“Here kitty kitty.” Celeste gives Westin a giggle and returns her attention on her wild animals.



Several times Celeste had to shake her head out of the seductive scene of her and Westin in the barn while driving home on icy roads.  “Well he dared me what else could I do but ride the pony.”  She smiles at the irony of turning the tables on the advancement of the young buck, and knows she is under his skin.  “Time will tell if we get down or not, because I ain’t going to let that boy slip through my fingers when it is he who is integrating his manly behaviors upon me.”  She spoke out loud inside the warm truck heading home.  The cowgirl pulls into her driveway ready to spend a rewarding steamy hot day in her sweat lodge with Peter.  Westin comes out of her home dressed in his winter coat, he grabs the big draft horse and helps Celeste out by putting the animal back into his stall.  “Is Peter sleeping Westin?”  “Yes peacefully with a smile on his lips.” Celeste follows Westin into the barn and empties her arms with horse harnesses and ropes onto Chief’s horse buggy.  Westin puts away the equine and throws a flake of hay, “Thanks Chief you’re the best.”  Celeste grins at Westin and heads to her kitchen in the barn to make a batch of coffee.  After making the brew she strips off her furry winter wear and stands in the kitchen in her lacy ice blue panties and matching bra ready to slither into her bib overalls.  Westin walks in and stops at the corner to gawk at the girl with a smile on his lips.  “Want to finish what you started this morning?”  Celeste stood tall without feeling the need to cover her body.  “I did not start anything, you were the one who entered my domain with a purpose; besides you were the one who dared me to kiss you so I did.”  Westin laughs, she scrunches up her brow in dislike of his teasing.

Celeste decides to play his game once again and cast her black pin strip overalls aside to pour her self a cup of coffee in her underwear.  Westin takes a chance and drifts closer to Celeste as she sips on her java.  “How did you know my favorite color is light blue? Did you make your own under garments cowgirl; because I have never seen racy lingerie like your’s.”  He touches her nipple on the lacy bra and strips her body with hunger.  Celeste answers in surety, “Yes I did Westin and trust me I didn’t wear them just for you.”  Westin picks up her long braided hair and tugs a little on the rope of enticement.  She brushes lightly away his hand on her tail and gives him a meddlesome gaze quietly while sitting her coffee mug down on the counter.  Westin doesn’t stop he continues onward to take his finger to touch her belly. Celeste tried not to move or show the boy is sending tingles throughout her body.  “Celeste are you home?  Holy macaroni this place is so cool,” Peter belts out in awe.  Damn dog shoots into the kitchen with Westin and Celeste. The canine pushes Westin away from Celeste and licks her belly button with his tongue.  Celeste giggles out and pats the dog’s big head and moves away from the beast’s wet tongue.  Westin gives the shameless cowgirl a hungry look and leaves her time to dress before Peter catches the provocative farm girl in her glory.  “Westin could you please put a  few logs in the fire burner I think we’ll be here for a while.” Westin brushes his hair with his hand and whispers out, “As you wish,” before disappearing around the corner.  Celeste loved his simple gesture of moving his wild one length hair from his face, she reaches in the cabinet for whiskey and pours a little into her cup to ward off her sexual appetite for the young buck.

It is hard for Westin not to stare at the girl in her tight fitting jumper suit when she presented her self to the men.  The long zipper proved it was the only access into the material and showed off her breast to perfection when the cowgirl strutted her stuff into the barn.  The caged animals began their chatter to Celeste to feed them before walking away.  She obeyed and took the time to feed each animal with Peter’s help.  “What’s in the cage that is covered cowgirl in the corner?” Peter asked with curiosity.  Celeste lifts the blanket slowly and shows the little boy who is in the cage.  “Wow you got a bobcat here, what happened cowgirl to his leg?”  “Trappers who hide their traps.”  The cat hissed out and growled when the cowgirl gave the animal a piece of raw deer meat.  Peter kept his distance from the cat and decided to feed the bird life instead, while Westin under his breath meowed out, “Here kitty kitty.”  Celeste gives Westin and giggle and returns her attention on her wild animals.


picture by: fineartamerica.com






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