“Awe darlin’ I like him hard get him back up,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.


Westin is thankful the bathroom is large and luxurious able to accommodate four people the height of six feet and taller.  Celeste didn’t hear him enter while she sings a tune in a foreign language in the shower.  He disrobes and gives himself a check in the tiny mirror.  He curses under his breath for not having a bigger mirror, and wipes off the steam on the mirror, and grins to make sure nothing is hiding in his teeth.  Satisfied Westin turns around nude ready to take the plunge when he is over come by fear and excitement at the same time.  His happy little man is rising to the occasion yet he shivers with goose bumps up and down his body.  He takes a few deep breaths to try and get his high-strung energy under control.  He shakes his mane and realizes he might be over his head in assuming she would agree.  He stands to attention when she stops singing in her soothing voice.  “Come in Westin the water is perfect,” she purrs out.  Westin is now totally dumbfounded how she suspected he was in the room when he didn’t make a peep.  “Will you bless me with your help in washing parts I can’t reach?” He is lost for words, but quickly thinks what to do as he acts like this is his first time showering with a girl.  “Stop acting like a virgin, I’m not asking you to make love to me in the shower,” she teased the jittery man softly.   He had no other choice but take the leap of  her invitation an accepts when he takes his bare feet on the warm tile floor and moves forward.  In slow motion Westin took hold of the shower curtain and slid the metal rings aside to allow his entrance.

Her long golden hair is dripping wet and is plastered against her bare behind covering her butt to perfection.  She turns around with care and gives Westin’s body a quizzical exam with a smile on her lips.  To Westin he felt the need to cover his naked figure from her studious gaze.  Celeste felt his discomfort and took a step closer to touch his lips with her finger.  “Shhhhh…just let me look upon you’re sexy physique.” Westin dips his head backwards to let the shower head cover him with water.  Celeste smiles from ear to ear checking out a man’s nude body.  Westin knows she is eating up his odd emotions with glee.  She takes her time to have her way and touches Westin’s hard wet nipples with both hands with a light braze to the tips.  Westin senses an electrical charge streaming across the sky with quickness.  He closes his eyes to feel a deeper connection to the curious touch of the cowgirl.  “May I squeeze them like a pinch darlin’, and roll your nipples in between my fingers?” she asked in a whisper.  Westin nods yes without opening his orbs. “Oh my, someone is enjoying my wet gesture I think lesson one is going great don’t ya think so,” Celeste jokingly stated while controlling her laughter.  They both chuckle together as Westin is unable to hide his mirth and bends his head down to kiss her forehead.  She closes the empty space between them.

Westin’s eyes rose in wonder when Celeste straddled his hard baby maker in her warm wet folds of love and closed her legs to allow no escape but pulling his stick out. Westin’s hand”s immediately went to clutch her firm rear end and pulled her body deeper into his frame until they needed to be peeled apart.  Celeste let go of his little raisins and let her hands wonder into his long hair.  In a sensual snail pace Celeste thoroughly captures  his wet hair strands and slides the dreamy brown hair through her fingers.  She moans in delight to feel his hair glide with ease and licks his neck to remember his taste.  She senses his body language is changing to concern when she finishes sampling his skin. “What’s the matter big boy,” Celeste gives him an opening to reply. Westin is down right scared to commence with pleasing the virgin, and to make matters uncomfortable the little wench turned the tables on him with her aggressive sassy manners.  “You sure you’re a virgin Celeste?”  She didn’t answer him when his member started to go limp.  “Awe darlin’ I like him hard get him back up,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.  Westin laughed at Celeste, “Have you no shame girl.”  Westin unstuck his ding a ling between her legs and turned around to shut the water off. Celeste isn’t going to be denied the right to play with a boy especially when he was the one who entered her space.  “You came in here for a reason Westin why are you chicken shit out,” she didn’t finish her sentence when Westin grabs her wet body, and leans her against the wall to smoother her lips with his own.  The cowgirl feels his pecker rise once again between her legs in the heat of the moment.  She wraps her arms around him to feel all of his body when she is kissed to gooey mercury from the all mighty cutie pie. “You’re a bad bad girl cowgirl, you need to go to your room,” Westin whispered out upon her wet lips.  “Yes I is,” she replied in the heat of the moment.  Westin gives the aggressive wet girl a smiled and said, “If you are done go to bed and I will be there in a moment.”  Celeste didn’t want to separate from the juicy man, her body is burning up with desire when Westin walks her out of the shower  to give her a towel too wrap her self up.  “Go,” is all he said in a demanding tone before returning to take a cold shower to get his bewilder emotions in order.  He hears the door shut and smiles to himself the girl might be more than he can handle; nevertheless, he plans to taste all of the girls body and return the upper hand on the wild girl.




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