“Fool…Fool,” Westin swears he heard the bird call out to him.

A month had passed  Westin by who returned to his road of destruction with alcohol, and visiting the wild party scene with Sandra his girlfriend.  Since his little brother was furious with him and refused to speak to him because of the way he treated and misunderstood the spirit girl; Westin felt alone and miserable without Celeste and his little brother.  So in order for him to wipe the girl out of his heart he ventured back into his wild mode.  The love struck little boy who had never met the cowgirl fell in love with the magical woman the minute he spotted her at a Rodeo riding a wild mustang.  He came to her defense with both barrels loaded when Westin poured his heart out to his brother asking for advice.  He didn’t have to tell Peter what happened because the little boy already knew the hurt he caused the earth girl. Which confused Westin even more how the girl had found loyalty with a boy she never met.  It still baffled his mind about spirituality in people and how one uses the glory of God to complete their life with beliefs that were not visible or tangible. Westin is sitting at the stream where Celeste caught his huge trout and where he had the pleasure seeing her naked frame basking upon a rock.  He is smashed and is smoking a joint while freezing his ass off reminiscing of the cowgirl’s magical touch.  The ground is laden with white fresh snow his blurry vision plays tricks on him when he blinks his eyes to clear his vision.  He spots a doe with her baby aimlessly wondering the woods to find green grass under the snow.  “Celeste,” he whispers out with admiration and wishful thinking.  The doe lifts her head up and stares at Westin with fear.  He shakes his head out of his muffled thoughts and drops the cigarette of relaxation on the ground to stand.  The earthy creatures split the scene leaving Westin alone once again to hallucinate about his love stricken heart.  All is quiet in the forest as Westin watches the flow of the icy stream.  “Whooo…Whooo,” Westin looks to and fro to find where he heard the sound of an owl.  Up in a tall tree sitting on a heavy branch the Snowy White Owl stabs Westin with his wise orbs.  “Fool…Fool,” Westin swears he heard the bird call out to him.  He quickly yells out to the snow bird, “I know I fucked up.”  The bird flies away as Westin watches his wide wing span beat to fly away.

He is all alone in the woods when he cradles his heavy head in his hands and mumbles out loud his lost of his cowgirl’s affection.  He stops his chat and looks up into the heavens while snowflakes dropped upon his brown eyelashes.  He see’s a cloudy gray vision of Celeste walking with her animals, she lazily turns her head over her shoulder to glance upon Westin with a tear in her golden eye, and disappears as quickly as he had spotted her in the gloomy clouds.  Westin screams out, “No come back I’m sorry my love.”  Westin is star struck to speechlessness in the peaceful forest staring at the gray skies and then cast his unclear vision upon the stream of water.  He pulls out his flask of whiskey and takes a long swig. Time ticked by when he squints his orbs in disbelief and witnesses multiple different landscapes in the water showering him with awe-inspiring imagines; however, Westin doesn’t pick up that Mother Earth is visiting him through the water.  In order to help her daughter Celeste out who has cut off all communications with her spirit side, gives the non-believer information the cowgirl belonged too the earth, but Westin doesn’t understand the earthy hallucinations and sinks into deep depression.  The imagines fade away as the snow falls harder upon the water, he senses his heart is breaking for his cowgirl and picks himself off a rock to return home with regret slowly killing his lifeless soul.


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