“I love you cowgirl, amen,” Peter hummed out.


If Peter had his way he would stay up all night to talk with his cowgirl.  Everything he has learnt about the girl sunk him deeper in love; however the only flaw he could see is her broken heart of life lessons and mistrust of people.  “Time for bed little one.  You’ve been up too long without rest.”  Peter felt alive, he is tired of sleeping his days away in fear of dying. “Awe can’t we sleep on the floor by the fire together?”  Celeste had to smile at the young man, she nodded yes and began to clear the area to make a bedding for the both of them.  “I love you’re old home it makes me feel I am living in the seventeen hundreds.”  Celeste laughed at the little tyke, “I like too, but others need material objects and TV to survive.”  Peter opens his mouth in awe when she pulls out a bear rug from the old large cedar chest.  “Did you kill him cowgirl?”  Celeste hugged the furry rug to her body and took a breath of its essences.  “No, my grandfather traveled to Montana for a big hunt and shot the beast many times in the heart with that gun right above your head.”  Peter turned around to see the huge gun that killed the bear.  He whistled out loud and quickly asked, “Do you use guns?” Celeste spread the heavy rug on the floor by the fireplace and threw two pillows on the floor.  “No, I hate guns.  I think they cause more trouble than what they are worth; especially when they are in the wrong hands of a human.  People think they are mighty killing people or animals with a pull of a trigger.  I believe a good hunter uses other weapons like a bow and arrow, or even my slingshot.”  Peter got off the chair and laid down on the comfortable bedding Celeste made for both of them.  “Do you need anything before we sleep together?”  Peter’s eyes flew open with glee, Celeste senses he is up to no good.  “Listen wild thang, you better mind your manners and no wondering hands allowed, besides I’m too old for ya.”  Peter laughed, “I promise scouts honor.”  Celeste joined the boy on the floor by the warmth of the fire.  “Cowgirl, thank you.  This is the best night of my life.”  Celeste turns on her side to view the blue eyed twelve year old with admiration, and covers the boy up with a quilt her grandmother made years ago.  Peter reaches his hand up to touch her face. “Don’t touch me boy please I might hurt you, and you gave me your word.”  She moves away from Peter and sits up.  After what she experienced with Westin, it soured the need for a man to touch her ever again.  She feels the boy touching her long hair, “Soft to the touch like I thought it would be.”  Celeste stares at the flames deep in thought, “You’re not alone cowgirl, you have to trust in order to learn lessons.”  Celeste let her tear fall of sorrow without showing Peter he hit a sore spot.  “You are a wise man for your young age Peter; however, I am different than most people.”  Peter replies, “Yes God told me you were born to do something special in this world.  He said you are destine to be a mighty huntress.”  Celeste gives the boy an inquisitive glance.

“Lay down cowgirl please,” the little boy requested.  Celeste wiped her eyes and obeyed.  “Look at me,” Peter softly whispered out.  Celeste turned her head and was immediately lost in the little boy’s blue eyes.  Peter took a baby step and touched her nose with his finger.  Celeste flinched to his light tap, “I won’t hurt you cowgirl, I promise.”  The huntress let her guard down and laid still for the boy to explore.  “I love your eyes, one color for forest and another for the sun,” he quietly chatted.  “You’re scar is almost healed from your fall,” he whispered and caressed the mark above her golden eye with his tiny finger.  “Enough lad, touchy feely time is over. You’ve got to rest if you plan to spend the day with me in my barn.”  Peter smiled at Celeste and dropped his hand away from her face.  “Thank you cowgirl.” Celeste melted in love with the innocent boy, and thought if only he was years older what a fine catch he would be for a lady.  Quiet moments passed them by listening to the crackling of the logs burning when Peter said his prayers.  “My gracious God, I’m happy you made my dream come true spending my last days on this earth with my cowgirl.  Please be kind to her and show her not all people are bad even if my brother hurt her.  And I thank you for my delicious dinner cooked over the fire, and letting my cowgirl lay next to me even if we don’t have sex.”  Celeste busted out with giggles, she grabbed a hold of the boy and squeezed him tightly in her tender folds of her arms.  “I love you cowgirl, amen,” Peter hummed out.  Celeste smells this curly golden locks of hair and whispers out, “I love you my little glowing light, you are the first boy I can say that I love and really mean it. You do know if I can change the things that can not be change you would live. Deep in my soul I desperately want to walk you’re path for you my brave warrior, but atlas you know that is impossible.  It is a honor to have you come into my lonely life little angel and teach me about the grace of your God.”  Peter beamed, Celeste wanted to wither up and die to hear a boy she hardly knew tell her he loved her. Damn Dog interrupts the closeness and lays his big head down between the pair, and licks the little boy’s face. Peter cracks up with intoxicating child laughter. Celeste relishes in the beauty of her odd company with a smile upon her lips, her heart grows in size to feel love in her home once again. Precious loving moments pass by when Peter holds her hand and falls asleep. She hears the boy’s raspy breath as she watches the flames burning bright, and ponders most the night away how she could stop the lost of a fine young man. She takes the time to pay homage silently to Peter’s almighty, “God have mercy take me instead of him,” and closes her eyes to sleep.


picture by: fanpop.com


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