“My last name is Two Trees.”



The next day, Celeste had no choice but to keep Peter locked up in her warm home until the storm puckers out its avenges upon the land. They are making a batch of gingerbread cookies in the kitchen together as Peter babbled out his story book rhyme with excitement while eating his warm baked cookie.  “Run run fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man.”  Celeste turned around after placing a batch of goodies in the oven to bake, and begins to roll out the dough for Peter to cookie cut.  Damn Dog barks out for a taste of Peter’s treat, Celeste doesn’t like the dog around the table, because of his huge size; but tolerates for Peter’s sake.  The mutt is as tall as Peter sitting on his hind legs next to the round table.  Several times she watches the dog beg for food, and Peter sneaks him a taste without thinking she didn’t see the boy feed the dog.  She watches Peter who had flour across his pink lips set his cookie down at the table to begin cutting out his men.  She wants to giggle spying the pair together and senses the dog is about to steal the boy’s cookie off the table.  The comical scene as the black beast shifts his eyes back and forth to the cookie and the little boy is to much for Celeste to hide her happiness.  With sneaky skill the dog takes a whiff of the cookie as he inches his black nose to the edge of the table.  He gives Peter a glance and then at Celeste.  The huntress gives the mutt an evil eye daring him to try and steal the cookie out from under Peter.   Damn Dog lowers his head and retreats under the table to obey her wordless command. She passes the rolled out dough to Peter to begin, and returns her attention to the stove brewing a concoction of herbs for Peter’s health.

Out of the blue the boy questions Celeste, “Do you have a last name cowgirl?”  Celeste is unsure to tell and privets her tall body around to the little boy, “You promise you won’t laugh or tell a living soul.”  Peter nods yes, “My last name is Two Trees.”  The reaction on Peter’s face told Celeste he needed more information.  “It means stand strong as an oak tree, but bends with the wind like a willow.”  Peter brightens and said, “I like it.”  Celeste softens her lips upon the gracious man for his kindness, and returns to her cooking herbs.  “Tell me cowgirl how’d you learn about spices and plant life.”  Celeste automatically begins her story of falling in love with herbs.  “I believe Mother Earth created them for man-kind to heal or feed humans Peter.  Even the animals of the earth recognizes their purpose in life to doctor their health.”  Peter nods in understanding and begins to cough.  “Drink your tea darlin’ it will help until my rubbing poultice is complete.  Are you sure you would not like to go lay down and rest?  You have been a big help to me already.”  “In a little while yes, but not now I’m having the best time being around you cowgirl.”  Celeste pulls out the batch of baked goods and adds them on the cooling rack. “I saw a piano in a room, do you play?”  The cowgirl nods yes and adds, “I only know how to play by ear, I have never figure out how to read music.  I am lucky than most to be a “Can Do Girl.”  Peter giggled and asked the meaning.  “It means I can do this and I can do that once I set my mind into action.”  The pair laughed at each other and spent the rest of the day getting to know each other.

In the mean time out in blizzard conditions, Westin is driving in snail pace to master the slick roads without driving into the ditch.  He had begged his mother to go to the store instead of sending his father in the winter weather to pick up a few items encase they ran out.  In reality it was a way for him to drive pass Celeste’s home without feeling like he was a stalker, even if it was twenty minutes out of his travel path in his father’s truck.  Westin is about thirty minutes away from the cowgirl’s ranch when Westin thinks of touching Celeste’s lips.  He loses control as several deer run across the snow blowing road.  Westin reacts to late and fights for the driver’s seat of his sliding truck in four wheel drive after slamming on the brakes in fright.  Back and forth Westin moves the steering wheel and loses predomination when he hits a leaping deer that came out of no where.  Westin slams his foot on the brake and makes the mistake of sending the truck sideways into the deep snowy ditch.


picture by: golden-zephyer.com


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