“Hum, I do believe I creamed my jeans tis yummy enough feeling for now.”



Oh dear heavens Celeste is too much for Westin when he gives her the right-a-way to use his delectable body.  It’s taking all his reserve energy not to strip the girl of her clothing and do her on the hay stack.  He knows she is under the influence and tries to control the heated moment before she regrets her choice.  “Celeste, baby easy…I’m not going anywhere, but I must stop you before we take the step into no return and can’t turn back time,” Westin secret messages his spitfire when he had to pull their lips apart after she slammed him with all her strength against the wall of the barn.  Celeste’s orbs are swirling with lust and might as Westin tries to control the situation.  He confirms her deep-seated breath against his ear smelling his manly essences before devouring her prey.  No longer is her eyes two color but a mixture of gold and green, turning them into hazel with lechery spilling over when she cast her steamy vision into his eyes.  “Today Westin not tomorrow I shall live in the moment before I am denied once again.  You opened the can of worms my spanking delicious man, is it you who is the chicken?” Celeste hisses out and begins to kiss his lips smoothly rocking Westin’s world with the mere intensity of her salaciousness to experience love making.  Westin had to get a grip and fast before he exploded his seed in his pants.  He quickly grabs her face to get  her attention and controls her fast advancements while speaking a gentle word, “Your first time Celeste should not be done in this barn.”  She takes a step backwards giving a few inches of space between them.  Westin gawks at her perky bra less globes through her white shirt, Celeste smiles and throws her cowboy hat in the hay to begin to seductively disrobe her long sleeve t-shirt over her head showing off her bare less wonders.  She closes the gap she created and in a husky voice states, “Want a piece of this?” Westin shakes his head from attacking the girl to and fro.  Celeste ceases the moment and leans into his pecks to rub her soft golden skin next to his.  Westin rolls his eyes backwards and takes deep breaths to control the intensity of the advancements of the cowgirl.  He feels her touching his nipples with her hard nuggets while simultaneously licking his neck in gentle play with her tongue to infuse a deeper connection of coupling with soft sounds of purrs escaping her lips. The scent of spice and everything nice fills his nostril’s into abyss of want and need; unable to take control any longer his burning desire he bends to the flame of passion, and begins to submit to his wildcat’s aggressive manners.  Celeste is about to unbutton his pants when she stops her play and stares into Westin’s lovey dovey eyes.  Westin is lost, hopelessly, and utterly lost in cupidity.

She strips him of all his energy when she stops her playful act to bore her magical optical into his.  In a split second, she blinks and steps away slowly to put her shirt back on; leaving Westin against the wall in what the fuck wonder.  “Goodnight Westin thank you for appeasing me.”  Celeste wiggles her body to straighten her clothing from the wrinkles and purrs out to Westin, ” Hum, I do believe I creamed my jeans, tis yummy enough feeling for now.”  Westin rakes his fingers through his messy sexy hair and feels the sense of being cast-away by the half breed. He is still leaning against the wall when Celeste picks up her coat with a smile on her lips, and leaves Westin in the barn to go check on Peter and dog before taking a shower to ward off the heat that coursed throughout her body.  When Westin descry’s her click of boots on the pavement and hears the door close softly he peels his body off the wall and is in complete disarray.  He picks up his shirt Celeste ripped off his torso and begins to giggle at the wild thang that busted out of her cage.  “Awe shit what have I unleashed,” he barked out while driving his fingers through his messy hair with ease.


picture by: pininterest. com



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