I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to Peter


“I will take him for a few days to my house if it would be okay with Peter’s mother,” Celeste spoke to her little friend with a smile, and then turned her two color orbs towards Jean to confirm her request.  The huntress moves her wild blonde curly hair away from her eyes.   Jean couldn’t speak as she received her first clear view of the colorful eyes of the Indian woman.  “You’re, you’re…” Jean tries to spit out.  Celeste scrunches up her brow at Peter and back to his dazed mother.  “Me, me what?” Celeste carefully treads on water.  Jean turns beet red and finds her tongue in time, “You’re the girl.”  Her words were cut off short by Peter who barked out swiftly, “NO…Mom!”  The silence in the room makes Celeste stand tall.  Peter begins to cough violently, Jean leaps off her chair to hurry to help her son along with the big black dog who stood up and howled out loud at Peter.  Celeste takes a few steps backwards and realizes something is wrong.  Peter throws his bug eye blues toward the confused Celeste and knows he is about to lose his chance to get to know his crush. Celeste senses the need to run, run out of the house and never return; but when she captures the fear in the boy, she softens and swallows her pride to give kindness to her christian brother no matter what the circumstances may be.  She gives Peter a wink when he controlled his bout and puts her finger up silently to her lips to step away so they can talk in private.  Peter melted with respect to understand his puppy loves thoughts, and waits to dive in for a heart to heart session with his mother when his door shuts tight.

Celeste walks slowly to the living room and waits for the out come in Peter’s room to settle down.  She takes the time to glance at their pictures on the wall of their family, and begins to scan each photo thoroughly.  It doesn’t take her long before her jaw hits the ground when she spots the girl she socked in the eye at the French restaurant.  Celeste steps away and understands now why Peter cried out to his mother to keep her mouth shut.  She hears the dog bark out to her from behind the confinement of the bedroom door.  Every fiber in Celeste’s body is screaming for her to stay put and face the music as her wild side is messing up her thoughts to flee the scene.  She had no choice when Jean opens the door and lets the Great Dane dog out.  Celeste has the eebie jeebies crawling over her skin when Jean steps out to confront her in a different frame of mind.  “He is weak but strong enough to travel if you’re willing to take him for only a few days.”  Celeste didn’t know how to response, she humbles her self before Jean and does not gaze into her eyes while she states softly, “I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to Peter who is more special than you and I could ever know, loving mother to Peter.  Take the time to gather your strength for the long road you’re family must walk before y’all lose the beloved boy to your God.  He will be safe with me this I promise, I am very knowledgeable in herbs and healing.”  Jeans nods her head yes quietly remembering Celeste elaborate collection of herbs, and gives time for Celeste to add, “I’m sorry for hitting your daughter, it is not my intention in life to harm others.”  Jean marvels how quick witted the beautiful Indian gives her a defense to her deed of harming her daughter.  She realizes it wasn’t Celeste’s fault, but Candice her daughter’s foul anger that ended up giving her a black eye.  “I’m sorry you were in the path of my daughter’s nasty ways, lately we all have been at our ends rope with Peter’s illness.  Even Westin has reverted back to his old ways and is rarely around.” Celeste didn’t care to hear about the boy she adored at one time, she kept a smooth face and listened to Jean’s woes of her family.  The dog licks her hand and begs to go outside to be by Chief’s side.  Celeste asked Jean one more time where to place the meat and if she needed her help.  Jean refused the help, but watch the tall figure of Celeste pick the dead deer up like a sack of potatoes over her shoulder, and hung the meat upside down in the cold garage.  Chief wiggled his body free of the dead animal and stood his ground while Celeste unwrapped a gorgeous blanket of rabbit fur she hand stitched together.  “I don’t understand Celeste how you could pick up a deer with a bruised rib?”  Celeste smiled at Westin’s mother and said, “I heal quickly.”  “Have  you seen Westin lately?”  Celeste keeps her composure cool as a cucumber and sweetly answers no.

Peter is bundled up in winter clothing while Celeste wrapped him up in her warm rabbit hair blanket ensuring Peter’s safety to stay warm in the snowy cold weather.  Jean glows to see heaven shine upon her son’s lips as he sits in front of Celeste on her draft horse.  “Ya ready darlin’ to hit the road,” Peter stuck out his tongue to catch a snowflake and nods yes.  “Damn Dog let’s go,” Celeste whistled out for her dog to appear.  “You call your dog Damn Dog?”  Celeste chuckled for the first time since Westin walked out of her home.  “Yes, I think is good name,” she replies and hugs him tightly with love.  Chief the horse knew the signal to move out when Peter quickly yelled out, “Bye mom, I love you,” his mother waves to her departing son who is giggling with happiness watching Damn Dog leap in view with his long legs acting like a silly willy playful hound in the snow.  Jean wipes her tears away and goes inside the house out of the wintry weather and  she gives a look back over her shoulders at the retreating figures before they disappeared in the woods.  “What a crying shame tis his first true love and will be his last,” Jean closed the door and balled her eyes out knowing Celeste made her baby’s only dream come true.


picture by: wallpoper.com



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