“Oh what do I know but Jack Shit in the department of love making, so I can’t honestly answer your question.”



The sound of steel and hammer together are heard in the barn late in the early morning as Celeste is making special horse shoes for Chief her horse to pull Westin’s truck out of the snowy ditch.  It is a good time for the cowgirl to find peace of mind to herself while Westin and Peter slept the blizzard night away.  She hammers metal studs into the horse shoes for the horse to grip the white powder ground with ease, when Westin takes a peek inside the barn to see what the girl is up to at four in the morning. It took all his nerve to venture out into the barn while Peter snored happily in his sleep with Damn dog laying next to him.  He puffed up his chest and takes a risk to talk with Celeste privately before Peter wakes up.   He spots her lifting up a hammer to hit her steel and watches the sparks fly from her strong force.  The barn is warm and inviting with the fireplace burning bright to ward off the winter cold.  He smells coffee and marvels how she could easily disappear into her creative barn to kill time without sleep.  He silently seats down by the wood working area to gaze upon the back side of the cowgirl in her cowboy hat, tight fitting jeans, and cowboy boots with brown leather chaps to protect her legs.  He watches the sweat drip from her face as she stops to drink her brew and wipes her forehead with her arm.  Celeste continues onward to complete  her task without knowing she had a visitor in the barn. Westin skin crawls with goose bumps in good will being close to the cowgirl without her recognizing he invaded her space of solitude.  Many days had passed into months when Westin finally gets his chance to make a mends with the cowgirl of his desires.  Even though the storm brought him here in a drunken state, he realized that he ached for her admiration and closeness more than ever when she floated into the sun room in her gown for the evening.

Something inside Westin’s mind dares him to approach the cowgirl just to spin her around to kiss the living daylight out of her plump lips.  He tries to get a hold of his naughty boy thoughts out of his mind when all is quiet in the barn.  He views the cowgirl withdrawing her Bowie knife out of her boot and manipulates the sharp device like a gun slinger twirling his weapon with his finger in the trigger hole.  Westin’s eyes rose in wonder watching her skill with a blade, and winches when she flicks her hand hard and drives the knife into a log next to a ax embedded into the wood.  She picks up the hammer ready to strike the horse shoe when she senses she is no longer alone.  She had a few more hits with the hammer to complete the horse shoes when she lets the hammer fall without letting Westin know he is found out. Celeste takes her time to view her work, and when satisfied she puts her tools away in lazy mode.  Westin stands and rubs his sweaty hands down his thighs and clears his throat, Celeste gives him her undivided attention.  They stand silently staring at each other when Westin recovers and walks up to her.   “Can I help ya out since I can’t sleep with a house of snorers.”  Celeste smiles at Westin and nods no.  “Can I get you to take a break cowgirl, and share a cup of java with you?”  “Yes, that would be nice.  I have a fresh batch in the kitchen if you don’t mind serving yourself.  Here is my cup, and I probably need a clean mug if you care to be the server.”  Westin grins and approaches the half breed to take her cup.  On purpose he touches her fingers with his and feels the power of missing the cowgirl.  She gives him an inquisitive gawk and turns around to clean up her area without giving Westin the knowledge every part of her body hummed with tingles from his soft touch.

Celeste is sitting on a bale of hay catching her breath when Westin joins her.  He hands over her mug steaming with dark liquid, and watches her pull out her flask to pour whiskey into the mix.  “Want some?” She offers the man, Westin turns her down wanting to be sober to have the chance to make amends with his head screwed on right, and notes she placed the metal container in her boot.  She is about to speak when Westin started first, “Why aren’t you mad at me for leaving you high and dry?”  Celeste bores her eyes into Westin’s and replies, “How can I be upset when you didn’t harm me, it was I who harmed you and asked you to leave,” she whispers out and takes a sip of her brew.  “What happened cowgirl between us,” Westin dared to ask.   Celeste takes off her cowboy hat to give her long braid a toss in the back, and sets her hat down on the hay.  She wipes her brow with her back hand and begins in a soft tone.  “I don’t know, to me I thought it was suppose to happen like that when a man you desire more than life touches his partner with the same need.”  Westin lays quiet and watches the girl shake her head in confusion an adds,  “Oh what do I know but Jack Shit in the department of love making, so I can’t honestly answer your question.”   She takes several long drinks of her coffee and adds more whiskey to the warm liquid refusing to enlighten the boy it was someone else’s fault who mucked up the system.  “Since when did you start drinking girl?”  Celeste gives him a scowl and states, “Are you my keeper?”  Westin nods no in shame and takes a long drink of java.  It doesn’t take long for his nervous energy plows him over to make a move on the girl to see if the same spark flowed between them when he touched her. Celeste stands up and finishes her drink, “If that is all you have to say, I must return to my chores.  You should go back into the house Westin where you are safe from the likes of me.  Just be ready in the morning if it’s not snowing to get your truck out of the ditch.”  She stands up and puts her hat back on her head.  She gives him a last lonesome fish eye, and takes off her chaps to throw on the hay before she grooms Chief for no apparent reason but to take up her time away from Westin.



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