“You look enchanting cowgirl thank you for playing the part.”


Damn Dog howls out in laughter making the odd situation seem hilarious.  He gives Peter a lick on the face and lays down beside Westin to give him a puppy dog glance with his golden orbs.  “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph y’all are ganging up on me!” Celeste had to giggle along with Peter.  Westin lightens up when he hears her beautiful laughter, and in the end they came together as a family without reservations enjoying their winter evening by the fire.  After a delicious dinner, Westin has gained his strength enough to get dress and sit in the sun room waiting for Celeste to dress up as promised to play her part of having a hot date with his little brother playing her piano.  Peter hits the ivory keys aimlessly when Celeste steps into the room blushing and feeling uncomfortable dressed up in the gown Mr. Spencer had bought for her special night out.  Peter spots his lady immediately and rises off the piano bench to escort the lovely girl to the music box in a gentleman’s fashion.  Westin lifts his head up and is dumbfounded how statuesque the cowgirl cleans up.  Even though she isn’t wearing make-up her beauty is earthy, pure and everlasting.  Her hair is done up in a loose fitting bun with wisps of long curly hair escaping the bun of pins.  Celeste glows golden with Peter’s admiration, and doesn’t give her attention to Westin who is now standing with his mouth open wide.   Westin smells her sandalwood scent drift under his nose and sits back down in slow motion refusing to take his eyes off the pretty Celeste who looks divine in her white dragonfly gown sitting down next to his little brother on the piano bench.

“You look enchanting cowgirl thank you for playing the part.”  Celeste gives her man a breathtaking smile and gazes into her dates baby blue eyes without dark rings, and nods her dreamy head down to look upon the ivory keys.  Westin watches his brother in envy when he touches her hand and speaks out like a grown up, “What shall you play,” Peter whispers out.  “Tell me how you feel and I will play what comes to mind so we can live in the moment together,” she replied in a soft tone.  Westin melts in love with Celeste’s charm, kindness and patience as she allows his brother’s night of happiness to live in his memory forever.  It takes her a few moments to listen to Peter dream out memories, growth, life lessons, death and birth of life in words.  She lets her fingers make love to the piano and plays a tune to perfection of once long ago. Westin is lost in the moment of the magical classical song and finds himself reminiscing of old times of freedom and living in this world without doubt and cost of choices in life.  He lets a tear fall in pure joy to see his tiny brother’s dream come true sitting next to his cowgirl bonding their love together forever.  Celeste brings her music to reality on each cord she strikes with tender taps, and finds the perfect moment to dive into the music with lust and hope for the future.  Westin stands tall to take a look out the window at the snow blowing in all directions with the wind, and instantly remembers his and Celeste’s evening together of touchy intentions.   He doesn’t even know she stopped playing when Peter claps his hands in applause and wakes him out of his steamy thoughts. “That was magnificent cowgirl,” the little boy proclaimed out with joy.  “One more than we will have tea, now its you’re turn to choose,” Peter announces out full of happiness.  Celeste complies and let the gentlemen ponder of all things when she sensually begins her solo of  her sorrows in tribute to the child sitting next to her.  Peter loves the tender tune, and slowly places his tiny skinny arm around her waist and leans his head against her arm to let his tears of sadness stream down is face.  Celeste doesn’t miss a chord while glancing at the crown of the blonde hair boy and lets herself absorb his expression into her finger tips. Westin can see the sweet enduring moment between the children of light through the window; as the couple sit together at the piano with a candle burning bright.  Quietly he thanks his mother for her helping advice to make him understand the differences of recognizing special people.  And after standing in the same room witnessing for himself the incredible peaceful night between his brother and the half breed; he knew his mother gave him valid and true information.  He sheds a tear silently for his brother’s gentle heart when the day would soon come for the little boy to pass away, and wipes away his tears when Celeste ends the recital with a sweet whimsical Gaelic folk song.  She sings her Scottish tune in a Native American sound with a dash of twang to give life to her Scottish heritage.  Westin spins around and is caught up in the magical moment of hearing the angelic yet haunting pipes of Celeste Two Trees.  Once again she quick fates him into believing is there nothing the dazzling girl can’t do?

videos uploaded from Utube



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