“I can’t do this mother, please don’t ask me to walk the path with this beautiful boy of the light unless I am to go with him.”



“Tell me how you feel about the Indian girl,” Jean calmly stated to her miserable son.  “Mom, I can’t there are no words to describe the girl and what or who she really is in life.  You know I don’t believe in hocus pocus shit nor do I believe in God like you all do.  But there is something strange yet peaceful at the same time about Celeste.”  Westin hadn’t spoke her name for over two months, even now as the syllables slips through his lips his manhood rises.  He shakes his muffled mind and smells the scent of sandalwood drift lightly in the air.  Jean views her son turning red with shame and tries her best to keep the channel of communications open. Westin scared Jean when he slammed his fist down on the table and got up.  “Jesus Christ I can smell her mom even now after months of not seeing her.”  Jean gazes at the tall handsome figure of a man leaning his heavy head against the cold window, her heart is breaking for Westin’s confusion, but how could he smell her when she left over three hours ago.  She begins to gently speak out, “She is earth bound son, born part into the American Indian lineage.  They believe in Mother Earth, Father Sun and the Great Spirit. Everyone of their belief’s revolves around the elements of earth, animals, the change of seasons, the cries of their ancestors are no stranger to them son.”  Westin lifts his blood shot eyes to his kind and loving mother.  “How do you know this mom?”  How could Jean answer him correctly when she did not know herself; however, she did add a piece of information that lightened up Westin’s blurry eyes.  “I’m not sure son, I can only speak what I believe in from my heart, and I do believe in mystical moments and miracles no matter how they come about.  I did read somewhere that some Indian’s are a spiritual being who live in the old ways and honor their lessons in life. They say spiritual people have a purpose in our world Westin, their paths are written out by prophecies or someone who is a powerful ghost that guides them on their journeys.  These people aid others when all hope is extinguish in the heart of people, and sometimes I think they live a lonely life because people think their nuts or odd.  Some believe our Lord God works in the same direction.”  Jean changed her tone and whispered out her realization.   Immediately she opens her eyes wide, and thinks about Celeste taking her son Peter home with her.  Westin spins around wild eyed with speed and vigor, “Mom I swear I smell my cowgirl in this room, was she here today?”

“Rest Peter by the fire I will return after I feed my animals who need medical attention, and give Chief a huge flake of hay for bringing us home safely. It looks like Damn Dog will not leave your side and is passed out cold, I trust he will keep you safe and make you drink all your broth until I return.”  Peter smiles his pale lips to Celeste, she ruffles his soft blonde hair with tender care. Peter is snuggled up into a large furry blanket of brown mink Celeste hand stitched long ago.  The little boy watches the tall beautiful woman step outside and gives Damn Dog who laid beside him on the leather couch a caress with his tiny hand on his big head beaming with pure happiness.

The minute the cowgirl steps outside into the cold she lets her nice guard down, and heads into the barn to yell out her injustice to all who wanted to ease drop.  She opens the sliding wooden doors to the barn with tremendous force almost knocking the doors off their hinges.  She couldn’t wait to spit out her words as they bust forth with anger, “How dare you, of all that is unkind in the world how could you set me up like this!  I want you to leave me alone.  I’m different I except that, but damn it give me a freaking break with this ordain garbage.  You did this because I won’t talk or obey you any longer after you sabotage my, my…  How dare you…How could you.”  Celeste reached for a bale of hay and cut the cord with her knife.  She spun around with lightening speed to fling the Bowie knife with great force at the wooden walls of the barn, driving the steel into the wood with a loud thump.  “I can’t help him, why must you make me his guide.  It’s fucking cruel and I don’t know Jack shit to be messing with someones life!”  The three legged bobcat who Celeste saved from a trap hissed out to Celeste in outrage in his cage of safety as he senses the cat fit the cowgirl is displaying.  “Whats next to come…huh?  There ain’t no more you can do to me now, but let me lead my own life away from people!”  Celeste screamed out and finished it off by roaring like a puma.  The bobcat hovers in terror to the back of his cage when he hears her distemper growl, and hisses out to her bad energy.   The other animals in their cages kept a tight lip hiding to escape from the out of control Celeste.  All the wild animals Celeste kept in her barn were strictly saved, heal, and release.   The wild creatures were use to having a peaceful energy in the barn, not the irate gone cuckoo in the head of their tender care giver.  Celeste starts to kick the shit out of bales of hay.  Each time she kicked she sent hay flying in the air with her bite y comments of unjust until she tires and falls on the ground gasping for breath.  “I can’t do this grandmother, please don’t ask me to walk the path with this beautiful boy of the light unless I am to go with him.”  She cries out in exhaustion whimpering out have mercy.  She rests her achy head on the picky hay pile expecting no replies and tries to pull herself together to go back indoors where the boy of light awaits her arrival.


picture: thecrystalgateway.com


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