“I can do anything you can do but better,” he calls out and pulls the rubber band back as far as it would go.


“Gosh darn ya Westin, I could have killed ya.  What’s the freaking matter with ya,” her words are cut off short when Westin in full strength attacks the partially nude cowgirl.  Her optical’s are wide in immediate wonder as Westin emerges fast as lightening.  The only thing Celeste could think of is run for her life.  She quickly barrels over a few objects and dashes out of his reach in a split second.  “Eeeeek,” she screeches out loud in panic when his hand brazes her rear end as she hurdles over several machinery with skill.  “Ya rascal how dare ya throw a knife at me,” Westin barks out at the spitfire in his southern twang as she grabs a rope when she passes it by with speed.  Celeste in full strides leaps in great bounds onto the tall hay stack to escape Westin.  She pushes bales of hay to tumble down upon the advancing boy, and begins to use her lasso at the top of the stack.  She throws her aim at the boy wonder with her rope and lasso’s the man around his waist in no time at all. She gives the rope a hard tug and is rewarded with Westin holding on to the rope ready to defeat the girl in a tug and war situation.  “Get down here girl before I spank your ass!”  Celeste widens her orbs and gives the boy a tug of a life time. Westin falls forward and tumbles downward to the landing of broken bales. He didn’t expect the girl to tug as hard as she did, and by god what a pull it was to send him to his doom.  Westin picks him self up out of breath and spits out lose hay from his mouth and then bore his eyes into the cowgirl.  “Get down here now woman or I will pull ya down. Let me warn ya it ain’t gonna be purity once I get a hold of ya, and from the looks of it girl ya ain’t got nowhere to go but down.”  With a firm grip Westin holds onto the rope around his waist, and gives the girl a wicked wild gaze daring her to proceed.  She sticks her tongue out at Westin in play when he tugs at the line.  She releases her hold on the rope and tries to figure out where to run to since her options are limited standing on top of the hay.  Westin takes the rope off his body with a dirty look upon his pretty boy features, and roars out with avenges to capture the spitfire.

Celeste had no choice but to leap into the air to catch hold of the wooden beam supporting the roof.  With all her might she flew upwards and grabs a hold of the beam.  Westin is laughing as he watched the girl dangle out of his reach.  He stops his laughter when he watches the acrobat skills of the cowgirl swing her legs up and wraps them around the beam only to drop her torso down to stick out her tongue at him once again. Her long hair is swinging to her movement as Westin tries to leap up and take hold of her hair.  “Ya can’t catch me dude so give it up.”  Celeste giggles out with fun at the irony of Westin’s failure to catch her.  “Then I will wait till you come down,” Westin chuckled out.  “Its only time before ya have to use the restroom, so I will leave it to you to decide.”  Hanging upside down Celeste watches Westin wipe his sweaty brow and retrieves her flask to take a long needed swig.  “Yum, it taste so good cowgirl. I hope ya don’t mind me drinking all of it.”  Celeste realizes the pickle she got her self into running away from her invader.  “Tis fine city slicker I have more so do you’re damage.”  Westin takes note her slingshot nearby and begins to use her marbles she sat aside.  Her eyes widen in fear he could hit her with her own weapon.  “Put that down Westin ya don’t know how to use it.”  Westin rewards Celeste with her own medicine by sticking out his tongue and begins to aim the device at Celeste.  “Damn it Westin listen to me you can shoot your eye out if ya don’t know what the hell ya doing.” Celeste changes position and straddles the beam with ease to sit upon the wood.  “I can do anything you can do but better,” he calls out and pulls the rubber band back as far as it would go.  Celeste didn’t have a chance to take away the weapon when she hears the loud snap and Westin bellows out in pain.  “Jesus, Mary and freaking Joesph my eye,” he yelled out in agony covering one of his eyes.  He threw the device on the ground and sits himself down on a bench to lick his wound.  Celeste didn’t laugh, she knew all too well about pulling back the strap to the max, and feeling the wrath of the detaching rubber band from the wooden handle.  Celeste didn’t wait to climb down she jumped off the beam into the hay and hurried to give aid to Westin.  “You fool what were ya thinking buck.”  She touches his head gently, “Let me see if you still have you’re eye.”  Westin waits for the right moment for the cowgirl to let her guard down.  “I’m sorry Westin for causing you pain.”  Westin springs into action and grabs the girl into his strong hold and spits out, “Sike!”  Celeste stares into Westin’s eyes and scowls her dislike of being fooled to care.  In fact the rubber band did hit the side of his right eye, but it was Westin’s way to bring the girl down from the rafters to spank her ass good.

This posting is for JavaGirl….Kiss Kiss



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