“Have you ever played with yourself my saucy mama?”

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“Can I open my eyes now,” Celeste whispered out.  “You keep’em closed girl, an I ain’t telling ya no more,” Westin said in his light southern twang tone. The minute Westin took hold of one arm and secured her movements to the bed post with one of her grandfather’s neck ties, she becomes very nervous and not feeling light as a feather any longer.  Even though she feels a strange intensity of energy in her papa’s room Celeste’s fear heighten.  She takes the time to feel a piece of cloth binding her wrist, and settles down a little bit knowing she could break the chains that bind her if need be any moment.  “Stop touching cowgirl, you must lie still until we begin.”  She didn’t respond and felt the boy do the same to her other wrist, leaving her feet free to move.  She senses a sheet of cloth covering up her naked body, “Don’t open your eyes I’ll be right back,”  Westin firmly speaks. Celeste takes the few precious moments alone to evaluate her confinements before Westin returns. “What the hell is he thinking,” Celeste hissed out to her self.  She is about to open her eyes to take a peek when Westin steps into the room giving her an order.  “I mean it girl if you peek, then I will stop.”  Celeste smiles and gives him her word she will be patient.  “Lesson one is learning about patience, something I have learned you lack.  Are ya ready to begin?”  Celeste slips “yes” from her lips.  The cowgirl feels the  light sensation of being touched by something identifiable upon her face.  The strokes of gentle contact begins on her face with an object that is not identified in her mind.  She phantoms what the object could be quietly in her mind and smiles to the tender petting she is receiving.  “Do you know what I’m touching you with my beauty,” Westin gives a secret message to the girl. She scrunches up her brow in thought and feels the object wisp across her eyelashes.  She almost began to open her eyes but is stopped by Westin’s touch of a finger tip on her lip.  “Don’t do it,” he warns out to her in play.

She instantly smells a scent of marshmallows moisten her lips by his sensual touch, and licks her lips.  “Hum, mighty tasty it’s marshmallow you are wetting my lips with,” she makes a comment with a smile and feels the breath of Westin hovering over her lips.  Westin brushes his lips across the cowgirl’s with his tongue lightly sampling a taste.  “More,” she whimpers out in lust.  “When I ask you what you think I am using and if you get it wrong I will kiss your lips.”  Westin is doing his best to play the guessing game without taking advantage of the vulnerable girl and furthers onward with patience.  He slowly slips the light sheet down her torso to expose her bare breast.  She feels a cuddling upon her chest moving in circles around her lumps.  She groans in ecstasy to the light percussion of the mysterious object caressing her globes as shock waves of heat between her legs begins to moisten her tunnel of love. “Westin?” Celeste wiggles her rear to control the urge to open her eyes. “No,” he breathes out.  She feels his hot air blowing on her rock hard nipples.  Celeste automatically sucks in air when Westin’s mouth took hold of her little nugget and nibbles softly on her nubs.  She feels the light object proceed up and down her arms.  She giggles when he tickles under her arm with a light touch. “Oh, oh my Westin my tummy is full of fluttering emotions.”  Westin grunts in time and begins to head on down her tummy with his trick or treat.  “What is the object I’m using baby?”  Celeste tries to focus on the object, but can’t due to experiencing multiple sensations coursing throughout her body. “Hair,” she hums out.  Without words Westin attacks her lips in a firm strong manner.  Celeste reciprocates to his demanding lips. Westin separates his lips from hers only to smile at the closed eye beauty, “Nice guess, try again.”  Celeste tries with all her might not to open her lids, she takes a deep breath to control the goose bumps that invades her naked frame, and wimps out with heated breath.  “I’m gonna get them all wrong, I like the taste of your lips Mi Amour,” she whispers out in English and Spanish lingo.  Westin roars out with laughter and proceeds onward and kisses her neck with sweet nothings to lightly say, “How do you want it my love?”  She doesn’t have time to reply when she feels his finger tip play with her breast, and senses the same object move along her sides and across her tummy area.  “What is my object?”  Celeste moans out, “String.”  Once again she feels the man’s kisser rape her lips in urgency and stop, “Try again earth girl.”

