“Damn Dog get back here,” Celeste whistles out through the icy blowing snow when the dog takes off into the woods for no apparent reason.



“This stuff taste gross!”  Peter spits out in discuss.  Celeste giggled and said, “If it taste like crap then it will work, now drink it up city slicker.”  Peter plugged his tiny nose and downed the Ginseng concoction Celeste made him.  He had tried everything the girl had made him to lessen the disease that is killing him.  “Peter you’ve been a great sport trying everything I have given you, lets hope you start feeling better soon.”  Peter wiped his lips with a napkin and stated, “I already am feeling better than taking the doctor’s medicine, what does this drink do?”  Celeste smiled at the boy whose color in his face is almost back to normal.  “Ginseng reduces coughing and strengthens your immune system.”  “How many herbs have I tried already?” he asked the healer.  “You’ve had Barberry that kills bacteria.  Horsetail to reduce the silica content in bones, then there’s the wonderful clove of garlic with milk to aid your cough. Propolio is from the secretion of tree bark and helps resist the disease.  Mint tea that you have been drinking dissolves the sputum and cleanses the lungs. I’ve yet to use licorice but some do not like the taste.  There are a few more I would like to try, but I have to go to the store to pick up pineapple juice and fresh oranges.”   Peter loved listening to the smooth sound of her voice when talking.  He gives a yawn and stretches out his limbs, “Cowgirl why isn’t there any mirrors in the house?”  Celeste turns around with a cup of hot coffee and sits at the table, “You ask too many questions boy.”  Peter smiles at Celeste, she adds, “I think you should call you’re mother and father and let them know you are okay, while I go out and tend to my critters.”  “You have a telephone?” Peter asked out in surprise.  “Yes at times it’s the only device I will use that is up to date and is needed for only emergencies for I receive no other calls.  When you are finished please rest in front of the fireplace and take a nap for our special date tonight at the piano.”  Peter happily gets up out of his chair to hug Celeste. “You’re the most incredible woman in the world. I feel so much better under you’re care.”  Celeste blushes and slips away in pure love under the tender folds of the little gentle boy.  She wiggles out of the his loving hold to leave him alone in the cozy warm home.  She is bundled up to the max in her Eskimo garb of rabbit fur when she opens the door to venture out into the freezing blizzard conditions with Damn Dog in tow.

“Shit,” screams out Westin whose auto is on it’s side buried into the deep snow.  He crawls out of the passenger side into the freezing temps of the earth.  “Son of a Bitch now I’m screwed,” he rips out and zips up his winter jacket.  The icy pelts of snow hits Westin’s face with fury as he decides what direction to take, home or Celeste’s house.  He swallows his pride and heads to Celeste’s domain since it’s closer than his home.   The snow is above his calves in his snow boots when he plows his way through the snow.  Westin worries the white out conditions might get him lost and freeze his body to death before he could find her place.  He barely spots deer tracks going into the woods and follows the foot prints hoping they will give aid, and lead him to Celeste’s home.  He stops in his tracks and thinks out loud, “What if she hates me?”  The winter weather didn’t give the man time to ponder on the dilemma when he is freezing his ass off.  Instantly the sting of the snow makes him cover his face without gloves on to protect his hands, and moves forward to keep from freezing.  He thinks of his warm cowgirl whose lips were like strawberry wine, his body warms up for only a little while until his thoughts returned to his icy cold girlfriend.

“Damn Dog get back here,” Celeste screams out through the icy blowing snow when the dog takes off into the woods for no apparent reason.  The dog didn’t listen to Celeste as she continues to shovel snow away from the barn to make a path of travel. She continues onward to complete her dent in the snow, until she spots a bunch of deer come into her dwelling.  She stops her movement in the snow to greet her visitors.  A doe limps her way towards Celeste in pain.  The healer takes note the deer had must gotten hit by a car.  She turns slowly around and heads to the barn only to slide open the door to allow the trust of the wild animal to enter out of the cold.  Without hesitation the doe follows the healer indoors without fear.  Celeste throws out a bale of hay to the rest of hungry doe’s with their fawns by their side and begins her doctoring on the injured.

Westin’s exposed finger tips are turning blue as he plows his way through the winter wonderland.  He keeps alert enough to stick his hands in his pants to warm them before frost bite took over, and after an hour in the blistery weather that stripped his senses to numbing existence he realizes he must stop and find a hiding place when his nostrils are freezing shut.  The frozen man blinks his snow covered lids several times to focus his blurry vision and spots a black blob running towards him.   He instantly fears a wild black bear is attacking and tries to run away from the wild unknown beast when he is barreled over. With great force he face plants into the snow, and skids his way through the deep crystal white substance as the beast jumped off his back.  Westin immediately comes to attention ready to engage in battle for life or death.  Damn Dog barks out happily and dances in the snow.  “You Damn dog, ya scared the shit out of me, but it sure is good to see ya boy,” Westin smiles and hugs the black blob for warmth and in recognition.  Damn Dog wiggled out of Westin’s strong hold and licks the cold man’s icy eyelashes.  “Stop licking me dang it you’re going to freeze my lashes shut,” Westin pushes the dog out of the way and says, “Take me to Celeste.”   The dog begins his journey through the blasting snow as Westin lays his hand gently upon the large Great Dane, Labrador mixture’s head ready to get the hell of this snow.




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