“Oh man he soiled the air, do you think he crapped the bed.” Peter cracks up and holds his nose shut, the cowgirl roars out and gets her hand fan moving.



Celeste tenderly applies healing salve to the doe’s swollen chest while the wild animal eats the hay she graciously had given to the starving pack.  Celeste giggles out when a fawn nibbles on her long curly hair to catch her attention while working on his injured mother.  Celeste turns her head around and is rewarded looking into the little fawn’s brown eyes.  The fawn takes a whiff of the human and flips his top lip up in greeting.  Celeste smiles at the brave boy calf and returns to his mother injury to finish her doctoring.   The huntress has eight deer’s in her barn eating their fill of the hay supply comfortably when Celeste puts away her medical supplies and feels something is amiss. Unable to fathom the strange warning she feeds her other animals when she hears Damn Dog barking his return.  One by one the deer split the scene leaving the hay scattered in the barns breezeway uneaten when Damn Dog bolts into the barn and leaps toward Celeste.  “What’s the matter my ill manner child,” she questioned the dog.  She views the tall worry canine run to the opening of the sliding doors, and looked around the corner as he shivers from the cold.  Celeste scrunches up her brow and decides to investigate.

Westin can’t move anymore from the brutal cold as he sits on Celeste’s porch with blue lips waiting for the dog to return.  He is delirious in thought if he should knock on her door for help, but is afraid of rejection so he sits on the icy steps freezing and mumbling out unintelligible words to the wind.  “Come sir I will help you,” he hears a smooth voice coasting him to rise.  He feels he is lifted with ease by his arm to stand, “Westin is this you?”  Her warm furry mittens of rabbit hair touches his icy face, he tries to speak as his teeth chatter uncontrollable.  His eyelids feel heavy barely able to open to see his beauty through the icicles forming on his lashes. “You fool what were you thinking coming out here in a damn blizzard not dress properly.”  Celeste doesn’t question the young man anymore and helps him into her warm house.  “Peter, I need you,” Celeste yelled out.  Westin’s ears are ringing and can’t identify her words when he feels sick to his stomach.  He pushes the cowgirl away and drops to the kitchen floor to puke his guts out.

“Is he going to live cowgirl?”  Celeste nods yes silently to Peter by the fireplace in the living room on the bear rug.  Westin is sleeping peacefully covered up with multiple blankets when Celeste places a hot water pouch under his covers to warm his nude body.  She can smell alcohol seeping through his skin and when she dips down to smell his foul breath confirmation barrels her over.  “He stinks cowgirl,” Celeste smiles at Westin’s younger brother an adds several warm stones underneath the covers.  “Wake up Westin,” Peter calls out to his brother with concern.  “Hush…soon he will wake to tell his tale, but for now lets leave him rest.” Celeste whispered out.  “I have to return outside to close the barn up, take care of him while I am away.”  Peter nods yes and dips a cloth into warm water to lay across his brothers forehead.  Westin pays his brother’s kindness back when he breaks wind under the sheets.  Peter and Celeste bust up with laughter.  They both could not hide their merriment to the sound of Westin’s manly fart.  “Oh man he soiled the air, do you think he crapped the bed.” Peter cracks up and holds his nose shut, the cowgirl roars out and gets her hand fan moving.  “Well I ain’t checkin’,” Celeste busted out.  The two couldn’t control their laughter as they filled the warm living room with har-de-har, until the air no longer stunk.  She smiles at the sick boy taking care of his brother so lovingly, and leaves the room to finish her chores outside with a smile on her face.



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