“Yippee,” Celeste yelps out to the draft horse the minute she jumps into her ski’s to slide behind the big plow horse with excitement.



“Ya can’t go with me Westin, someone must stay with Peter, besides you don’t know how to work a horse and would only be in my way,” Celeste barked out dressed in her winter Eskimo gear.  “She’s right Westin leave her alone and let her get dad’s truck out so you can go home.”  Celeste ruffled up Peter’s bed head sitting at the breakfast table drinking his special tea she made him.  “Give me your keys.”  Westin is furious and wants to go but knows she is right.  In his last defense he spits out, “Who the hell is going to bring Chief home?”  Celeste gives Westin a hard gaze, “Chief follows me so that won’t be a problem.”  Westin stomps his foot and brushes his hand through his one length hair do.  Celeste didn’t miss the yummy move of her boy toy and smile wickedly at him.  Westin blushes under her naughty look and gives up his key unwillingly.  Celeste kisses Peter’s forehead and states with concern, “If I ain’t back in two hours call the coast guard.” Peter laughed and said, “Cowgirl there ain’t nothing you can’t do, I will await your return.”  Celeste adored the positive energy Peter lovingly exposed to all. “When I return my darlin’ I would like you and I to go into my sweat lodge to ward off evil spirits.”  Peter’s eyes lifted interest, “What’s a sweat lodge?”  Celeste smiles, “I will explain later but I must leave before snow begins to fall again and you both must return home before we are hit with another blast of white.” Westin turns his back on his brother and Celeste with a cup of coffee in hand and walks into the living room to sit beside the warm fire.  Peter quickly gets up to glance out the window to see the horse ready to rock and roll the white surface.  “Be safe cowgirl,” he called out to Celeste before she closed the door.  “Kiss Kiss Peter,” and gives the little admirer a wink with her green eye.

“Yippee,” Celeste yelps out to the draft horse the minute she jumps into her ski’s to slide behind the big plow horse with excitement.  She gives Peter a wave with her furry hand and drives the draft through the thick snow slipping and sliding behind him. Peter waits for her to get out of sight when he joins his brother with his tea by the fire.  Westin is deep in thought and boinks out when Peter sits down.  “I don’t want to go home Westin, yet I miss mama and papa.”  Westin nods in agreement to his brother and continues on, “I haven’t seen you this perky in a long time, she has been a good healer for you bro.”   Peter smiled and replied, “Amazing what the power of love can heal.”  Westin grins at the little blonde hair man who has seemed normal since his arrival and stay with Celeste.  Hopefully the herbal concoctions will heal the Tuberculosis illness that plagues his brother.   He is grateful for all that Celeste has done for his family, and returns his gaze into the fire to think about what happened in the barn between the two, while Peter drifts off to sleep in the large leather chair with a smile upon his angelic face. After a grueling time of pulling out the truck with Chief in the freezing temps, she hops into the cold truck to start its engine to warm it up.  She steps out and quickly unharness the draft horse from his confinements and swats his rump firmly, “Home Chief.”  The horse leaps forward to her command and frolic’s through the snow with glee.   Celeste giggles at the playful gelding, and returns to the truck to throw the horse pulling equipment in the back of the truck, and begins her track home on the icy roads in Ohio following Chief at a low slippery speed.


picture by: http://www.buzzhunt.co.uk



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