“Get out here now before I spear you’re rotten ass with an arrow,” Celeste called out ready to open a can of whip ass with her hands on her hips.



A month had passed by in the year of 1967 without word or physical contact with Westin.  It is January when Celeste is quietly hunting in the woods to gather fresh meat to feed her wild animals in the winter wonderland.  The quietness of her home is lifeless without Peter who demanded her attention, and now that he is back home Celeste returned to her normal daily functions.  It didn’t bother her one way or another if Westin showed up or not; especially when she knows he has a girlfriend.  Several times she missed her mark while she ponder on Westin’s dilemma in hiding.  She is fed up waiting in the cold when she gives up and returns home with her meager catches.  Of course Damn dog didn’t help much when the idiot ran around playing in the snow ruining her hunt altogether.  “Let’s go dog,” she whistled out and headed for home.  Damn dog immediately responded to her whistle and ran towards his friend.   At full speed the large Great Dane mix plowed into Celeste sending her food source flying as she face planted her self into the snow.  “Damn you dog, what the hell is the matter with you. You suck in the wild! I’ll leave your sorry ass home the next time.”  Damn dog whined out his concern when Celeste yelled at the canine with irritation licking her bloody lip. She stood up and looked into the beast’s golden eyes.  The dog laid down in the snow and showed his belly to Celeste in submission as she gives him an evil eye. Without due the girl picks up her kills when the dog grabs a foul she killed and took off.  “Oh hell no that ain’t happening slick you get back here this minute, or I’ll skin your ass and feed you’re dead carcass to the wolves.”  She drops her birds on the spot and chases after the tyrant in another direction.  Damn dog plays cat and mouse with the girl through the woods.  He is running happily through the snow when he stops to check out if Celeste followed him in all directions.  Celeste smiles up a tree waiting for the black beast to show himself, and watches the black booger drop her kill onto the snow to begin plucking the feathers to get to the meat.  Before the dog takes a bite, Celeste drops out of her hiding place and lands on top of the dog. Damn dog screams out a high pitch sound and struggles to rid the weight of the huntress off his back. The silly pair wrestle for a few moments in the cold snow, when she frees her self and quickly grabs her kill.  With speed she takes off through the woods to retrieve her other birds and squirrels before the dog takes hold of them.  Damn dog is catching up with the huntress as she plows through the snow with big steps to escape the beast.  She feels a force slamming into her back once again and sends the huntress sliding across the snow. Celeste regains her composure and begins to laugh uncontrollable.  “Take it you turd bird you’ve earned the right to eat the damn thing.  I hope ya get rot gut when ya finish eating you’re fill.”  The black dog obeys and instantly snags up the bird.  He takes off into the woods leaving Celeste alone to go home without him.

“Where’s our girl at Chief?”  Westin lovingly asked the equine.  Chief nickered out softly a response, sadly Westin doesn’t talk to animals enough to know what the painted horse is saying.  He has hidden his car down the street and waited all day long to get another glimpse of his pretty earth girl, when Celeste stomps into the barn madder than a hornet in her Eskimo gear.  Westin hides around the corner in the horse stall to watch the spitfire blow her top.  Celeste drops her birds with multiple cuss words and places her bow and arrows against the wood working bench to throw another log into the fire.  She scrunches up her brow in deep thought the fire should have died out, and looks around the barn to see if she had a visitor.  No one in sight she begins to strip out of her furry clothing.  Westin’s couldn’t be anymore happier watching the girl strip off her wet clothing and hangs them out to dry by the fire.  Westin’s private member begins to come alert when Celeste undergarments are red lace and extremely sexy.  Chief nudges the intruder with his muzzle, Westin turns around and places a finger to his lips.  He returns his attention on the huntress and takes note she is gone.  He stays hidden when he hears the cowgirl in the kitchen.   After a few moments he spots her returning to the fire with her flask in hand ready to get liquored up to take the bit out of the cold day.  Westin lies await in hiding with a smile on his lips giving the girl time to drink her fill before approaching her.  He watches her put a big pot on the wood burning stove to boil water in order to pluck the birds feathers, and sits down to skin a few squirrels instead with her Bowie knife.  With speed the girls finishes her task and takes several long gulps of her fire liquid.  He watches the seductive move of the girl in her red underwear, and licks his lips ready to come out of hiding when all of a sudden her knife embeds itself at the opening of the horses stall. Westin yells out from absolute fear.  “Don’t ya know it’s not nice to be here unannounced!” The cowgirl spits out with venom at her hidden intruder. “Get out here now before I spear you’re rotten ass with an arrow,” Celeste called out ready to open a can of whip ass with her hands on her hips.  Westin isn’t sure how to come out of hiding when Chief pushes his body out of his stall.  Celeste gives the boy a dirty gawk and returns her attention to the task at hand.  Westin slowly approaches the sexy pot girl with her knife in his hand, “Nice to know you haven’t changed.”  Celeste takes a swig of her whiskey and sets the flask down with nervous energy, and realizes she might be in a heap of trouble standing in her skimpy lingerie.


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