“Westin I feel I want more, will you touch me all over,” Celeste begged her admire out of breath with lust coursing through her orbs.


Time ticked by the lovers slowly as Westin worship Celeste’s upper extremity.  Over and over inside his mind he swore he would take it slow and not rush into Celeste’s burning desire to learn all about the art of love making in one night. One thing he could sense about the half breed, she tends to jump into a situation with both barrels loaded and the hell with the consequences. And at the rate the cowgirl is devouring his every move its only time before he grabs a hold of the wild mustang’s mane with both hands, and dig his spurs into the girl to control her intoxicating sex appeal. In fact, Westin is close to snapping his restraint and throw caution to the wind with each breath he takes of her spicy body. Her earthy scent of sandalwood lingers lightly upon her soft tan colored skin as he showered his tender kisses up and down her sensual long neck. Westin’s lips hums with greed to take a bite of the delicious morsel, instead he decides to tickle her with his tongue to prolong touching her breast. He feels her beating heart skipping beats with speed against his chest when he nibbles on her earlobe, and his wonder wand throbbed in his pants with devotion for only one person.

“Westin I feel I want more, will you touch me all over,” Celeste begged her admire out of breath with lust coursing through her orbs .  It is time for the young lad to put a stop to their amazing touching session before there was no return, “No Celeste I want you one hundred percent in health when you and I do the deed.”  She understands his way of thinking and separates their closeness by turning her head to view outside the window and seeing the first snow fall of winter.  She begins to focus on her heated breath to calm her bad ass down. Westin is no better he too had to get his self-cooled down before he picked the girl up against the wall and laid her out on the bed to ravish her body in slow pace seduction. He is saved when Celeste announces out in a happy note, “I’m hungry Westin for food, how about we continue right where we left off another time.”  Westin steps away from Celeste’s steamy hot figure in her grandfather’s oversize button down shirt and rakes his strong fingers through his brown hair.  Celeste feels another attack coming on of raping his lips as he streams his touch through his messy hairdo.  She gives him a twinkle of joy with her green eye and peels her body off the wall to take a hold of his hand tenderly.  “Come Westin I feel the need to eat a big fat juicy steak, would you care to join me?” Westin had to laugh at the cowgirl how she came out smelling like a rose in a heated moment, and follows her to the kitchen ready to make a dinner with his sexy temptation of the woods after he finishes off buttoning her shirt up to discourage anymore bouts of uncontrollable desire from a virgin.


3 thoughts on ““Westin I feel I want more, will you touch me all over,” Celeste begged her admire out of breath with lust coursing through her orbs.

  1. The really true and tough Levy’s Blue Jeans brand is Weston wears, don’t he ? 🙂

    What a lovely couple, anyway ! Love me tender love me blue…. 🙂

    Kiss Kiss

    1. Yep he’s got his blue jeans on!~ I think Westin is a hoot for Celeste. They both are special in their magical connection especially for Celeste’s first time being with a man. So wonderful and full of exploration in the art of touch….

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