“She rocks bro don’t you know?”



The cowgirl finishes her piece of Scottish music and blushes beet red when she watches the surprise face of her date.  “Cowgirl I’m speechless,” Peter remarks to Celeste with amazing grace.  Peter holds her hand and said, “You play outstanding, I only wish I could, and your voice was excellent!”  Celeste squeezes his little hand and calmly request, “I should thank my grandfather who begged me to learn my Scottish lineage, plus I’ve had endless hours alone to practice.  Are you ready for some tea my love?”  Peter smiles and nods his head as they both slid off the piano bench to go into the living room.  Before they leave Celeste stops and gives Westin a smile, “Come city boy,” and turns her back on the handsome brother.  Westin feels like a third wheel when they walk out of the sun room holding hands; nevertheless, he joins the couple around the toasty fireplace.  The cowgirl is missing when Westin smiles to his brother sitting like a big man in Celeste’s grandfather’s huge chair.  “Wow sport I say you’ve put me to shame in the dating scene.  I do believe I am jealous.”  Peter smiles with glee and giggles out, “She rocks bro don’t you know?”  Westin cracked up with joy for his brother, “I never knew you were quite the ladies man.”  Peter rubbed his hands together and said, “Gosh she makes my hands sweaty and my heart skip a beat.”  Peter suddenly became serious to ask Westin a question, “I feel alive, free to fly the skies when I am around her brother. Does she make you feel the same way when you had you’re chance?”  Westin winched at the barb his brother threw out, and whispered out a reply, “Yes, and much more than I could ever understand.  I would like to know who taught you the art of dating?”  The little boy gives a soft cough out before answering his brother.  “Mom did when I asked her about sex.  She said if you treat and respect a woman like she was the most important person in your life for all time then the skies are the limit, and she’s right Westin.”  Westin drifts away gazing into the fire standing next to his brother when Celeste entered with a tray of tea and coffee.

“I have made you a resting tea to bring you sweet dreams, tis a strong remedy and you will need to sleep after you drink.”  Peter and Westin watch Celeste in her dress serve her guest with elegance, and set the tray down on a nearby table.  She gives her head a scratch with irritation, and said “I hope you two don’t mind but I have to take down my hair before I itch myself to death.”   Westin is silent and sits next to his brother in Celeste’s rocking chair with a cup of coffee in hand. Peter responds, “It’s okay with me.”  The gentlemen watch with interest the slow moving Celeste as she kneels in front of the fireplace to sit on the bear rug to release her hair from confinement.  The fire light dances across her bare shoulders when Celeste’s back is facing the young men.  The little boy takes a sip of his herbal tea and sits the cup down on the table with a little shake of hand and wide eyed.  One by one Celeste releases the pins in her bun and sits them on her lap to retrieve when finished.  Peter is over flowing with joviality watching the innocent scene unfold.  Peter gives his brother a glance who sat with lust in his loins staring at the girl’s crimeless action.  To Peter this moment was worth any pot of gold in the world to watch Celeste let her hair down and witness her blonde curly hair cascade down to her rump. Westin is star struck watching the innocent scene unfold, he had to put a stop to the play before Peter popped a willy, and he couldn’t control the urge to devour the flower blooming before his very eyes on the bear rug.  Peter is about to reach for her hair when Westin had to quickly stand up and sits his cup of cold coffee down hard on a table.  “That’s enough Peter time for bed,”  Westin gives his brother an evil eye, Peter is blushing several shades of red and agrees with his brother.

Celeste turns her head over her shoulder to Westin’s disturbing tone and wonders what the heck happened to cause him to bark out at his brother.  “I love you cowgirl thank you for all that you have given me.”  Celeste stands up with pins in hand and enfolds the twelve year old close to her heart and said, “Westin and dog will sleep with you tonight by fire unless you guys want to sleep together in my father’s room?”  “Westin can sleep in your dads room, I would like you here with me.”  Celeste felt it was time to be firm, “No Peter, I have to go to the barn and do a few things. I have animals who need my attention.  Goodnight and sleep well, see you both in the morning.”  She leaves the cozy big room with confusion and heads straight to her bedroom to change into warmer gear so she could sleep outside in the barn away from Westin’s presences.


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