“Take me my little wildcat for I’m yours to toy with till you are sedated.”



Westin isn’t willing to give up so easy when the mere touch of her hand drove him crazy for need to experience her physical contact.  He gets up from his seat on the hay and follows the girl into the horse stall.  Celeste tries to pay the boy no mind, and takes her brush to Chief’s furry winter coat and gently swipes to and fro.  Westin goes around to the other side of the gentle giant and stares at the girl.  She doesn’t take her eyes off the equine’s fur until Westin covers his hand over hers. She scrunches up her brow and slides her hand away from his with speed.  “I want to try again Celeste since I think I have a better understanding about you.”  She stops her brushing of the horse and simply states, “No, I chose to be left alone from the drama of having a relationship with the opposite sex. Plus Westin I think you have issues that need tended too before you jump into coupling with a woman.”  Celeste stood her ground and didn’t bat an eye when telling Westin what she felt. She views his face change into a smile and begins to feel the effect of alcohol when Westin replies, “Well I think you too have hidden issues that need answers.”  Westin  takes his winter coat off to throw on a bale of hay,  and  brushes his wild mop away from his face.   Celeste didn’t miss the famous move of her suitor.  The nerve of Westin standing in front of her to say she too had issues.  Damn right she had problems but only a handful of people would understand her gifts in life, and he surely was not one of the them.  She turned the table on the hunk and seductively replied in a drunken tone, “Why don’t ya go plug another to control your dick before you come over to see me. Stop thinking with your baloney pony and think with your other head dude.”  Westin wasn’t ready for her instant barb, especially when it rang true.  She returns to her brushing with robust avenges on her horse’s back, Chief bows his long neck towards Celeste and bit his groomer in the butt. “Ouch, damn ya,” Celeste yelled out in shock rubbing her rear end.  Westin roared in laughter, she gave him a dirty look and turned around to walk out of the stall with brush in hand, Westin’s follows.  She throws her brush in a horse water bucket and reaches for her flask in her boot.  She doesn’t care how much hot liquid she swallows just as long as it numbs her body into abyss. She opens her throat and slugs the whiskey down.  She has almost empty the contents in the metal container when Westin knocks it out of her hand and sends the holding device flying through the air.

Furious Celeste wipes her mouth and spits out, “What the hell is the matter with you and how dare,” her words were cut short when Westin attacks and wraps his arms around the cowgirl. “Yes Celeste I dare you to kiss me,” Westin hissed out with a mischievous grin that took her breath away.  “Release me or I can’t guarantee that no harm will come to you.”  She quickly wiggles  her body to be free when Westin grinds her body deeper into his.   “I’ll take my chances girl since I know you will not hurt me.”   Celeste can clearly feel his man member growing, she squirms more in his strong arms.  Westin drives her deeper into his body, “Now cowgirl put out or shut up!  I think your all talk and no action.”  Celeste’s chest is smashed against the rock hard abs of Westin and to make matter worse he had a full blown hard on.  She feels his hand grip her rear and pushes her closer to demand his authority.  Every part of her lower half wanted to buckle and give in, especially when she is fighting her drunken demon who seems to have instant control of her body.  How stupid she was to drink like a lush without the repercussion’s of the wild spirit.  Westin sees her mind reeling with burning desire, he takes the plunge and tries to brush his lips against hers.  She bows backwards and tries to pull away. “Chicken shit,” he proclaims to the cowgirl, and squeezes her harder against his body.   “Celeste my darlin’ let me teach,” his words are cut off when Celeste jumps his bones with greedy desire.  She sends her hands through his delicious soft brown hair and brings his lips deeper into her crevice of moisture.  Westin is shocked but not to dumbness, he takes on the girl’s heated body with all his might, and experiences a rush of a life time through her kiss alone.  Celeste can’t seem to stop after a split second of thinking a kiss would not lead no place between them if she just did it and got it over with.  And by God the girl did it with great fury and voracity.  In the heat of the moment she finds she can’t get enough of his kiss to quench her thirst of burning desire between her legs and rips off his shirt from his body in two seconds flat.  Westin gives the girl all she wants and doesn’t deny the half breed to use and abuse his body for her urgent propensity. “I, I can’t stop Westin,” she lisps out through breaths of frenzy submission.  “Take me my little wildcat for I’m yours to toy with till you are sedated.”  With that last word said Celeste lost her mind and gave into the calling of pure rapture of devouring the man’s body.


4 thoughts on ““Take me my little wildcat for I’m yours to toy with till you are sedated.”

  1. Dawn, just so you know I read your blog more than you think. Something weird with my phone doesn’t let me click the like on blog posts. As always, thanks for stopping by my blog and I always enjoy yours. Cheers!

    1. Hola my Darlin’ Phil, let’s burn that damn phone to the ground…How dare it deny me your love…hahaha I always love reading your spicy post and appreciate you stopping to reading…Kiss Kiss babe

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