“I think I love you cowgirl, I knew it from the moment I locked my eyes on ya riding that bronco at the rodeo. God agrees with me too that we belong together.”



“Hey baby we’re home,” Westin’s father bellowed out as Candice and he entered their home.  Westin didn’t receive an answer from his mother when his family interrupted the heated conversation.  Jean blows a breath out thanking the lord for her families safe return and salvation not to answer Westin’s question. “Here give me your coats I will put them in the mud room till they dry.”  Candice automatically had to pick a fight with Westin, “So the long lost brother returns home from his drunken binge.  I’m sure you’ve been keeping safe and sound with Sandra’s company.  I swear Westin just marry the girl and get it over with.” Westin didn’t reply he turns away from his sister and heads for a shower, but not before he overheard his father statement.  “Jean why is there a dead deer hanging in our garage?  I couldn’t park the car inside.  Did you hit one today and how in the heck did you haul that buck up by yourself?”  Jean turned white on the spot and spun around to see if Westin heard. He gives his mother a concern glare to hear her response.  “I, I…” Jean stuttered out.  Westin turned around knowing it was Celeste’s odor he smelt, and it was her who brought the meat.  Jean hears the bathroom door close, and speaks to her husband alone when Candice leaves to go to her bedroom.

“Cowgirl are you lonely living by yourself,” Peter asked Celeste as he watched her cook over the fireplace in a cast iron pan throwing elk meat into the hot pot.  The scent of homemade biscuit’s enlighten Peter’s appetite as he waits for the finish product to come out of the open fire in the living room.  “I use too but no longer it is my path Peter to live alone.”  Peter presses onward hoping she doesn’t think he is asking too many questions. “Where is your family?”  Celeste didn’t want to be rude to her little guest, so she honestly answered with patience.  “My grandmother and father have passed, this is their home.  He built every piece of furniture you see and this home with his bare hands, you know he use to tell me as a little girl a piece of wood will tell you what form it would like to be fashion into if you hold it just right.”  Peter gazes around the taxidermy room with different types of weapons being display.  “Your grandparents must have been really cool to live with.  Where’s you’re mother and father cowgirl?” Peter felt her rejection to answer swiftly.  Silence moments passed by when she replied, ” We were living in Alabama in the hollers at the time when my mother left me as as little girl.  I have not seen her since, as for my father I think he is alive; but someone lost in the bottle of no return, and could not hold up his responsibility raising a family.”  Celeste hushes up and gives no more information.  “You’re kinda like me cowgirl, I lost both my parents when I was a baby.  I guess they didn’t have family to care for me, so my mom and dad adopted me, and I love them both very much as my real mom and dad.”

Celeste turns her attention on the frail young man snuggled up in her mink blanket and sitting on her grandfather’s leather chair.  Her eyes soften upon the young inquisitive man who is humbled beyond her understanding.  Peter didn’t back down he sat innocently in angelic form returning her fixed stare.  She scrutinizes the change of color in the boy’s face, and notes his dark rings around his handsome blue eyes are lessening.  “You’re beautiful,” Peter softly speaks.  Celeste stands to attention and breaks the odd moment of a stare down with the boy.   “Don’t go, please can I touch you’re face?”  Celeste immediately replied in a firm note, “No!”  “Why not,” he asked with love.  She turns away from the boy to check her homemade buttermilk biscuits.  Peter patiently waits for an answer and watches her movements.  “I might put a spell on you and then your mine,” Peter jumped at the chance to comment back, “Okay sounds good to me,” Celeste snaps her head over her shoulder to give the boy a mischievous grin.  “I think I love you cowgirl, I knew it from the moment I locked my eyes on ya riding that bronco at the rodeo.  God agrees with me too that we belong together.”  Celeste wanted to roar out with laughter, but held her giggles at the brave boy spilling forth his love without hesitation, and using God to bear his title.  Celeste feels a spark of debate coming on and smiles at the boy sitting comfortable in her home.  “Hum, how did God tell you Peter I am your woman?”  Peter chuckles, “He tells me when I dream of you that we both light up the world when we are united on your horse Ghost.”  That wiped the smile off Celeste’s face as she instantly return to the fire to stir the elk stew.  “Do you believe in anything cowgirl?”  Peter took a sip of his mint tea Celeste made him and waited once again for a reply. “I don’t know anymore what I believe.  I know the earth is round and people are cruel.”  Peter gently thought about her answer, and without losing a beat Peter begins to lecture Celeste in his ways of thinking of Christ his lord.


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=HclZ_LRKhm53EM&tbnid=vAGnyZTJgp4MnM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Finkspiredmusings.blogspot.com%2F2014%2F07%2Fgirls-just-wanna-have-fun.html&ei=ZJ32U-u9LbS88QHTt4Eg&bvm=bv.73373277,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNG6VOicNtl7vOUwyfLa34_TjXALmg&ust=1408757455589735



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