You better start talking to me Great Spirit why the heck y’all are destine to make my life a living hell? Am I to live my life alone as a wondering wolf


Westin is stunned to witness the sexy lady’s two color orbs change into a bright dreamy green color when Celeste battled out her intensity of her climax.  He could hardly move when he senses something strange is happening to his cowgirl when she is arouse with sexual pleasures, and not to mention the incredible rush he experience inside his man organ when the cowgirl had her powerful orgasm.  The black dog who is lying on the floor next to the lovers bed howled out a lonely cry.  The handsome man turns his bewilder attention to the dog and back to Celeste.  “Westin what’s the matter, are you mad at me for opening my eyes?” Celeste urgently cried out huffing and puffing her winded pipes. The young naked man sits on the edge of the bed trying to put the wild scene together, he takes the time to glance out her bedroom window to find her yard is infested with different species of wild animals. Celeste untied her binding and sat up with a messy lioness curly mane covering her bare breast. Westin turns his vision on Celeste and whispers out in a confused tone, “Who are you?”  Celeste is baffled and doesn’t understand his meaning; she cocks her head towards the window and spots her friends happily lounging around in the early morning light.  “I don’t understand Westin, but to answer your question I am Celeste.”  The dog decided to peak his big furry black muzzle on the top of the edge of the bed and whimpers to Celeste.  She softens her gaze upon her shy friend and then back to the disturbed nude man.  She cast her optical on her sticky belly, and realizes she didn’t please Westin as he had hoped for.  She senses her eyes begin to water and wards off the puny emotion.  With care she slides off the bed and wraps her self back into her towel.  On tip toes she passes Westin’s body to gaze out the large window to mediate her befuddled thoughts back to the wilderness for safety.  Quiet minutes between the two passed when she sees Westin getting dress through the reflection of the window.   She melts to pieces when she sees the man’s reflection comb through his thick hair with his hand and stares for a few moments in silence at her backside.

She takes a deep breath and turns around to face him, “I am Hialeah Elena born to the Long Hair Horse Clan of the Cherokee Nation.  I am Celeste,” she didn’t finish her sentence when Westin takes a few steps close to the magical girl.  “No you are someone else cowgirl.”  Celeste is now completely dumbfounded, she turns around to stare out of the window once more when Westin grabs her arms with a firm touch and squeezes.  Celeste’s eyes darken; Westin is in awe watching her swirling orbs change to deadly green.  “Your eyes Celeste are magical.  Do you know they change colors into one?”  Celeste nods no with her head quietly, “Damn girl something happened to me that I can’t explain.  I felt a wicked charge course through my finger when you flipped your lid.  Come with me and I will show you in the mirror.”  She scowled her brows there was no way she was going to look at herself in a mirror, and twisted her arms free out of his strong hold as easy as swatting a fly off her skin.  He tries again to touch her; she steps backwards and refuses to acknowledge him any longer.  Westin can’t help but spot the moisture dripping slowly down her leg onto the floor.  He shakes his head in confusion and senses a burning desire building up inside his loins begging to venture on wards with the mysterious girl.  “Leave Westin,” Celeste carefully requested.  “Thank you for taking care of me, but I can do it on my own now.” Westin didn’t know how to respond, he can see for himself how the cowgirl is struggling to phantom what the hell happened between the two.  The dog howls out once again his sad cry, and walks over to Celeste who is staring out the window.  She places her hand on his big head for security and watches Westin’s reflection in the window leave her grandfather’s room.  She can hear his muscle car come to life and turns away from the window to take a shower after a long night and morning of learning the art of love making, sadly to her they didn’t even venture into making love so what was his problem?

The house is lifeless once again when Celeste walks carefully into her clean kitchen and brews a pot of coffee.  She takes her long hair out of the protective folds of the towel wrapped around her head and clutches the cloth material in her hands with anger.  “What the hell is happening to me?  You better start talking to me Great Spirit why the heck y’all are destine to make my life a living hell?  Am I to live my life alone as a wondering wolf,” she screams out to an empty home and throws her towel across the room knocking down her grandfather’s guns hanging on the kitchen wall.  She jumps in fright hearing the loud crash and catches the dog running to the door to escape the foul energy that enters her home.  Celeste knew she is acting negative but can’t help the frustration that keeps building up with let downs in her wild life.  Without words she let the dog go outside, and watches all her animal friends return to the woods with speed.  She slams her door shut and doesn’t speak another word for the rest of her lonely days.


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