Celeste wiggles her toes and licks her tingling lips from Westin’s five o’clock shadow torment.  “Feather,” she yells out.  Westin rewards the girl with a soft swipe of his tongue upon her portal of moisture.  She feels the covers move further down her body exposing her womanhood and feet.  “Thank god,” she thinks to herself she groomed her garden of Eden patch before the game.  In reality Celeste hated to feel like an Amazon woman with hair everywhere.  It has been her desire to shave her soul patch to the shape of a diamond, and kept the furry mass controlled there after.  Westin glorifies in the beauty of the well groomed and shape of her unusual coloring of her private area. Even though Westin has seen her body he never really took the time to view her womanhood.  Celeste is nervous due to the fact not only was her orbs two colors, her puss was two tone as well.  She senses uneasiness to hide her beaver box when half on one side is blonde, and the other half is black in color.  “Is this you’re natural coloring Celeste?”  She is about to open her eyes and cover herself by grabbing the sheet, but can’t due to having her wrist tied to the bed post.  She gives several mighty tugs on the ties, and shakes the heavy bed post with her strength.  Westin immediately takes note the muscles bulging out from the girls strong arms.  “Whoa girl, no no.”  Celeste grimaces in pain from her weak strength, and is ready to put an end to the game by opening her eyes.  She feels the touch of Westin’s finger tips covering both her eyelids banding them from opening. Celeste didn’t have time to ponder when she embraces his kisser upon hers.  This time the kiss is soothing and relaxing as he whispers to her lips encouraging sweet words to calm her energy down. Celeste breaths heavily and tries to submit to Westin’s teaching in good faith.

Silent minutes ticked by in the room when she begins to giggle and wiggle her body with mirth.  “Oh Westin I swear this is not fair, stop it…haha…stop!” Celeste bellows out with laughter and feels wet licking on the bottom of her foot.  She is about to peel her lids open when she hears Westin’s merriment.  “Get a way from her this is my time,” Westin barks out an order.  “Damn dog,” Westin joked out loud.  Celeste busted up with glee, Westin closed her sound when his juicy lips touched her crevice once again but in a lingering time frame.  Westin cradles her face in between his strong hands, and devours her lips until they were swollen from his luscious deed.  Celeste purrs with excitement, she asks for more of his lips, but is denied in silence.  “Proud of ya cowgirl for keeping your word and not opening up your eyes.  Let’s see what happens next.”  Celeste almost ripped open her orbs when a warm gooey substance is being dripped upon her pelvis.  She is rewarded with Westin’s tongue lapping up the element in long erotic motions for an eternity.  Celeste melted into air as she feels his hair softly caress her hot to the touch skin. “Honey, I smell the sweet life scent of bees,” she managed to escape her thoughts out.  Once again she is rewarded when a tender kiss touched her lips.  She tasted the yummy honey when Westin inserted his tongue between her lips with loving care.  Celeste hums delightfully and wants more, but is denied. Precious nervous minutes ticked pass when she felt a tender tap lightly on her clit, and stopped instantly.  Celeste lost it when a stream of wetness dripped down her rump onto the white crisp clean sheets of the bed.  “Oh son of a bitch Celeste I’m so fucking hard for you,” she hears Westin moan out.  “I’m wet Westin with desire and pleasure,” she replies softly.  She feels movement on the bed when Westin gets up and releases one of her tied wrist from the four poster wood bed.  “Don’t open you’re eyes darlin’, I want your fingers to do some walking for me, ya up to the task?”  Westin holds his palm of her hand in his to ensure he controls her touch and strips himself of his confinements of his towel.  He positions himself and dips his head down to taste her sticky hot lips, and for a few crazy seconds in the heat of Westin’s exotic touching of her body, love spurred forth into Celeste’s lonely heart.  “Yes,” she whimpers out and moves her hips in time to the exotic emotions streaming down her body.  Her arm moves down with the guidance of his as her finger tips touches her gooey diamond patch of hair.  “Have you ever played with yourself my saucy mama?” Celeste cracked up with giggles and quickly answered no lying to the man.  Westin is relishing in the slow sexual game that he is creating, he escorts her touch along with his skilled fingers and begins to help her explore her private area together.  Celeste no longer could keep her eyes closed, she is heavily breathing and feels her body heating up with fire, she takes a peek through partially open slits and beams with happiness to see Westin is sweating bullets to control his animalistic behavior as much as she is having a hard time keeping hers in check.  It didn’t take long for her to open her eyes wide in astonishment.  All of a sudden Celeste climaxed to the max, and cries out loud for more punishment from their fingers united as one to complete one hell of a crowning point to her body.


picture by: artmodel.wordpress.com


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