicking of earth creatures she has learnt from her years living in unison with Mother Earth. For over an hour Celeste proved to be a natural producing multiple auditory creatures call of the wild, while the lad who sat at her round table closed his eyes to live in the moment of her perfect replicated sounds.   Westin loved every ideophone type of distinction of species she amphorous out.  True to his word, Westin planted three delicious soft kisses upon her lips for each sound he missed.  He is on his last try of missing more than six when Celeste whistles out a Meadowlark’s bird call.  Westin scrunches up his face in thought causing the animal talker to giggle with glee.  “It is my favorite call of a bird Westin to copy, I never can get enough of it’s song, and I know for sure you don’t know my beautiful feather friend.”  She gives him a few silent moments to ponder while she finished her steak.

Westin had done horrible with bird calls; especially, when he never paid attention in his life to animal sounds until now.  “Oh boy I can’t wait to hear you’re analogy on romance, times ticking away Westin,” Celeste chuckled out with excitement. Celeste sobers up when she hears the dog whine at her door.  In slow movements to let the shy dog in the house Celeste opens the door and watches the mutt zoom pass her spraying his snow covered fur all over the room and quickly hid away his massive size under the large table.  She returns to her seat  and throws her dog a steak bone under the table and said to the thinking Westin, “Times up sexy spill the beans!”  Westin lifts his head up and melts in lust to see the ticklish girl taunt him. He desperately wants to reach across the table and show the girl how to romance a man instead of talking.  It’s driving him nuts when Celeste picks up a pencil in the center of the round table, and fiddles with her long curly hair into a bun. Westin intakes air viewing the cowgirls silhouette of dark raisins peeking through the light color blue cotton shirt while she inserts the pencil into the blob to hold her hair away from her bruised left side.  It’s the first time Westin really is able to view the golden mysterious eye colorant of the sun, and the green grass of summer time baked into her unusual almond shape orbs.  The instant he spots her pigmentation he sinks deeper into a floating carefree abyss staring at her pools of life and light.  “Westin, give it up brother, what say you?”  Celeste demanded.  Westin doesn’t hear her soft comment when he dreams of touching, licking, sucking and most diffidently absorbing all the girl had to offer willingly.  He blushes pink sitting at the table fantasizing shagging the girl to a blissful ecstasy upon the round table.  Celeste senses Westin struggle to keep his cool.  She crows out loud catching Westin’s befuddle gaze, and tries her best to spit out her laughter to the fly away boy without busting a gut. “How’s your love muscle Sir Westin?  Has he risen from the dark to move his opening in words to the art of romance?”  Westin dropped his mouth wide open hearing the audacity of Celeste’s barb.  He quickly regroups and stands up to blabber out, “You potty lip woman, are you sure you’re a virgin?  If you weren’t bruised I surely would give you an ass whooping.”  Celeste has a shit eaten grin upon her lips getting her glance of his American bulge hidden inside his blue jeans begging to escape its confinement, and whispers out, “Tis a Meadowlark you missed Westin.”  Westin runs his fingers through his wild brown hair, and sits back down with a smile.  “I will show you everything I can think that will aid your cause in human coupling while we are together, but if I speak in words I believe I’m not capable of muttering them out; besides body language doesn’t lie, words do.”  Celeste gives him room to make changes to their deal and gives him a serious tongue lashing.   “We will see buckaroo if you’re experiences can out weigh my opinion in sex, k-no?”  Celeste so wanted to drop on the floor cracking up with glee after putting Westin on the spot to kiss and tell, instead the rough and tough girl whistled the Meadowlarks song once again with a smile upon her lips she won the game this time around.

picture by : deviantart.com


10 thoughts on ““How’s your love muscle Sir Westin? Has he risen from the dark to move his opening in words to the art of romance?”

  1. Errrhhh… Look now ! … A speaking snake … 😯

    How many snakes does this guy have !!! 😯 shock: 😛

    Being Westin I think i would have mimicked the two-legged wolf errrhhh 😳 “call”. ROFL

      1. How could there be improvemont to such a sweet little (mischievous) face !!! 😀

        Would love to admire un larger format though ! 😉

        Kiss Kiss Dear

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