“Want to lick my marshmallow lips sexy?”


“I got this,” Westin pumps himself up in the little mirror with nervous energy.  He gives one more brush with his fingers through is wet hair and says to himself, “I’ve been with many girls in my life time, but never with a girl who is this inhibited, innocent, and down right frisky. Dear God give me strength to endure,”  Westin takes a deep breath and turns the knob.  Celeste is not in bed when he walks into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around him.  He gets an idea of the use of neck ties and snoops into her grandfather’s closet to see if the man owned any ties.  In luck, Westin grabs four ties and shuts the door quickly to hide his tricks.  He throws them under the bed just in time as the big black dog flew in the air and landed on the king size bed scaring Westin.  “Jesus crap I thought that monster was coming straight towards me.”  Celeste roared out with laughter carrying two cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  “Ah yea I would be thinking the same thing after what I experienced with the mutt.”  They both laugh to watch the damn dog wallow in the bed happily.  Celeste had enough of the animal’s need to be on the bed; especially on top of the deep blue velvet cover.   She gives the beast a stern hiss between her teeth and the dog immediately obeyed to get off the bed.  “How the hell?”  The confused Westin spoke up and reached for his hot brew to drink.  “Ya have to show him whose boss baby.  Sometimes we all need a little boss a nova to whip us back into shape.”  Westin busted out in uncontrollable laughter.  Celeste couldn’t hide her smile either hearing Westin’s joy.  She views the dog wagging his tail and sets her cup on the night stand by the bed.  Westin follows suit on the other side of the bed.

Celeste takes one last sip and sets her cup back down to look upon Westin.  Talk about having an odd silent moment the pair become shy and not sure what to do except gaze at each other wrapped in their towels.  Westin smiles wickedly when he spots the melting marshmallow mustache left behind on Celeste’s lips.  “I just want to say Westin I won’t hold ya to educating me if you think its not a good idea, you’ve truly been a good sport and I don’t want to make ya feel uncomfortable.” Celeste whispered out in shyness.   Westin couldn’t hold his laughter as he watches the white streak across her lips move in time with her words. Celeste gives him a confused gaze and puts both her hands on her hips.  She gives a lick to her lips with her tongue, and tastes what Westin is laughing about.  She gives him a smile and said in a husky voice, “Want to lick my marshmallow lips sexy?”  Westin is not going to let the girl tease him any longer.  He walks around the bed to the wide eye cowgirl. “If you weren’t injured I so would tear you up, but since I’ve been a gentleman for the last few days I think its time to bring back the naughty boy.  What do you think?”  Celeste giggles and nods yes with her head.  Westin takes his finger and wipes a small amount of marshmallow off her lips to sample the gooey substance.  She watches the handsome wet man stick his finger into his mouth slow and steady.  “Yum, I think this would taste better on a part of you that is begging to be licked.”  Celeste no longer is full of laughter, she now is nervous as all hell with Westin standing next to her.  “First lets get rid of your towel; because its my turn to examine you’re body.”  In one full swoop with a hand Westin plucked the tucked end of her towel free to let the cloth drop to the floor.  She gives him a shock response, Westin is full of piss and vinegar and takes a finger to gently touch her lips again.  She watches the boy place the white substance on one of her hard nipples, and bent down slowly to suck on her tip.   OMG…Celeste experiences multiple hair lifting rushes having a man taste her bead that was harder than a pebble. She takes a deep intake of air calming the explosion of tingles foreign to her, and moans out with lustful delight.  Westin has to control him self or will lose the upper hand on the cowgirl. He lifts his head up after tasting the yummy nipple, “Are you ready to learn?”  Celeste’s is on fire just from the tender suck from Westin.   Her eyes swirl with enlightenment ready to play Westin’s game and nods yes quietly with eager jitters coursing through her body.

“I am going to do something to you girl will you surrender and not fight me?”  Celeste senses something wicked is about to happen.  Westin takes a step away from the girl, Celeste sees his baloney Pony is ready to ride.  “Wait Westin I only think it is right for you to be naked.”  She steps towards the juicy boy and slips her hand through is hair slowly only to watch his nipples respond to the heated occasion of her touch.  “My turn,” she said in a husky voice and slides her hand on his towel to release the beast from its restriction.  Westin is charged to high heaven gazing into the the two different stormy orbs of Celeste.  “You ready,” he whispered softly to the cowgirl.  Celeste nods yes, “Lay on the bed Celeste and close your eyes. Whatever I do you can’t fight nor get away from the ties that bind you.”  Celeste doesn’t understand his request but lets him do his thing without hindering the man.  She submits and lies on the bed without covering herself up ready to play the guessing game with the wild and sexy man.  “Eyes closed Celeste, I have to do this so you don’t take control of the lessons that will be taught to you tonight, agree?”  The cowgirl once again nods yes and closes her eyes with anticipation for whats to come.


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