“You are in love with another aren’t ya son?”



Exhaustion over ruled the cowgirl as she laid her tired body down in front of her fireplace. She watches the fire light dance to a tune begging the spitfire to join the jitterbug of life.   Her eyes begin to drift off to sleep on her bear rug as she thought of her lonely life of solitude.  On the mantle of the fireplace the half breed spots a clump of blonde and brown hair laying on top of a clock of time, and giggles that Peter and Westin were visited while they slept by her childhood tormentors. “Naughty boys and girls shame on you.  Nice to know you’re still around to cause mischief.”  With a smile on her face she closes her eyes to let the sand man sprinkle his dust upon her and falls fast asleep.

Westin is in the bathroom grooming him self when he spots his hair has been cut.  “Why the hell did that girl cut my hair for?”  He takes a closer look into the mirror and finds the strand of hair taken wasn’t that noticeable.  He brushes back his hair and leaves the potty room to head to Peter’s domain.  His mom and dad are visiting with their happy ill son who seems healed for the time being.  The happy group listen’s to Peter’s ranting and raving, “Mom you should have heard the cowgirl sing beautifully in a Scottish accent, and she dressed up just for me too in a gown.”  Westin stepped into his brother’s room and went straight for the lad who is laying in his bed telling his story.  Peter is confused when his brother checks out his head of hair silently.  “Stop Westin what ya doing that for?”  Peter swishes his hand in the air trying to ward off his brother’s advances.  “Westin what the heck are you looking for lice?”  His father questioned his oldest son. “Remember Peter when I woke us up by the fire and asked you to stop playing with my hair.”  Peter nods yes with a smile, “Well are you missing any hair?”  Peter giggles and said, “Yes I am, I do believe it was payment brother for staying at the cowgirl’s place.”  Westin and his parents gawk at each other in confusion. Peter wasn’t going to tell the magical tale of hearing laughter in her living room to his parents or brother.  “Payment from who because Celeste was nowhere in sight to do the deed?”  His older sibling belted out.  Peter giggled with glee and added, “It’s okay I ain’t got a problem with paying the piper to stay with my cowgirl.”  Westin shakes his brown hair in inquiry to the unusual deed.  Peter roared out with laughter causing his parents to laugh at his intoxicating cheeriness.  “Silly Westin, don’t ya remember me asking you where you put my boots?”  Westin nods yes and states, “You just misplaced them that’s all.”  “No sir someone took them,” Peter chimed out with joviality giggles. “I for one could careless what she has in that old home, as long as my little man lives for another day.”  Jean puffs out to her family and softens her eyes on Peter while holding her husband’s hand.  “Time for you’re tea Peter.  I plan to follow her instructions of health when you look this good.” Jean gets up and heads to the kitchen to make her son a batch of special tea.

“Westin, can I talk with you for a moment privately?”  Westin steps out of Peter’s room into the hallway as his father followed the tall young lad who towers over him.  “Sandra has been calling like crazy for you.  I didn’t tell her or you’re sister where you were staying for the past few days.”  Westin whispers out, “I don’t give a care about Sandra dad, in fact I plan to break up with her soon.”  Westin’s father gives his son a hard glance, “You are in love with another aren’t ya son?”  Westin loves his father completely and knows he would keep his secret until he cleaned up his plate.  “Dad I’m crazy in love with the girl.  I don’t know what’s happening but it’s different and real.  She makes everything seem effortlessly and timeless. Wait till you meet her and you will know what I am talking about.”  “You’re mother told me she is the same person who socked you’re sister in the eye at a restaurant one night.  Candice isn’t going to like it when she gets a load of the woman who accosted her one day.”  Westin understands the dilemma of his nasty mouth sister but he could give a rats ass what the girl thought; besides after being with the cowgirl he knew his sister deserved the hit.  He instantly thinks of the mighty strength of the cowgirl when she slammed him up against the barn wall with great force.  He snaps out of his wicked thoughts and blushes red in front of the his father.  “Oh you’re look is priceless son what are you thinking about?”  There was no way in hell Westin was going to tell his father the intense scene between him and the half breed.  His mother broke up their intimate moment when she walked into Peter’s room giving the men a questionable review.  “Tell ya another time dad, I’m going to bed.”  Westin hugs his father and peeps into his brother’s room to say goodnight with happiness written all over his face.


Picture by: skyblueandblack.com



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