“Don’t move Westin or my savior will bite your balls off.” Damn dog growls in outrage at Westin dripping his saliva onto the pavement .



“Let me go before I really put the hurt on ya,” Celeste hissed out with venom as she tried her best to wiggle out of his hold.  “Oh no I ain’t gonna let ya go tough girl you’re mine right now.”  Westin’s right eye is starting to swell from the slap of the slingshot’s rubber band. The cowgirl feels phobia setting in as she jerks her body away, but Westin’s strong hold refuses the girl to escape.  The pair stares into each others eyes when Celeste out of nowhere takes her finger and pushes hard on his injury.  “Ouch, damn you girl that’s it!”  With all his might he picks the girl up and sits down putting the wild cat across his lap to spank her ass.  “Oh hell no Westin ya better not,” she screamed out and struggled to be free.  Westin roars out with laughter and begins to wallop the girl’s ass.  “This one is for defying me girl,” Westin spoke out with gusto and slaps her butt.  “How dare you, you butt-hole,” she bellows out and begins to try to twist her body around, but can’t budge out of her position since Westin held her torso down with his arm firmly.  “This one is for throwing a weapon at me and calling me a name,”  he belts out and clobbers her harder.  Celeste shrieks out from his intense strike on her bare rear end.  She hears her animal’s angry cries while she wails out in a high pitch tone.  Chief the draft horse begins to kick at the wood in his stall to be released to help his huntress.  Westin isn’t paying attention as he brought down his hand once more upon her butt. “And this one is for being so damn beautiful in these lacy undergarments.”  Celeste tighten her rear end to prep for the smack to come.  Westin touches her rump with a light tap.  Chief whinny’s out to Celeste and pounds against the wall with his hooves ready to break it down to come to his cowgirls aid.  “Now are you going to behave or do I give ya another one for good measures?”  He is about to unsnap her bra when he hears a deadly warning.  “Grrrr…Grrrr,” Damn dog bears his sharp teeth at the man with avenges.  Westin’s eyes raises in fright as he stared into the huge Great Dane’s golden eyes.  “Don’t move Westin or my savior will bite your balls off.”  Damn dog growls in outrage at Westin dripping his saliva onto the pavement.

“Make a decision slick cause from where I lay seems you have no recourse but to stop your assault on my ass.”  Celeste knows she has to move slowly or Westin will pay for his mistake of whipping her.  “Easy boy, I’m alright I thank ya kindly for your support.”  Damn Dog moves closer to Westin who is afraid to move his hand, and licks Celeste red butt.  Celeste busted up laughing and moves her body off Westin’s lap.  She stands up and rubs her red rump with her hand and gives Westin who is sitting still in silence a wicked grin.  “Doesn’t pay to mess with me, I have friends in low places.”  With admiration Celeste hugs her mighty brute to calm him down.  “I love ya my beast,” she spoke out gently to her friend.  Damn dog wags his tail and licks her face in recognition she is okay.  Westin rakes his fingers through his hair, “Oh goodnight ya got a freaking army to back ya up.”  Celeste whistled out to her other friends and said, “Easy everyone I’m alright for now.”  Chief whinny’s out once again and nods his head up and down to confirm her stature. Celeste reaches for the dumbfounded man’s hand and said with care, “Come wild man let me put ice on that eye.”  “Hell no I ain’t moving,” Westin whispers out.  Celeste giggles and heads straight to the kitchen in the back of the barn to give Westin a piece of frozen meat for his black and blue eye.


picture by: behaviorvet.wordpress.com


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